Friday, September 5, 2014

The Remington Vacgroom // Mister Bovary Mentions

Now that we're getting hitched, Mister Bovary has decided to step up in the blogging realm with his own series, and I'm stoked to have a chance to guinea pig some male-orientated beauty and lifestyle products with him. He isn't much of a writer so I'll be throwing his thoughts into a semi-regular post for you to enjoy!

our little family, and le beard in action

First up is a good 'un, with the uber schmancy Remington Vacgroom 2-in-1 Beard Trimmer hitting our vanity for a good run through. Mister is hardly ever clean shaven (baby face syndrome when it does happens!) and prefers light stubble for his day-to-day look. Often I spot cool looking shavers around this time of year (Father's Day on Sunday, say whaaaat!) but a trimmer is so much more useful in our household. The best thing about this Remington robot? Say it with me now ladies - vacuum!

I love when Mister puts a wee bit of effort into his looks, but my oh my those beard hairs fly everywhere and clean up after he is done is such a pain. He always tries to cover the vanity with a towel but inevitably there are some missed hairs so I lurve the fact that this bad boy sucks up all the pesky hairs so I don't have to later!

Mister Bovary: Very impressed! He liked the blue accents and the inclusion of a wee beardy brush and a Remington bag to keep it all in was a definite score with this one. He has a single drawer in our second bathroom (my collection of haircare takes up the rest!) so keeping it all in a nice black Remington bag in his drawer is a great idea.

Mister used the Vacgroom without the brushguard attached as his stubble wasn't very long, and he used it to tidy up around the edges (I did tell him there was a smaller head to clip on for that but nope, he wanted it his way) and trim the overall length. We both raced to have a squiz inside the vacuum compartment and seeing all of the hairs collected in there was awesome - they really mean it when they say no mess!

Some facts to gloss over for you -
-The Vacgroom comes with 2 attachement heads, a 32mm trimmer as well as a 16mm detail head for shaping up those edges

-It boasts a long-lasting and rechargeable Lithium Powered Battery and "a power-drive dual gear system work to deliver maximum power and torque." If that isn't manly, I don't know what is!

-The Vacgroom retails for $99.95, call 1800 623 118 for stockists.

-It will turn your other half into a suave and spunky man, or your Dad into a slick and trimmed one...*

So if you feel like spoiling your other half while keeping your vanity clean, check this one out. It's also perfect as a Father's Day gift if your old man likes a bit of stubble - think about it this way, you get brownie points from your Mum with this gift as well! Just sayin'!

Emma and Mister Bovary x

*Results may vary, depending on how awesome your men are to start with!
*Product was provided for consideration. Honesty, always.


  1. I've been making my other half my guinea pig too! He has never used anything other than soap but I think he's secretly excited when a new men's product lands on my desk!

    1. That's awesome Angie, I'm sure he is elated about being with a blogger, the perks are nice to have! Mister loves trying out new things he is so much more groomed now than when we first started dating lol

  2. Love it! I love that your man is getting involved! And you both make such a cute couple!

    1. I love having a different point of view come across on the blog, its nice to hear what he thinks about things. Thanks for the compliment too *blushes*

  3. Aw, so cute :) It's always fun to see the other half get involved!

    1. Love having another opinion to mull over :)

  4. I NEED to find that for Freddi... he also always have some type of beard and mustache cause when he is clean shaven... yep, serious baby face syndrome there too ;) Besides, I love him with a bit of facial hair.. I find it sexy :)
    I need to find this for him though cause he turns 30 this November and he has actually been wanting a trimmer :D

    1. haha oh this would make such a nice gift for his 30th, something useful but sleek too. I love facial hair too, just the right amount is great but too much is too scratchy for me!

  5. Aww, this is very sweet and you two are so cute. Nice to see variety x


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