Friday, December 7, 2012

November Empties

Another month gone and another lot of finished products to share, albeit smaller than the usual lot. Here we go! 

Priceline Round Cotton Pads – love using these for removing eye makeup, using Bioderma and tidying up fallout after applying heavy eye makeup. I find the Priceline branded rounds fall apart less than other brands, but I generally just pick up whatever is around when I need them.

Athena Beauty Facial Cleansing Wipes – these weren’t great, they fell apart as you took them out of their packet and they were terribly dry. Definitely won’t repurchase!

Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour Cream – this was only 3 nights worth, but I found it irritated my eyes a little bit. I’m going to look into other Clarins eye creams when I need to purchase one.

Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover (for lids, lashes and lips) – I bought this in Sydney as I needed a heavy duty remover for my eyes, and I was really impressed with it. It took off makeup in a flash, and though it left a bit of residue I didn’t mind the feeling at all. I will repurchase a large size of this when I’ve finished the other removers I have lying around.

Random eyelash glue – I have Duo, there is no need to put this near my eyelids so out it goes.

Lipgloss Pot – this was a GWP when I bought some Essie and China Glaze polishes from an outlet type place, but it smells weird and the packaging is slimy and I wouldn’t even give it to my nieces. Out it goes!

Savers Halloween Makeup – didn’t realise that once you opened this packaging, the cover went with it and so this ended up a furry mess. Not keen on putting it on my mug anyway, so no great loss.

Soap and Glory Flake Away – this body scrub was really nice to use, I’ll be doing a full review of it this week!

Rexona Girl Tropical Energy deodorant – as always, my favourite deodorant makes it into my empties. Love it, will repurchase.

Rexona Women Shiny ‘Fragrance Collection’ deodorant – love that Rexona have to specify who their deodorants are for! Not sure about the collection name, or the shiny aspect, but this was a decent deodorant that I picked up because it was on sale.

Nail Polish remover pads – bought this back when I was at uni and needed to rid my nails of chipped polish. The smell of this is really strong and they are quite thin, but they get the job done and are good to have on hand.
Clinique High Impact Mascara sample x2 – I really like this mascara, and collect the samples every time a Clinique GWP rolls around. These have been open for far too long, so out they go.

B Collection by Bloom Last Out mascara – Didn’t like this mascara, the formula was so wet that it just went everywhere and it didn’t define my lashes very nicely.

Powder Puff (from my Maybelline Dream Matte Powder) – this fell on the floor, eck. I like having these spongey puffs in the section underneath the powder for desperate touch ups, but more often I reach for a travel sized powder brush.

essence Sun Club gel liner in BBC All Night Blue – this sadly dried up before I had a chance to give it a go, I think I accidently left the lid unscrewed. Was a stunning shade for summer, I adore the essence gel liners.

Bourjois Healthymix Foundation – love this formula (and the serum formula as well) It glides on as a moisturiser would, and leaves a dewy healthy finish as they name would suggest. Would highly recommend!


  1. Looking forward to the Soap and Glory scrub review! :) The amount of dried up mascaras and coloured eyeliners I've thrown away due to them drying out...

  2. I am seriously impressed by how much you finished! It seems to take me forever to finish something!

    I do love those Rexona deo's...I just finished one last month myself!

  3. That's still a decent number of empties! What a shame the Essence gel liner dried out :(

  4. Wow, so much empties, must feel good ahah! Great work!


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