Monday, December 13, 2010

Thing's I'm Loving!

Random collection of things that are keeping me sane this Christmas season!

These sandals are amazeballs! They were 2 for $50 at Novo, and I think generally retail for $49.95/$59.95. Either way, very good value, and very extremely comfy. On the shelf they didn't grab me, but my friend Candice loved them. As soon as I saw them on her, I fell in LOVE! So we got the same pair ;) Makes it awkward as we both always want to wear them, but worth it. They have quite a few different summer styles to choose from, so take a look and grab a bargain.

This is the new kitty,Marie. Pawsha (her sister) is Chris' brother's cat, and isn't pictured because they look exactly the same ;) We named her Marie because she looks like the gorgeous lady kitty from Disney's 'Aristocats'. Adorable! I am not a cat person, but she is too cute.
This St. Ives body scrub is so good. I recently blogged about The Body Shop lemon scrub I got, but this much cheaper version kills it. I got it for $2.99/$3.99 from Priceline...I pay more for coffee! And it's so thick and gritty that it has lasted me ages, and the smell is so lush. A warning though, the oatmeal sticks...rinse well! And it doesn't leave that disgusting film that some scrubs do,either. I'm going out tomorrow to repurchase=)
The January Shop Til You Drop is the best they've done in a long time, have folded over so many pages that it's almost doubled in thickness. Standouts are the column 'On the Plus Side' by Megan Moir Pardy on page 50 and the lust-have plain maxi skirts they have on page 42.

So that is the round-up of the things I think are awesome right now =)


  1. I think you may have something wrong. That kitten is mine. . . .

  2. In your dreams;)
    She is the cheekiest thing! (L)


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