Friday, December 7, 2018

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

My skincare weaknesses would have to be facial cleansers, scrubs and masks - the three products that make the biggest difference to my complexion. I have a good collection of all 3 but masks are the most fun - a bit of a pamper and a good shot of somethin' somethin' for my mug. My favourite kind of mask is an overnight one that you don't have to rinse off (definitely perfect for my new Mum status!) and alongside the popular Origins Drink-Up Overnight Mask is another true skincare star, Sisley's Black Rose Cream Mask*.
The scent of this product is so luxurious and I literally inhale and sigh every time I use it, so it makes for a really nice (yet quick!) home spa kind of experience. It's a deep and heady rose scent, and the mask is a thick cream style that I actually prefer to use lightly as an overnight face mask rather than applying it thickly and removing the excess. With a thinner layer overnight I find the mask has lasted such a long time and I haven't had an issue with residue, and I really like waking up with glowier, plumper skin for hardly any effort. The Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask is targeted as an anti-aging 'Instant Youth' product, but that isn't something I need yet I still adore the hydrating, plumping and smoothing it provides.
I looked up this mask while preparing this post and was impressed to see that it's the top seller in France and loved by celebrities like Lara Worthington, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone among others, but I've been using it without being aware of it's popularity which is actually quite nice. I have also been using it without being aware of the price tag - I knew Sisley was a luxury brand and that I love all of the products I've tried from them, and it indeed feels like a high quality mask and not one to disregard when it comes to quality...and so I now know that it's $180 AUD. This makes me glad that I prefer to use it lightly as an overnight mask!

What are your favourite types of face masks?
What is the most you've spent on skincare? Was it a product, a facial or a whole regime set?
Emma x

*Product provided for consideration. Honesty, always.

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