Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holiday Make Up Bag 'Weekend Away' edition

I went away with Mister Christopher this past weekend for our 3 year dating anniversary. We went to Rye, and despite it being winter the weather was really nice! This is the loot I took along with me for the 3 night stay, it may seem a lot but I love playing around with different looks when I have the time.

I tried to get some organisation going in there, but as soon as the case lifts it all jumbles around.

Illamasqua Concealer
Face of Australia Primer
Face of Australia translucent powder
Bourjois HealthyMix Foundation 52
Clinique foundation
Mini versions of Benefit's new range
Clinique E/S Strawberry Fudge Quad
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Estee Lauder Orange Pop
Australis palette in Frock and Roll (used here)
Napoleon Perdis eye dust in StarDust
Face of Australia Mousse shadow in Magic Mist

Softlips balm in Chai Latte
NARS Carthage
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy
MAC Dazzleglass in Baby Sparks
Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink Pop
Revlon Super Lustrous in Coral Reef
Lanolips LemonAid
MAC Ever Hip
Clinique Citrus Rose
Clinique Chubby Stick in Whole Lotta Honey
Savvy lip crayon in Cafe
Jack Black balm in Vanilla and Lavender (reviewed here)
Sleek Blush in Rose Gold
Essence Highlight Powder in Famous Flamingo(shown here)
Lacura blush
NYX Peach
Stila Gladiola
W7 Bronzer/Highlight
So as you can see from the display I've made of my makeup case lid, I brought heaps to play with while I was away! Admittedly not all was used, but that's the pleasure of driving to your holiday destination- no excess baggage fees!!
Scent of the weekend was Guerlain Champs Elysees for moi, and a David Beckham for Chris.
All that was in Chris/ toiletries bag was deodorant and a roll on concealer!
If you'd like to see me review any of the above products, let me know and I'll send them to the front of the queue. Hope you had a great weekend, I'm back to reality now and drinking coffee by the boatload!
emmabovary xx

Friday, June 24, 2011

Endota Spa Hand Cream- Lavender and Alpine Pepper

Alpine Pepper

Endota Spa Hand Cream in Lavender and Alpine Pepper

A powerful scent that takes some getting used to, this non-greasy hand cream is a staple in my handbag. Takes a minute to sink in, and then I'm left with super-soft, gorgeous smelling mitts.
I'm not lavender's biggest fan by any means, but when it's paired with alpine pepper?
Muchos respect!

emmabovary xx

Product was also mentioned here!

(Product provided in Primped goodie bag 2010-
 which does not affect my opinion or review of the product)
(Alpine Pepper image taken from

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Bronzed FOTD ft. Illamasqua, MAC and the Naked Palette

Neutrals are my best friends, and this look was created with some of my favourites from brands like Urban Decay, MAC, Illamasqua and Face of Australia.
Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Liquid Foundation in Beige
Illamasqua concealer
Eco-Tools concealer brush
Essence Shimmer Powder in Flamingo Pink
BYS blush in Candyfloss
Jack Black Balm
MAC lip gelee in Straight to the Head
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Buck (from Naked Palette)
Urban Decay pencil in Zero
Napoleon Perdis brush (holiday collection)
My base products for this look consisted of Face of Australia's Mineral Therapy foundation which I am in the midst of testing. The shade 'beige' was a little too dark for me, but still wearable. This Illamasqua concealer is one I use everyday, sadly my skin is not in top condition and I have quite a few blemishes that need covering.
BYS have some great shades in their blush range, and Candyfloss is my favourite. I used this with Essence's Flamingo Pink highlighting powder along the cheekbones to try and brighten up my dull skin.
Mister Christopher bought me Illamasqua Bronx for Christmas, and when I received the Naked palette for my birthday the next week I assumed I had no use for the shade anymore. Not so! This shadow is a true stunner, and I'm glad we lost the receipt and couldn't exchange it. I layered Bronx over Buck from the palette, next time I create this look I would blend lighter shades up higher for a more intense look. I finished the look with a smudge of Urban Decay liner in Zero, and Benefit's BadGal Lash mascara.

I originally went with my clear Jack Black balm for this look, before I remembered that I had just received MAC's lip gelee in Straight to the Head from Lilit's blog sale. It's quite opaque and gives a sort of frosted finish, I will be reviewing it in depth soon.
This look is my version of an 'everyday' casual look. I found it to be pretty subtle but Bronx really made it all pop just that little bit.
I hope you enjoyed this FOTD, if you have any ideas of looks I should try do let me know.
I would love some inspiration!
emmabovary xx

Monday, June 20, 2011

FROCK AND ROLL! EOTD with Australis

A while ago, I was moaning about the lack of grey shadows in my makeup collection. After digging around, I came up with the new release Australis Paparazzi Perfect palette
Containing 5 shades in a geometrical palette, this little stunner quelled my grey-shadow-lemmings!

