Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bargain Haul!

After working every day last week, all I wanted to do today was wander around my local Westfield and relax before heading into work tonight. I'm so glad I did, I found bargains galore!
*Two 'weekend' t-shirts from K-Mart, $5 a piece. I live in the coral one in the above pic, so today I grabbed it in baby pink and a turquoise shade. Super casual and great to throw on with jeans. Am always told I look thin when I wear it, too, so the loose fit must be quite flattering. I have been eyeing this 'Through Thick and Thin; in bookshops in the city where it was $35, but it was $7.99 at QBD today!! I adore Gok Wan and his shows on Foxtel, so will be an interesting autobiography to read. The two little geisha girls were $2.95 at a homewares store called Raging Earth, Mum chose the white one for herself and I bought the purple for my sister. Too cute!
The Rimmel & Australis eye shadows and palettes at the bottom of this picture were $1.00 a peice from K-Mart. I probably didn't need any of it, but I thought at that price why not. Some of them are doubles that I plan on giving to my bestie Candice,as she has a limited make-up collection and these sorts of colours would look beautiful on her. The other items are from Target:the lipgloss is a Rimmel Vinyl gloss that I love, I've just about finished mine up so bought this for $2.98 from a clearance bin. The two purple tubes of Rimmel lippy are in Plumful which is super dark, and Rose Sorbet which I am yet to try. These were $3.48 each. The little Rimmel square next to them is a blush in Pink Rose which I bought for $3.00!
I plan on swatching and reviewing these soon, so check back if you are interested and let me know what you'd like to see first. What have you hauled lately?
emmabovary xx


  1. Lately I've hauled a Kat Von D Eyeliner, and Bonnie Bell Lipgloss.

    You got some really good deals! :)

  2. Great bargain hunting!

  3. Great haul! Gotta love bargains :)

  4. K-Mart and Target are the best places to find bargains! All of those eyeshadows at $1 is just amazing :) Recently I bought a pair of Repetto shoes that was marked down from 180 Euros to 80!! Not exactly a haul, but amazing bargain :)


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