Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paris Avenues

I have been on such a blue kick lately when it comes to my nails, whether it be deep metallic blues like L’Oreal Luxembourg Garden* or paler dusty shades like the one pictured below.
L’Oreal Paris Avenues* is part of the new autumn set released recently, and I was happily swatching away at my box of unswatched polishes when it landed on my nails. Much as I knew I should wipe it off and move onto the next colour, I just couldn’t do it as they beauty of this dusty shade had stolen my heart.

These Color Riche’s are pigmented and I find them really easy to apply, and despite having weak and bendy nails they last longer than most other brands on my nails as well. I love the slimline smaller sized bottle that these polishes are packaged in, and the price of $6.95 is also another plus in my opinion. I do think I might need to buy some back-ups of some of the shades though, as they are so wearable and I’d hate to be without them!
Do you wear blue shades like this? What do you think of the L’Oreal Color Riche range?
*Product was provided for review. Honesty, always.


  1. I love this range although don't think I am much a fan of dusty blues hehe. Looks gorgeous though on your nails!

  2. I love these colours! So stunning :)

  3. Love the color, looks great on u ..I have tried this range and I like it, though I think it may take time to getting used to this brush for some ppl ..

  4. I love these kinds of colours!

  5. Lovely colour :) The dustiness makes it sophisticated and special. I like the formula of these polishes but the bottle is just so tiny. Had to buy a backup of French Riveria because I'd already used up 50% of it in just 2-3 wears.

  6. Love the Color Riche range, easy to apply and the brush is pretty good.

  7. beautiful shade! I would totally wear it too


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