Friday, July 4, 2014

July Goals / June Update

Recapping my June goals:
-Walk 52km (improvement is the goal, not perfection!)
Huge fail on this one, I only managed around 30km and it definitely affected the way I feel about my health and fitness right now. Can't let this happen in July!
-Limit takeaway coffee (health + budget orientated)
I still indulged in a few takeaway coffees but I consciously thought about whether or not I wanted one before ordered, whereas I used to just buy them as a habit even when I didn't want one. I've been having an instant coffee each morning and really enjoying it!
-Read 3 novels
I really enjoyed my reaching choices this month, which were all borrowed from my local library. My favourite was The List by Joanna Bolouri which was the best sexy read I've ever come across. I also read J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy which took me ages to get hooked into but in the end I didn't mind it, and my final read was Paris Was the Place by Susan Conley which made me yearn for a trip abroad (and made me think about asylum and the idea of family...)
-Cut back on small beauty purchases and put that cash towards wishlist items
As you will see in my upcoming monthly round up haul I still bought some little beauty purchases, but I definitely also put a whole stack back on the shelf instead of buying and didn't buy any large beauty items either (I'm waiting for something awesome to splurge on!)
-Finalise hens + kitchen tea guest list
I was slack with finalising these and really wish companies were prompt at getting back to customers! Would love some tips on what you enjoy in a hens or kitchen tea?
-try making Mum's lentil soup on my own
Obviously wasn't as good as Mumma Bovary's but it was still delicious and perfect for cold Melbourne nights!
-create + hang artwork in the bedroom
So pleased with this one, Mister Bovary and I created a quirky canvas print for the wall and even he said it has helped pull the room together and give it some personality!

5/7 ain't bad!
takeaway coffee and a book I read in June // My version of Mum's lentil soup // my most recent library stack

July Goals!
-Walk 52km
-20+ days of stars*
-Read 3+ books
-Finalise wedding bouquet details
-Order our wedding bands
-Try cooking with a new recipe x3
-Start filling some pot plants

*stars are for days when I workout and eat healthily all day- no cheating!


  1. You're doing great with the walking!! It's so much harder this time of year so well done!! For my hen's, I did a high tea with the ladies. Luckily for me, someone else organised that for me =) (shameless post plug ;) ) It's good to have a small list of achievable goals, all the best!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

    1. I'm totally slack at the moment with walking, really hoping that July is a better month for me!

  2. I love how positive you are about your goals, Emma :) It's really inspiring! Good luck with all of the wedding details!

    1. Thanks Larie - they actually really make me feel motivated and drive me throughout the month, I'm really enjoying the challenge!

  3. Good on you Emma !!
    Not long until you're wedding :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! The wedding is creeping up on me, a bit too fast!

  4. I love the monthly goal posts - I so need to do mini goals so I can keep myself occupied and focused instead of going oh oh end of year goal 40 kgs off.
    well done crossing some of your list!

    1. Thanks Nikita - mini goals make things so much easier for me, much less daunting as well x

  5. Way to go on your goals Emma and congratulations on your up and coming wedding. I think it's amazing that you have walked 30 km, keep going dear, you will reach your goals.

    1. Thank you so much! Hoping to get better at pushing the km's out!


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