Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cotton Candy // Urban Rituelle's Petit Parfum

For someone who claims to be clueless about fragrance, I have amassed a wide collection of bottles filled to the brim with the stuff! My most reached for fragrance of late has without a doubt been my purse sized Urban Rituelle parfum in the scent 'Cotton Candy'.
Coming from the Sweet Treats collection, Cotton Candy is officially described as "A playful, melt in your mouth scent that opens wit ha sweet explosion of rich, spun sugar followed by the warmth of smooth toffee & powdery musk." This scent does invoke cotton candy (or fairy floss as we call it) and I love the uber sweet nature of it, though I can see how some would find it cloying and too much for them.
I wore this to work, to dinner, to brunch, literally everywhere I went had a sniff of this. The girls at work would ask every day if they could borrow a squirt or two, and this 12ml bottle was drained quite quickly. I was nearing the end of this when it smashed, and I am thankful that it will only be a mere $13.99 to bring a fresh bottle back into my purse!
The Cotton Candy fragrance (and the rest of the Sweet Treats range) comes in a variety of forms, and I was kindly gifted a hand cream to match my fragrance. I find the cream a much lighter scent than the parfum, so those who like just a touch of sweetness may prefer these sorts of items within the range. Also available are lip balms, soaps, candles, butter creams and gift sets. The packaging of the gifts sets? Divine, perfect for Christmas so you bet a few people in my corner of the world will have something from Urban Rituelle range under the tree.
I have already purchased a new bottle of this, and will probably stockpile some when they seem to be leaving stores. I'm also tempted to get another scent from the collection, but I just can't decide! (Peach Blossom and Pomegranate are calling my name...) Even though it isn't the longest lasting scent I own, I quite like spraying it throughout the day.
 Urban Rituelle is available at Myer, Forever New and stores across Australia and internationally. To buy online and for more stockists both Australian and International, click here.
Are you a fan of sweet fragrances?
What is your number one fragrance right now?

*These products were provided for consideration, but I honesty loved the fragrance and would've raved about it no matter what. I repurchased this with my own money. Honesty, always.


  1. I LOVE sweet perfumes, my friends joke that I have a 'sweet nose' I will totally buy these (possibly a few!) if any place ships to Canada.

  2. I remember seeing them at Forever New, next time I go, I will have sniff..

  3. I literally just bought one of these the other day! My first one actually. :) I got Ginger Apple.

  4. I have pomegranate and love it! I think that while I adore sweet perfumes, this might just be a bit too sweet for me. Next on my list is vanilla! Love the cute bottles but deathly afraid I'll drop it, like you did!

  5. Ughh I really want to try these! So many perfumes I want - so much of P100P left!


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