Monday, August 11, 2014

August Goals

Recapping July...

-Walk 52km

Managed to walk 54km this month, still had quite a few slack days but happy to have improved from my (personally) dismal effort last month.

-20+ days of stars

I got sick of sticking the stars in and found it took too much of my concentration that could have been better used elsewhere. I still stuck with good food choices (generally) and walking, so I guess it's still a tick!

-Read 3+ books

I read 5 books in July, quite pleased with that effort! A good mix of fiction and non-fiction with a wonderful travel guide to Las Vegas tucked in there (emmabovary on Goodreads!)

-Finalise wedding bouquet details

Our appointment is in August but was booked in July, so I am counting that as a semi-success! I know roughly what I want and the cost, so here's hoping it all falls into place for me in the next few weeks!

-Order our wedding bands

Complete! I wasn't expecting Mister to enjoy this but he did, and the ring we chose for him to wear is gorgeous and very classic. I am still waiting on them to arrival and can't wait to see them in person!

-Try cooking with a new recipe x3

Happy to have marked this one off, but hoping I love the next new recipes we try more. I made chunky vegetable soup (recipe from a slow cooker book), Massaman curry with my sisters homemade paste and chicken patties (which Mister has requested I make again!)

-Start filling some pot plants

We did head up to Bunnings for a look but it was cold and I couldn't work out what I wanted and where I would put the pots, so we left it for now.
walking with Charlie (and a bird we spotted!) and plant inspiration from my sister in law's garden

Now onto my goals for August!
-Walk 54km
-Donate 2+ bags of clothes to Vinnie's
-Donate 2+ handbags to Vinnie's/family + friends
-Book into the Benefit brow bar
-Organise beauty room

Wedding Goals!
-Finalise wedding stationary
-Book our honeymoon
-Buy/choose my wedding shoes in time for dress fitting
-Finalise cake design + flavours
-Book hair + makeup artists

What are you goals for August?
Emma x


  1. Hurray for checking things off of the wedding to-do list! Such a satisfying feeling!

  2. Gah!! You wedding day is coming closer and closer hon!!!! Actually, when I read "wedding bands" I thought...the musical kind of bands. :p Until I read the whole paragraph...hahahaha

  3. Why, hello Mr King Charles. He's so adorable!

    Beauty Challenged


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