Saturday, January 1, 2011

MAC Cham Pale

Am very excited about this launch, which I believe is coming to Australia this Monday or the Monday after. I am pretty much lemming the whole collection, but thought I would share some of the things I think I'll like from Cham Pale. My birthday is tomorrow, and as I was spoiled at Christmas with everything I wished for, I'm getting cashola to spend at the MAC counter rather than gifts=D weee!
(Grabbed the Cham-Pale images from Temptalia)

Caviar Dreams Quad- I think these eyeshadows are gorgeous, but I have similar palettes so doubt I will purchase this.
Paint Pot in Vintage Selection- Though I am not a fan of creme eyeshadows in general, I think now that I have the Primer Potion from Urban Decay I would like to give the paint pots a go.
Lipsticks in Flustered, Gel, Quiet Please, Tanarama- Will have to try these on, but I'm leaning towards Quiet Please=) Pretty shade, cute name!

What are you lemming from MAC Cham Pale?

xx emmabovary


  1. A couple of the lipsticks - Gel and Tanarama - are permanent so you don't worry about snapping them up straight away. Quiet, Please looks quite pretty, I'm sure it'll be popular... The paint pots are supposed to be really good, I've got a couple of the regular ones and quite like them, but I decided against getting these because they seem to have a few dupes within the Benefit CC shadow/liner family. Wish it wasn't public holidays this weekend so I could call MAC to ask them when it's out in Australia!

  2. I asked at the Melb central counter the other morning and she said next Monday, but I'm going to check this Monday just in case she was mistaken=) I will tweet when I find out. Thanks for letting me know about the permanents! I don't have any Benefit CC's either so Vintage Rose should be go for me=)

  3. Awesome, thanks for letting us know :)

  4. I thought I wanted the quad but then my naked palette came and killed my current want, I might go check out the collection next week and see what I want :)

  5. This collection is right up my alley with all of the champagne shaded products! I want the paint pot in Vintage Selection, the eye pencil in I Get No Kick, the special reserve highlighter in Chez Chez Lamé aaaand one other thing that I can't remember right now!

  6. I worry tha once I hit the MAC counter I will fall in love with everything and walk away with it all! Not the worst thing I could do with birthday money, I suppose=)

  7. MAC counter says Cham Pale will drop on 10th of Jan, so this coming Monday. I will be there bright and early=D


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