Thursday, December 29, 2011

for the love of inglot

I am lucky enough to have an Inglot right down the road from me, and considering it would only take me 20 minutes to walk there, I've shown great restraint there. I have managed to pick up a few beauties this year, and the stand out product for me was the inglot freedom system, in particular the eyeshadows. When inglot decided to discontinue their flip open freedom palette designs and round pans, I knew the time had come to take the plunge. I personally prefer this type of palette, and with 30% it was really a no-brainer. Chris chose my first palette as an anniversary gift (post here and in depth review to come) and it is full of gorgeous brights. He isn't one of those guys who dislikes a girl in make up (unless it's caked on, obvs) and I love that I can rock a crazy bright eye on a Thurday night for coffee and he doesn't bat an eyelid. The second palette I helped him choose for me, and I leaned towards neutrals. Here it is!
full of very wearable shades, I use this palette all the time

neutral champagne AMC Shine 08
a really nice colour for inner corner, or all over
matte brown with glitter (it's possible!) D.S.461
have been using this as a crease colour with the above shade for a super natural look when I do a bright lip, but it's nice all over with a darker brown in the crease,too

peach with golden shimmer Pearl 407
really comes out of its shell when washed over the lid,such golden sheeny goodness

navy with subtle shimmer D.S 483
this looks much lighter in images than it does in real life. In reality it's a damn stunning navy, which is my go-to smoky colour as I'm terrified of black shadows
the bronze is an unknown shade as Chris chose in for my first palette but I switched it into this one because it seemed like a better fit in there. I actually chose a lime green for the 5th shade of this palette, but it's in my brights palette now. You will see that in my next Inglot post!

AMC Shine 08 & D.S. 461

D.S. 461, Pearl 407 & D.S 483

the poor unknown bronze boy. woops

in order as above

I write this post assuming that all of my readers have read up on Inglot, but just in case you haven't I'll quickly run over it for you.
 Inglot are a cosmetic company whose stand ou product is their customisable palettes. Whilst they have blush, concealer and lipstick palettes, the eye shadow is the one spoken of most (in my experience). The pigmentation of Inglot shadows are stellar, I only own 10 but have swatched many more than that and am yet to come across one that isn't a winner. They are pigmented and blendable, and you choose the palette you like and fill it with any shades you desire. It works out to be much more cost effective than purchasing single shadows from brands like MAC, so great for those on a budget who are looking for high quality products.

Something that frustrates me about Inglot (apart from some of their staff...) is their product naming system. I adore MAC and can speak of their shades in conversation- this just isn't possible with Inglot, who use codes and numbers to signify shades. Just a minor niggle, as I adore their range and price point, which are more important features anyway.

So that snaps shut my showcase of some of my favourite Inglot eyeshadows. I plan to purchase more palettes like this in the future, but am happy dipping into this one and creating new combinations every morning for now. I will be posting the bright palette version of this post soon, do keep your eye out for it!

do you own an Inglot palette?
are you in love with it as I am with mine?
which of these shades appeal to you most



  1. OH GOD INGLOT PALETTES. I own two of the flip opens, and I must say I'm a bit of a sucker for the lux-ness of the glass topped magnet thing. I'm shallow.

    I have yet to try anything OTHER than the eyeshadows. I find it so hard to tear myself away!

  2. @suzanne how amazing are they!? I am scared that with the glass lids I will chip the shadows- though I do love the look of them. I have a few of their liquid blushes and illuminators which are nice, they have 15% off at the moment so was in there playing around today!

  3. Gorgeous choice of colours. And well done on holding back! I'm eager to get some more myself.

  4. That blue.....*fans self* *wipes drool off monitor*

    I really don't own enough from Inglot, even though I have like 13 shadows from them, haha

  5. @olgiepolgie thank you, I wear them all the time so am happy with my choices. I think I might be getting a new palette soon, they're such great value

  6. @Jerry it's even better in person, it's so beautiful. I wore it to a wedding a few months back, I really should post the look

  7. I have heard SO many great things about Inglot and I have sworn to myself that I will one day buy something from them :)
    These eye shadows look so beautiful... especially Pearl 407 :D

  8. @shortylegsbeauty they are amazing!Pearl 407 is so smooth I love it. I adore the palettes <3


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