Monday, March 3, 2014

essence Ticket to Paradise collection // Photos, Swatches, Review

The essence Ticket to Paradise collection has been out for a little while now, but since all of the stands I see are consistently restocked I thought it useful to share my thoughts on some of the products I've tried so far. I find it funny that the paradise themed has been used once again by the brand, after reviewing the initial Return to Paradise collection on my blog in 2011.
I picked up quite a few items from the summery collection, my favourites so far being the mint crème eyeshadow in 01 Dive With Me To The Island (perfect for inner corners!) and the shimmer powder in 01 Tropical Heat. I adore the way that essence has matching shades for each collection, with the minty shades spanning across nails lids lashes and lips and the golden shimmer being kept to nails and cheeks. Little things like that really work to tie the collection in for me, and I love seeing how well thought out the collections are.
I think that my favourite part about the Tropical Heat shimmer powder is the beautifully embossed pattern of the product rather than the finish it gives on the cheek - I am not ashamed to admit that I actually collection essence limited edition powders no matter the payoff, and this one is one of the lightest shimmers in my collection. It isn't as potent as my Dior Amber Diamond or my Jemma Kidd crème, but considering the vast difference in price points I think that it's okay. Those who are after a strong cheek highlight may be disappointed by this powder, while those who like a light shimmer to highlight their cheekbones would probably get along fine with this golden powder. 

A note I must make about this collection is about the sheer jelly finish lipglosses (I bought the hot pink shade My Treasure Island) These are simply stunning to look at and I was mighty tempted to purchase all 3 shades, but after trying the gloss just once I was elated that I only succumbed to one. This has to be the worst tasting lipgloss ever made - it's not a flavour you can escape and I can't express clearly enough how you should avoid this gloss at all costs. Eck!
My Treasure Island Gloss, My Treasure Island lipliner, Dive With Me To The Island crème eyeshadow, Tropical Heat Shimmer Powder
Did you pick up anything from this tropical limited edition collection? After seeing swatches I'm heading back for the golden shimmer Tropical Heat polish!
Have you ever tried a lip product so nasty you just had to throw it?!

Emma @ emmabovarybeauty

*I purchased all of these products myself. Honesty, always.


  1. What a gorgeous collection, especially love the design on the shimmer powder! XOX Emma

  2. I too have noticed that the displays have always been fully stocked which is super weird (especially for Essence) however I just assumed it was because no one was buying anything! I picked up the highlighter (mainly because of the gorgeous pattern in it!) and I love it. x

  3. The shimmer powder looks gorgeous, what a beauty

  4. great post! I love this collection I keep noticing it on the essence stand locally maybe the brand is holding on to the summer season as much as I am! lol

  5. Omg, such fun stuff!! I absolute love the embossing print in the highlight but that gloss is such a keeper, I'd totally get a gloss from the collection, they've released a lot of highlighters the last year!

  6. Wow!!! They all seem like great products to try out. I wanna try the shimmer powder and the eyeshadow. Love the colors for they match my skin tone.

  7. It looks really nice. How do Essence's cream eyeshadows hold up?

  8. Pretty to look at indeed but I skipped this one.

  9. O-M-G! that tropical heat shimmer powder looks divine in the packaging!! Love the embossed motif.


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