Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MAC Haul // Archie's Girls, Strength, Making Pretty and Apres Chic

Saving for a wedding and a house means that I have had to cut back on spending, and the area that has been affected the most has been my cosmetic cravings. I've still managed to grab some nice pieces lately though, through gifts cards and frugal spending in other areas of my life. Though not all are from MAC I've been shopping there quite a bit more than usual, so a designated MAC post seems necessary!

I knew I wanted to pick up a neutral blush from the MAC Strength collection, but hasn't decided which of the two choices to go for. When I failed to get any colour from my swatch of Taupe Shape, I tried on Poised and ended up buying that one. Though probably not a necessary purchase as I do have a few similar shades, I reasoned that I wear neutral blushes often and therefore justified it.

I assumed that MAC 3N lipstick from the stunningly beautiful Making Pretty collection would be sold out when I visited my local counter, so when I found out they had 3 left I made the impulse buy right then and there. A pretty and wearable shade in some pretty packaging, and the same amount as I would have spent on a high end lipstick anyway.
I was lucky enough to spend the morning with Desiree and Karyn last week, and a sneaky trip to MAC Pro on Chapel Street was squeezed in after brunch. Desiree seems to have this amazing enabling effect (ie everything she likes, I want) on both Karyn and I, so I walked away with the Gentle Mineralize blush and a travel sized Fix +. Very excited to try both of these out!
Having read the Archie & Friends comics growing up, I knew I needed to get my hands on a piece of the character themed makeup that MAC had released. Even though I was always a Betty fan, the Veronica blush in Prom Princess had my heart racing and I tried for over a week to get my hands on it to no avail. Finally tracked it down before lunch with some bloggers over the weekend, and I am now content to sit back and swoon over the beautiful bright shade.

(Prom Princess came out a bit more purple than true shade in this image)
The day before I managed to snaffle Prom Princess I was moping about it being sold out on the Doncaster counter, so Chris decided to cheer me up by getting me the Betty blush in Cream Soda and lipglass in Kiss & Don’t Tell. The boy definitely knows his way to my heart! Impressed by how much both of those products suit me, and I can’t wait to show you swatches soon.

I’d love to hear what shade you like most from my haul.
What do you think of my MAC's crazy collection turnaround?


  1. Yay! So glad I got to see your stash :)

    I've got the same Betty blush as well and I picked the umm.. other blush from the Betty range - with the hearts. Sorry, I'm rubbish with names. BOth are great to give a flush of colour on my pale cheeks :) Will you be doing some FOTDs?

  2. haha Hope you like the products I pushed you to buy xx

  3. The Archies packaging is oh so cute, and the colours look really nice :)

  4. The Archies Girls packaging is sooo cute. I so want/need anything from this range!

    Kayte @

  5. Gentle is going to look gorgeous on you! And I was surprised by how pretty Cream Soda looked in person. I don't think it suits me at all so I managed to walk away, but I expect some blush reviews from you in the near future!

  6. I'm loving the Archie's Girls blushes! I fell in love with the Spoiled Rich eyeshadow quad and treated myself to that!


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