Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Post Birthday Mini Haul

Had my birthday on Sunday, and took the Monday off to go to Chadstone(L) with Mister Christopher to shop with the cashola I was given. Side note, never do this with a shopping hater=( Didn't look at much as he got over it pretty quickly!
I did pick up a few things, so here we go:
Priceline is my crib, so grabbed the essentials since we were there. Hair ties, which seem to grow legs and run after one use in my house. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, as mine is almost done and it was %50 off($15.50) Sunsilk Purifying Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner, as I was not happy with my previous ones and these were only $2.99.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist-I have been leaning towards this since the MUA at Mecca Maxima used the lavender version on me, as my skin is so thirsty of late and it's driving me bonkers. My current rose obsession pushed me into this one, and my face feels and smells pretty darn nice right now. More detailed review to come...$23ish
Perfect Pink Travalo! I have blogged about this before, and as I didn't receive it for Xmas/Bday I decided to nick in Perfume Connection myself. I didn't like the pink at first, but Christopher was right when he said it would stand out in my bag. The black and silver are sheek but I'd never find them!$24.95

It was so weird, I went into Mecca Cosmetica to purchase the brush cleaner($22) and as I was making my way to the counter to pay the sales assistant stopped to chat with me and ended up talking me out of the purchase. What the! I'm still in shock, and confused...

I also hauled some Lush lovelies (%50 off wooo) but will pop them in a separate post. All in all I had such a lovely day, but would have much rather gone shopping with a female who can match my shopaholic tendencies=D If anyone can, let me know!

emmabovary xx


  1. Happy Birthday! You got some lovely products xx

  2. Thank you=) I love the post birthday shopping, I'm sure there is more to come since I still have cash left!

  3. Happy birthday lovely! Looks like you had a good spree :)
    I picked up the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in the Priceline sale too, haven't tried it yet but heard so many good things!

    Oh and I'd be more than happy to go shopping with you sometime! :D

  4. We need to catch up soon Miss, I want to shop with someone who isn't James and who I can tell isn't getting annoyed at standing at the nail polish stand for some time :D

  5. Jess- The spree continues, just spend some moolah on blog sales=D I like HealthyMix, easy to grab every morning and I take it away too, nice and lightweight. We will have to arrange a city shopping spree=)I'm sure you will care more about MAC and Illamasqua than my man does!

    Matilde-Just tell me when! I tweeted you before too!


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