Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sea Buckthorn from Southern Tuscany // Weleda Organic Body Lotions

The first thing I thought when this travel set of Weleda lotions hit my desk was ‘Sea Buckthorn? What!?’ I had never heard of the ingredient before, and after researching it I found out that it is very high in vitamin C! Weleda sources theirs from the mountain regions of Southern Tuscany, which definitely added to the exotic appeal of the tangy orange lotion. I had entered an Echolife competition to win this travel set of lotions and promptly forgotten about my entry, so was pleased when I found out I had won!

 I was even more pleased to find out how soft these lotions made my skin. I typically use them on my arms day and night, and though they are lotions they are quite thick and take a while to sink in, you really have to rub at them. I didn’t mind as I tend to use them while in front of a YouTube video, and they leave the softest skin behind so the work pays off. The Wild Rose scent is a bit too full on for my taste, but the Pomegranate and Citrus scents are refreshing and different to the usual scents I see on the market. Sea Buckthorn is definitely my favourite from the quartet, and I am pleased to report that the lotions are all natural, vegan, are not tested on animals and are free from parabens. Weleda, pat on the back!

The Weleda Travel Lotion pack retails for $24.90 with free shipping at Echolife!

*I won this pack from Echolife and opinions are my own. Honesty, always!


  1. I love Weleda body lotions! I used to use the Sea Buckthorn oil, and my legs were the happiest they've ever been.

  2. Nice! I have a Weleda facial oil that is quite nice...these sound like great options!

  3. Weleda does brilliant stuff. My office in new zealand is located just down the road from one of their factories/ manufacturers.. so I am a little obsessed with the brand haha!!

    Luc X


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