Frock and Roll!
Australis describes this palette as having these shades:
"Pearlescent shades of coral pink, medium grey, cool grey, charcoal, deep red."

Swatches on arm of Frock and Roll

Swatches and Palette
These swatches are pigmented with one sweep, which is somethnig I really appreciate in eyeshadows. Rather than being a palette with some rad shades and some 'meh' shades, this range seems to have only winners! In my opinion, of course. I naturally went straight for the grey shades first, and this is the look I dreamt of and came up with!

EOTD with Australis Frock and Roll

The light coming in from the window makes it appear as though my makeup isn't even, be assured that it was! And please ignore the frizzy hair and crazy brows!
This sort of look is exactly what I wanted- I tend to avoid dark shadows as most of my clothing is quite dark, so I like to brighten it up or use shimmery neutrals for my day to day makeup. This is generally as dark as I like to go, unless I'm using brown shades.I often neglect to use eyeliner as well, but that is something I'm challenging myself to change.
I used the cool tone grey as a highlight, the medium grey swept all over the lid, and a tiny bit of the charcoal to slighlty darken my crease. I then dusted a tiny bit of the cool tone grey in the centre of my lid towards the inner corner, to brighten it up even more. Maybelline Falsies completed the look!

Close up of EOTD (and whoaa brows,haha)
If I were to create this look again (and I am totally going to, frequently) I would add in some black liner, highlight the inner corners and wing the shadow out a bit more. I'm no makeup pro, but I'm learning and loving and enjoying my products, and that's what really matters!

emmabovary xx

*This palette was purchased by moi, with my own pennies!
Frock & Roll

Friday, June 17, 2011

Desk Essentials + Link Love

I've spent the last  few weeks chained to the university library desk, and I've found that these products have been major players in allowing me to hold on to my sanity (or what is left of it...)
TYPO notebook
various styles, this being my favourite
it's actually my 'blog book' and it's got one page left!
Mentos lollies
the fruity ones
these are ltd ed. orange flavour, noms!
Yellow Highlighter
brightens up my studies, naw
Jack Black Lip Balm
vanilla and lavender
if I'm not rocking brights, I'm rocking this
Endota Spa Hand Cream
lavender and alpine pepper
wakes up the nose, soothes the hands
after a big writing session, this saves my life!
shout outs to my favourite distractions

emmabovary xx

Thursday, June 16, 2011

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse

A serial home-hair-dyer, I always call on Mum (or Chris' Mum) to dye my hair while I read a magazine. Perhaps it is me striving for salon service at home, but sitting in a chair lazily and having awesome hair shortly after is something I'm fond of. However, regular dyes never fail to stain my head,my clothes and anything else I come into contact with. I am also constricted to the schedule of another- I have to organise a time that suits the Mumma's, and it's never in time for important events I want sexy hair for...
In steps L'Oreal's brand-spankin' home hair dye.
I chose colour 53-Radiant Golden Brown, a lovely shade of brown that has golden highlights dancin' all over my mop. For the first time, I attempted this all by myself! And, just quietly, I rocked it!
Mix solutions together, by rolling NOT shaking
Using glove, with clothes protected by a towel, pump foam 2-3 times to begin.
Using a pump or 2 at a time, massage into hair as you would shampoo
Keep going until all of hair is covered, and massaged in well.
The foam does not drip, and sort of 'dries' in hair
Leave for 30 minutes
Rinse out, use conditioner provided
*Fruity scent, especially in conditioner which smells amazingly of grapefruit
*Easy to use all by yourself
*No drip, no fuss
*Beautifully natural shades to choose from
*Affordable price point, retailing for $17.95 (I've seen it on sale for $11.95 already!)
*Only natural shades to choose from
*My hair is quite dark, and this light-ish colour did not cover that (meaning, the colour is spliced throughout my hair rather than covering it all) This is through no fault of the product, as this happens with every dye but the super-dark for me. Just somethnig to consider when selecting a colour
A great offering from L'Oreal Paris and a wonder product for hair-dye newbs like myself, I will certainly be choosing this for my next hair dye adventure!

emmabovary xx

Please note, this product was sent for consideration from beautyheaven, and a shortened review of this item by moi is on the product page for L'Oreal Sublime Mousse over there.
Also note, no image of my hair is featured because of aforementioned 'splicing' of colour- picture would not do product justice!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Essence-Return to Paradise

Introducing a brand that I have a huge cosmetic-crush on right now- ESSENCE!
A German brand, this is what they have to say about themselves:

Essence cosmetics, the must have in beauty: trends, fun, unique – but never expensive! With a striking range of quality cosmetics, essence is the ultimate brand for all beauty queens.

