Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Greek Adventure

My in-laws recently got back from a trip to Greece and brought back some gorgeous pieces of jewellery back for all the ladies in the family. I love being able to hold beads from a country I've never visited before, it is sort of like I am able to enjoy some of the holiday from the comfort of home almost! When I think of Greece, I think of beautiful beaches, donkeys, salty air and amazing seafood - all of the things my in laws captured on camera for me on their trip (I bugged my MIL to snap shots of EVERYTHING for me!) In terms of makeup, I can't imagine wearing very much when in a hot climate like that. These things I've been wearing here in drizzly Melbourne, but could easily see myself loving in Koroni (where my FIL grew up!)
Everyone knows of the famous Nars Laguna bronzer, right? This itsy bitsy sample has lasted me an age, and was a gift given upon the opening of Mecca Maxima Melbourne back in 2010! It isn't the perfect bronzer for me (I prefer the Clinique Superbalanced grinder* personally!) but the size means it travels really well and seeing the pan each time I open up the compact is a great feeling.
One of the latest concealers I've been trying is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser, and though it is specifically for the under eye area, I find that it works a treat on my blemishes and red marks as well! I swipe some onto a clean finger or the back of my hand rather than dabbing it right onto spots (I definitely don't need the blemish bacteria to spread and create more issues on my face!) I think this is nourishing enough to be Greek holiday worthy, don't you?
How cute is the packaging of this Suvana Organic Paw Paw + Honey balm*!? I like using this on my cuticles and lightly on my lips, but it is also great for protecting dry spots on windy days. I can picture myself using this as I trek up a Greek hill on the back of a donkey like my in-laws did, can't you?
Lining my eyes is a new obsession of mine, so this Face of Australia Liquid Eyeliner would totally be cracked out for late night feasts or heading to the nightclub near Mister Bovary's uncles place. We are contemplating heading to Greece as part of our honeymoon next year if our budget permits, and I'm often stuck daydreaming of hot nights with Greek music and cold drinks wearing a big cat eye flick of liner!

Have you ever visited Greece, or anywhere exciting in Europe?
What hot holiday staples do you think would work well in this sort of climate?

Emma @ emmabovarybeauty


  1. I'd love to visit Greece - it's been a dream to see the Greek islands :) One day! That itty bitty NARS Laguna is adorable and it seems to have lasted a long time. While you've hit pan on it - I can see there's still plenty of product still left which might last you another couple of years :p

    1. I think we are visiting the Greek islands on our honeymoon if all goes to plan, they look so lovely. I love how cute the baby Nars is! I don't use bronzer everyday, so it has lasted quite a while lol.

  2. Greece is somewhere i've always wanted to visit, i always see incredible photos on my instagram feed!!
    That laguna bronzer is the cutest thing ever!!

    à la foliee

    1. Yeah, the photos on Instagram are always amazing when someone visits Europe! Makes me envious every single time.

  3. In really hot weather I struggle because I don't like going bare-faced, but I can't tolerate feeling a lot of stuff on my face either - so instead of proper eye make-up + powder I go for things that are a sparkly and reflective. I have a little jar of a Couleur Caramel shimmery powder the shade of sandstone, and it's perfect as eyeshadow or on the apple of your cheeks. And waterproof mascara - because even when I'm going to the beach, I still want to have pretty lashes!!


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