Friday, June 29, 2012

Illamasqua Neutral Palette

Illamasqua have been bringing out some amazing collections, and the Human Fundamentalism collection was no different. They seem to be taking on new challenges, with this collection and the new Naked Strangers collection managing to make everyday wearable shades exciting again!
This is my first quad from Illamasqua, I have a few of their single shadows but I love the portability of having these complimentary shades sitting side by side.
I like the Illamasqua packaging overall, though I think that I sometimes risk chipping a nail when opening their clasps.
I am elated that Illamasqua named the individual shades within the palette, there is nothing worse than trying to rave about a shade that has no name, or is identified by numbers (Inglot, I'm looking at you ><)
As you can see the colours in this make for a terrific smoky eye, but I have been wearing them toned down and they have fared well for me.
The colours are nicely pigmented, and though I had to swipe over Obsidian twice I find it hard to work with super-pigmented black shades, so I am a happy that this is a shade this blogger can work with.
Full sunlight so you can see the beautiful texture of Vintage.
I love these shades *sigh*
So far my favourite look with the Illamasqua Neutral palette has been to lay Vintage as a shimmery wash over the lid with Wolf in the outer V and along the lower lashline, with Stealth to blend out and highlight. Obsidian is something I like having in my collection for a night out, as I have a distinct lack of nice black shadows in my collection.

A heads up for my fellow Australian readers, this palette is on sale at the moment at Myer instore and online here, it usually retails for $78 AUD and is now $62.40!

Do you wear these sorts of neutrals?
Which shade is your favourite from this palette?

*This product was provided for consideration, which does not change my opinion of the product. Honesty, always.


  1. great eyeshadows



  3. How gorgeous is this palette? Vintage looks so pretty, especially in the sunlight. I kind of think I probably already have dupes of these, but I'm sure the quality warrants the price tag :)


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