I've always thought this brand was a cutie-patootie, but could never get my hands on more than a few items at my local Priceline. I then saw that my local Target had the new range!!
Return to Paradise

 Essence stand at Target 

Essence Return to Paradise display

I picked up a few items from the collection, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I have since returned twice to pick up more from both this range and their permanent range. Gorgeous products at crazily affordable prices are my weakness, it seems! All of these hover around the $5 mark, which is awesome.

Essence Oil Control Paper

Essence Oil Control Paper packaging
These papers retail for less than $5 from memory, and I've found them to be great to touch up with during the day. The slim packaging fits into my makeup bag with ease, and they leave no residue on the skin after use.

Essence Shimmer Powder in Flamingo Pink
I have a huge crush on this product, I love it so much that I've already picked up a back-up (darn limited editions!) A separate post on this is warranted, and will be up next week. It's love, guys.

Essence Teal Liquid Liner
A gorgeous colour that I couldn't resist, the super fine line applies well on hand. Am yet to try on eyes, will include this in a FOTD soon.

Essence Trio palette

Essence palette with swatches

Pigmented and smooth, these are great for the price though the packaging is slightly bulky, it's nothing too major. Love all of these colours, especially when paired together.
The packaging and design of this limited edition range is ace, such summery looks that are brightening up my winter mornings. I highly recommend Essence and suggest you head down to your local stockist to peruse this fabulous new collection (if I haven't hauled it all up already!)
Bourke Street Priceline down in Melbourne has a decent Essence range, though no limited edition collection as yet. Find more stockists at the Essence Facebook page:

emmabovary xx

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peachface Full Bloom Moisturiser

peachface is a skincare brand I was immediately attracted to. Their packaging was cheerful, their motto's uplifting, and I thought the name Peachface was the cutest thing in the world! A company that primarily targets teen and tween skin, I found that most of the products sounded right up my alley (though I've left my teen years behind) I was lucky enough to receive two products to trial, and the first I shall review here is the Full Bloom Moisturiser

Full Bloom Moisturiser, Organix Lavender and Rose

Upon opening the jar, I was hit with the most gorgeous scent. I've been loving floral scents lately and this one is no exception- a bit of aromatherapy with my skincare will never go astray! The scent is not overpowering, however, I think it adds a subtle touch of luxury to the product without slapping you in the face with scent.
It must be said here that my skin is quite dry and dehydrated, with dry patches being one of the banes of my existence. This lightweight moisturiser did well to hydrate my skin, but I found that every so often I needed a heavier hit of moisture- I found this paired well with my natural Jojoba oil, and the two worked in harmony to keep the flakies at bay. I assume that this product would work well on normal/combination skin as it is light and non-greasy.
peachface packaging is oh so cute, with female characters adorning the bottles and jars of their products. I generally prefer pump/tube/bottle packaging as I know how jars and tubs can become contaminated with dirty fingers being dipped in, so to combat this issue I used a clean spatula each time I applied this product. I found a little went a long way, and was happy with how easily the moisturiser spread over my face and soaked right in.
A major part of my enjoyment of this moisturiser was the postive affirmations that adorn everything peachface products. I think it's wonderful to have these attached to natural skincare for teens/tweens, as I think that these two factors are needed to pep up girls at an important and often crazy part of their lives.

I love and I accept myself
Here is what peachface have to say:
peachface believes that introducing an awareness of teenage natural skincare promotes self-esteem, confidence and personal responsibility. Glowing wholesome skin is so important to teenagers and to tweens
They also work with the Carly Ryan Foundation, which promotes safety on the internet for teens.
positive affirmations that are great for teens and all women alike
cute designs that are refreshing but still classy
gorgeous subtle scent
affordable price point
natural and gentle
great online presence and communication
Australian made and owned
Against animal testing
Supports the Carly Ryan Foundation

Jar packaging not as hygienic
Not 100% hydrating for super-dry skin, without additional product
Full Bloom Moisturiser Ingredients
Natural & Organic Ingredients :
purified water, aloe vera gel, certified organic coconut oil, vitamin E natural, certified organic honey, certified organic green tea extract, cetearyl alcohol/ceteareth 20, watermelon oil, phenoxyethanol, certified organic camellia oil, certified organic jojoba oil, potassium sorbate, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, certified organic shea butter, xanthan gum, rose absolute oil, Australian rosalina essential oil, certified organic essential lavender oil.
$29.95 for 100ml, and is available here online, and these stockists 
I think peachface is a brand worth checking out if you have teen children, as it is a great, natural way to teach them to care for their skin. Having said that, I think this range is great for any age- we all need a self esteem boost in the form of natural products!
emmabovary xx
Please note this product was sent for consideration for review, which in no way affects my opinion of the product. Always honest.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jack Black Lip Balm in Vanilla & Lavender

