Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Haircare Haul from Priceline's 40% Sale

Two haul posts in one week - what is going on in the Bovary household?!
I wasn't intending for this many of my posts to be shopping related, but as soon as I heard that Priceline were having their famous 40% off haircare sale I knew I wanted to pick up a few bits and pieces that I'd had my eye on. What I really wanted was the full size of the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray (Normal Hold) but unfortunately it was sold out, so I settled for the travel size instead which should keep me going (I first professed my love for this here!) I'm planning on heading out to another Priceline today to try my luck for the full size as it's such a great product.
To console myself after seeing that my regular hairspray was out I grabbed a travel size of a new 'fixing' spray I've not yet tried, Schwarzkopf Taft (Mega Strong Hold) Now that I'm rolling with a high maintenance fringe I'm really enjoying trialling lots of different hairsprays - do you have a favourite I should know about?

The third and final bit I picked up was a spur of the moment thing - I'm always up for trying a new hair mask and my thick long hair tends to appreciate that, so I plumped for the Schwarzkopf Moisture Gloss 10 Days Shine Mask...let's be honest, it was the holographic packaging that pushed me over the edge for this one! I was a bit let down when I returned home to see that the tub itself wasn't all glitzy ocean like I'd expected, but hopefully the formula works for me and makes it worth my while.
L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray 75ml $4.99 down to $2.99
Schwarzkopf Taft Fixing Spray 60g $3.99 down to $2.39
Schwarzkopf Moisture Gloss 10 Days Shine Mask 150ml $8.99 down to $5.39

The Priceline 40% haircare sale ends today (Weds 13th May!)
Have you picked up any new hair products lately?
I need good hair mask recommendations!

*nothing to disclose! honesty, always


  1. I am always looking for a new hairspray to try.

  2. ha ha had a bit of a laugh reading about the packaging of the mask. The mask sounds good

  3. I've used the mask before and liked it - it has a really light, gel-like finish.


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