Monday, April 2, 2012

a golden guest

A make up artist by no means, I still love to slap some of my collection onto other peoples faces for fun. My girl Candice and I were getting ready to go to a hen's night (we had to look good, I was maid of honour!!) and she let me do her up.
Candice's dress had golden tones in it, so we went with a full on eye (compared to what she normally wears, anyway)
I laid out the Urban Decay Naked palette before her and let her have free reign. Half-Baked it was, and I snuck Virgin as her highlight and chose Mercury from TopShop for her crease (amazing colour, post up ASAP!)
I made Candice line her own eyes as I wasn't confident of my capability to liquid line someone elses eye, and she used Maybelline Line Define (which has been discontinued, to her horror) and a Maybelline mascara, too.

I think her eye shape and skin tone works really well with this look, and the smudge of Half-Baked under her eye makes such a dramatic difference to her normal eye look. I'm not sure what made me pair Mercury with the golden tones, but I really like the contrast and it made her eyes really pop. She wore a nude lip gloss with this look, and the face looked just as good on the way home in the early hours of the morning as it did when we left for the hen's night!

You can't really see how nice her eyes look when they're all scrunched up, but you can most definitely see how much of a cutie she is! And don't mind my pose, it comes naturally after a champagne or two! I am super washed out in this photo but I love it anyway, it was taken on the party bus on the way to the second or third club.

What night look do you lean toward?
Are you a bright lip-lover or smoky eye wearer?


  1. So pretty! I am not a makeup artist at all either but it's fun to do someone elses makeup - I'm always begging my mother to let me do hers but she will never let me!
    That photo of you two is soo cute!

  2. I really love this look! I'm absolute rubbish at trying to put makeup on other people, haha. For myself, though, at night...I think I wear colorful eye makeup during the day whenever I want, so I usually ramp it up with a punchy lip color.

  3. Great look! Her eyes really pop!

  4. You did a great job, her lashes are seriously amazing! What mascara did she use?

    I think I'm definitely more of a natural eye and bright lip person. I was looking through old photos the other day and it was really hard to find one of me without lipstick on ha.

    Can't wait to see the topshop shadow post xx

    - Katelyn

    1. Ah I sadly cannot take any credit for the lashes, she wakes up and they are amazing! All the time! I will find out what mascara and let you know.

      I think I switch between bright eye/dark eye and bright lip when I go out.

      Will have the Topshop post up soon:)


    2. My mascara was Maybelline Great Lash in "blackest black" looks a bit clumpy in this photo but is one of my fave mascara's. My eyes get itchy with a lot of mascara's but don't tend to with Maybelline :)


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