Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Back on the Spotty Nail Bandwagon

shown with my 'Naked' lipstick that I bought on the same day
I've been using my at-home gel nail system for a while now but before that I indulged in one of the new Spotty Nail Polish kits from Academy of Colour that are available at Kmart since they relaunched their beauty section. The boxed set contains two cute little bottles of speckled nail paint, one a taupey beige and the other a robins egg blue. I fell so hard for the Illamasqua Speckled offerings when they first launched, so was pleased with this purchase that came in at $4 AUD.
The pale blue shade needed a few coats to achieve an opaque look, but I didn't find that each coat muddied the speckles underneath all that much so the effect was quite a nice one. I don't want to succumb to a cliché, but this has Easter written all over it and I don't care what anyone thinks!
My local discount chemist has the new Ulta3 range of Easter specific speckle polishes on sale in their catalogue (think shades like Hot Cross Fun + Hippidy Hop!) so Mister Bovary and I are planning on making a detour home soon to grab the whole lot - better than a chocolate egg, I say! This may signal that my speckled polish collection is getting a touch out of hand, but what is a beauty lover to do...
Are you a fan of the speckled nail trend, or have you moved onto textured polishes?
What nail colour or trend is your weakness? Blues? Nudes? Gimme the goss!
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty


  1. I am so thrilled that cheaper options like Ulta are available because it really is such a lovely trend. I might have to go hunting for the Ulta versions! x

    1. I love having trends at different price points - makes it accessible for all!

  2. I love these kinda nail polishes... they are so lovely :)
    I do really like the sugar crushed (sand) polishes too and I never thought Id like those :)
    That lipstick looks so lovely :)

    1. I really like them too - and I agree about the sand polishes, sometimes I really dig them!

  3. I'm s l o w l y starting to warm up to these but not quite there yet. Surprisingly digging the pale shade you're showing us here. :) You can also layer a better crème in a similar colour as base and try one coat of these guys.

    1. I really like how pale the blue is, which surprised me too! I quite like the look of the layered speckles in this, but I'll try it layered over a crème next time too :)


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