Monday, December 9, 2013

The Sniff List - Top 5 Scents to take a Whiff of for Summer

Each time we reach the end of the year, I begin thinking about which perfume I'd like to pop onto my wishlist. Since my birthday is but a week after Christmas, I pretty much need to make a monster list to make it easier for my family to cross me off their present list. I perused my fragrance stocks (some are still boxed away, woe is me!) and pulled out 5 awesome scents that would make lovely gifts for somebody else, or for yourself!
I don't really know much about Vivienne Westwood, so thought 'cute bottle' and not much more when Flirty Alice* hit my desk. One spritz and I was hooked though, this is probably my top pick from this bunch. It smells citrusy with some vanilla somethin' somethin' going on, and a quick check of Fragrantica says it also contains some green tea, rose buds and blonde woods (though I prefer brunette, ha!)
 The latest Marc Jacobs just had to be included, if not for the scent then the adorable bottle alone! Marc Jacobs Honey* is a soft and floral honeyed scent which is something Mumma Bovary would go crazy for - she likes it a bit sweet but most perfumes give her migraines, so Marc Jacobs is her go-to for soft and wearable scents.
Michael Kors Very Hollywood was on my wish list for the longest time, and was a gift from my beautiful sister for my birthday two years ago. It is a strong white floral, and I love the pink/coral and gold accents on the bottle. A great light summer fragrance is Clarins Sunshine* - you know I adore this brand, and so a orange bottle of their juice was bound to be a hit with me! It smells sweet, floral and citrusy, perfect for hot weather!
Last but not least is a great 'out for dinner' perfume that is super strong - Paco Rabanne Black XS. I nabbed this from Mumma Bovary who bought it duty free after loving the scent of it on my cousin when she lived with us, but it is too strong for her so I scored big time! I am also eyeing off the Kim Kardashian bottle she bought at the airport, as I've already finished my bottle and would love another!
How often do you spritz on a new scent? Are you a fan of commercial scents, or are a die hard indie perfume fanatic?
Emma @ emmabovarybeauty
*Provided for consideration - honesty, always!


  1. Great choices of perfumes! I have tried the Marc jacobs honey and I super like the scent. Love the packaging as well.

    1. Thanks Alice - MJ always has amazing packaging for their scents I adore that about the brand!

  2. I'm a mostly mainstream girl - favourite brands are Prada (they can do no wrong by me) YSL from way back and OMG there are a lot of Tom Ford fragrances I drool over although some of those buggers can cost as much as $290 a bottle - I just send out pleading messages to the other half in the vain hope and sometimes he comes up with the goods!...

    1. You know I've only ever smelt the Prada Candy and one of the male fragrances which I love, but no others so I'll need to have a sniff in Myer soon.


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