Monday, September 8, 2014

September Goals

Recapping August...
-Walk 54km
I ended up following along with the Blogilates calender this month which meant I only managed 25.5km, so although this was technically a fail I am still really happy with my fitness effort.

-Donate 2+ bags of clothes to Vinnie's
I still have so much to donate, want to get onto this soon so I can start building up a nice summer wardrobe (for Hawaii as well)

-Donate 2+ handbags to Vinnie's/family + friends
I have a handbag sitting in our spare room for my sister but haven't had a chance to go through the rest yet.

-Book into the Benefit brow bar
Didn't end up doing this, pure laziness but I really need to get onto it to help fix my brows before the wedding!

-Organise beauty room
Made headway with this but still have a bit to organise and give away.

Wedding Goals!
-Finalise wedding stationary
The invitations are in the printer as we speak and I cannot wait to see them in person! So much effort and thought went into every word, never have I studied fonts that hard before.

-Book our honeymoon
Hawaii baby, our first time to the US and we are SO pumped! Any Hawaii or Vegas tips?

-Buy/choose my wedding shoes in time for dress fitting
Oh baby, I am so in love with my shoes. I had two options when I went to my fitting and had to decide between the two, and as soon as I put on 'the ones' with my wedding dress I felt amazing.

-Finalise cake design + flavours
Our cake tasting session was probably Mister Bovary's favourite part of wedding planning, truth be told.

-Book hair + makeup artists
Ended up nabbing my number one pick for both my hair and makeup, couldn't be happier!

loving my Blogilates workouts!
Hawaii, I'm checking my countdown every day for this holiday
Mint green, a colour in my kitchen tea theme
Mister and I in Thailand years ago
My all-time favourite novel
TBS Honeycomb Bronzer

Now onto the goals for September!
-Walk 35km
-Smash out the Blogilates SepTONEber calender to the best of my ability
-Fix the brows!
-Dye my hair (same ol' chocolate brown)
-Read 4 books
-Only buy beauty products if I: a) really love them + they are limited edition or b) really need them
-Start making decorations for the kitchen tea

How did you go with your goals in August?


  1. What island are you going to? I grew up on Oahu ;)

    1. I didn't know that Larie! We are in Maui for one week, Oahu in Waikiki for the last week

  2. Yay, crossing off things! I made no goals in August and it felt good, lol.

    1. tick tick tick! I think I might have a 'no goals' month soon too ;)


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