Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Lola

I am the tortoise in this race, as I have only just fallen in love with the wonder that is Marc Jacobs' Lola. At my birthday party I popped the Lola solid perfume ring on, as it is for 'special occasions' and the celebration of my birth is indeed special, and an occasion. Almost everyone at the party commented on it, and I found myself raising my hand up to catch a whiff of the delicious scent more than I raised the hand holding the wine glass! It's a heavy little sucker, but it's beauty astounds me and I am so so so glad I bought it (ages ago, mind you) I recently saw this in a few perfume places, so it's still available (RRP$65, Perfume Connection has it for $59.95)

On a related note, the velvet topped edition of the original Lola bottle is stunning! I love the artwork that goes into Marc Jacobs perfumes, they truly are collectables. Do any of you wear Lola?

emmabovary xx


  1. Lola is deffinetly one of my favorite, along with Daisy. I've been looking for the ring but I can't see it anywhere :(

  2. Mum wears Daisy, such a beautiful scent. Marc Jacobs really hits it out of the ball park! I saw the ring at Chadstone perfume connection! If I pop past NT tomorrow I will check for you.x

  3. I got Lola for Christmas, it is definitely a lovely scent. I just have to take the top off before shoving it in my handbag!

  4. I love Lola, it's my favourite perfume. I got it for my birthday last year and I've still got it a year later. And for some reasone everytime I'm wearing purple/lilac toned clothes I always reach out for Lola!

  5. I had so many perfumes on my gift list this season, for some reason I just think Lola as a spray sits better on others (ie my sister) than me! I do the same with clothing! If I'm toughing it up I won't reach for anything pretty haha.


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