Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Rare Hair Review: Goldwell's Berry & Lychee Treat for my Hair

It isn’t often that you spot a hair care review on this blog, and it isn’t for lack of trying. I am quite lazy when it comes to my hair, and though I’ve been good at applying various oils to my thick mane since becoming a beauty blogger, that is pretty much the extent of my care for it all. To fill you in, my hair is wavy, thick and prone to getting oily if I don’t wash it regularly. I do suffer from flaky scalp (that only Garnier can help!) and so most of the exciting hair care products are focused on the ends of my locks. One of the products I’ve been loving lately and have almost finished up is the Goldwell Dualsenses Color Extra Rich 60sec Treatment*. Bit of a mouthful, so from here on out it will be called the Goldwell  60sec Treatment!

A pretty pink tub of goo, this was part of the hair pack I reviewed for Hairhouse Warehouse quite some time ago. This smells delicious, and immediately reminds me of swanning about my favourite tea store T2, sniffing the tins of exotic smelling brews. Berries are predominant in this pot, but there is a definite tea note to me, with the official scent containing notes of blackberry, watermelon, raspberry and lychee. Sounds good enough to drink, right?!

I pop a splodge of the Goldwell 60sec Treatment onto my ends from the ear section down, and truth to be told I tend to leave this on for a little longer than the 60 seconds spruiked by Goldwell. It just feels strange to have it all done within one minute, and by the time I’ve scrubbed my body and sang a little Justin Bieber, more than 60 seconds has passed by anyway. This isn’t heavy in my hair, and even though my hair is thick I believe this would work well for those with fine hair if they used a smaller amount that I do. This stuff keeps my hair soft but I still like to follow up with a hair oil or similar- I use this as an intense conditioner, and much prefer it to most drugstore conditioners you find on the shelves at Coles.


-Smells great, fruity and fresh scent lasts lightly on the hair

-not much is needed for it to work its magic

-packaging is clean and easy on the eye
-said to be great for colour treated hair



-some may not love jar style packaging

-perhaps not rich enough for straw-like damaged hair?

-does not completely control frizz

This treatment retails for $20.95 and is available from Hairhouse Warehouse here.

How often do you use a hair treatment like this one?
What would you describe your hair as needing the most, moisture or a clarifying clean?

*Product was part of a pack provided for consideration. Honesty,always.



  1. I'm like you :) don't use masks a lot! I'm always buying them though. I love the Toni and Guy Reconstruction mask because my hair is bleached it's dry and damaged - my hair just drinks it up!


    1. @Sarah Jane
      I love using a mask once a week, really does make a difference :) Haven't tried that Toni & Guy mask, it sounds good though.

  2. I'm intrigued by hair treatments, but I can never justify the cost. For me, I just throw some warmed up coconut oil on my hair. Have you tried it?

    1. @Aislinn I have used some products with coconut oil, but can't be bothered with the heating up etc, yes that is how lazy I am! I buy quite a few hair things in Thailand where they are quite cheap, which justifies it for me ;P

  3. I loved this. I just finished a pot. I really love the smell & the fact it was really nice & thick. Reminds me of custard.

    1. @thebeautydispensary I love your hair, so am glad to hear this worked for you as well. It does feel like custard now that I think about it!


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