Monday, December 2, 2013

Models Prefer Sweet Kisses Tin Palette - Photos, Swatches, Review

So it seems that Models Prefer are well and truly stepping up their game in terms of product releases - some very cute stocking stuffer-esque packs and the famous Sweet Shadows ($15 AUD) tin. The larger version of the tin palette comes in the form of Sweet Kisses, which is multi-layered and filled with much brighter shades than the smaller palette. You also get some face products with this one, so lets have a look and swatch this baby!

Some nice and wearable chocolate and neutral shades for the safe-Sally's, and some interesting colours mixed in like blue, green and a pretty purple shade. I have to say that this offering is quite varied in terms of colour choice, and those who (like me) wear bright eye shadows regularly will appreciate this aspect of the Models Prefer Sweet Kisses palette.
Using the ribbon to lift up the padded cardboard layer of eye shadows, you reveal an eyeshadow primer, duo shadow brush, mascara/brow gel combo as well as some face products. Cinnamon Spice is a slightly darker bronzer than I am used to, and has a bit of shimmer in it as well which is something to keep in mind. At first I thought Macaron was an all-over face powder, but it is actually more like a highlighter and quite a dark one at that. I think this may work for darker skin tones than mine, because it sort of looks silly on me.
My favourite part of the lower tray is definitely the Peach Parfait blush, which is red-toned and simply stunning! I've been wearing it quite a lot lately, and I am elated to have another red blush in my stash despite it being tucked away inside a tin. The Marshmallow blush also looks lovely, but I've just been so distracted by it's team mate that it hasn't garnered much love from me at all! Let's be honest, I bought this for the shadows + cute tin, so the Peach Parfait blush was a great bonus and the rest were just tacked on for me...

Now for swatches:
Row for row, here we go!
Butter Cream, Almond Nougat, Cherry Ripe, Honey Crunch
Toffee, Cocoa, Strawberry Cream, Caramel
Chocolate Whip, Pistachio, Black Forest, Praline
Truffle, Mint Slice, Maple Fudge, Dark Cluster

Now for the face products:
Cinnamon Spice, Macaron, Marshmallow, Peach Parfait
The texture of most of the shadows are decent albeit soft, with some duds that are still workable. My personal favourites so far are Mint Slice, Pistachio, Black Forest and Butter Cream. Overall, I am impressed with this palette and think it is worth the $25 price tag for the shade range and Peach Parfait alone!
I will have a makeup look using this palette up on the blog tomorrow!
What shades do you like best from this palette?
Are you a fan of mixed palettes like this, or do they overwhelm you?
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty


  1. Replies
    1. It is really nice for the price point too :)

  2. I'm not a fan of mixed palettes personally but this seems well worth the reasonable price tag. I think MP have nailed this release! I'm interested to see what else they come out with over summer :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    1. I don't mind them, except when they contain a pan lip product >< hate those!

  3. It look's lovely. Does anyone know where you can buy MP product's in New Zealand cause this palette look's sweet. Thanks.

    1. Karen I had a quick look around but no luck - perhaps eBay might come up with the goods?

  4. Looks like a dupe of Too Faced Sweet Indulgence palette! I love the packaging and I love the variety of shades!

    1. A lot of their releases are similar to Too Faced, which is why I think I like them so much!


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