I had seen US bloggers raving about the Jack Black balms for a long time, and had always wondered what the fuss was about. While perusing Strawberrynet a while ago, I saw that these were going for less than $10 and knew I had to give one a go. I chose Vanilla and Lavender, as I was intrigued by the idea of lavender in cosmetics. Would it be 'nanna-esque', overwhelming, horrid? I'd heard people disliked the scent, saying it was far too strong, but it was LOVE at first sniff for me!

The balm comes in a sophisticated royal blue squeezy tube, contains spf25 and is cruelty free.It's quite thick for a balm, and I found that it keeps the lips moist with that 'wet' feel I love for ages. After that wears away, you are left with super-soft lips. I found it wears nicely over lipsticks, but not under, and provides a nice glowy sheen that makes it beautiful to wear on its own.

-moisturising and long-lasting
-cruelty free and spf25
-amazing smell that I LOVE
-stunning packaging that stands out in my make-up bag
-slanted applicator tip which means I can apply to finger then lips rather than straight to lips if needed (as I did when I had a cold last week, to prevent the spread of germs)

-not readily available in Australia
-not suitable under lipsticks as it is thick and glossy
-that is all I can really think of

I adore this lip balm, and have used a fair bit of it since puchasing. I am interested in trying the other scents that this comes in, but I know I will repurchase vanilla and lavender over and over A big win for me, I think this may become a HG!

emmabovary xx

Monday, June 6, 2011

May Favourites

May was filled with lots of studying, and the early mornings meant I leant on my favourite products to work their magic rather than changing it up for uni. I tended to go for wine shades or neutrals for the eyes and lips. Here is what I reached for most fin the cold month of May:
Face of Australia Translucent Powder 
This stuff is seriously amazing, love it so much.
Essence Return to Paradise powder in Flamingo Pink 
a review of this is coming up, for now I will just swoon and tell you it pretty much owns my heart. Cute and cheap as chips!
NYX powder blush in Peach 
A pretty pink shade (not peach...) this is buildable and natural, my never fail shade.
Savvy lip crayon in Cafe 
This is wine-shaded goodness, have bought so many back-ups. A look is coming up in which I wear this, I'm also wearing it on the blog is the 'About Me' section <<
 Clinique Chubby Stick in Whole Lotta Honey 
I'm sure you've all read reviews, these new releases are gorgeous and I won this colour from Clinique on Twitter. Not a shade I would've chosen myself, and wouldn't you know it's perfect for me!
Bvlgari Rose Essentielle EDT
A simple, everyday fragrance that lets me indulge in my love of anything rose-scented.
MAC Eyeshadow in French Cuff
I've been loving wine shade on lips and eyes, and this fits the bill completely.
MAC eyeshadow in Retrospeck
I am planning on buying this in pan form soon, but for now I am using it out of the Holiday palette I purchased from Stef's blog sale. It's my two second lift, I literally just sweep it over my eyes and voila! I'm complete.
I have marked Retrospeck to show you the shade, which is housed in the MAC Holiday palette
I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek into my favourites for the month of May, just as much as I enjoyed using them all! emmabovary xx

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Jojoba Company-Botanical Hydrating Face Mask

I have gotten myself into the wonderful routine of weekly pamper sessions, that generally involves face masks and nail painting. Sometimes I get Candice to join in, other time my man slaps on a mask with me while we watch The Amazing Race. I've fallen in love with one mask in particular, a 97% natural one from The Jojoba company. This is what The Jojoba Company has to say about it:

Deeply hydrating to rebalance dryness and re-energise. 80ml.
An exquisitely silky, hydrating clay mask with a powerful combination of botanical anti-ageing extracts including antioxidant rich gingko biloba, plumping marine collagen, vitamin B5 and organic honey to boost the natural hydrating qualities of golden jojoba. Combines Australian clays with jojoba to renew and rejuvenate all skin types, especially sensitive skins. Not tested on animals.

This mask feels glorious going on, and I love the fact that it's a 'smear on' rather than a cloth mask, as sometimes I'm just not in the mood for those. It goes on quite pale, and darkens as it leaves me looking a little 'Snooki-esque', which never fails to excite and amuse me. Chris tried this one and said it felt strange going on as it was so thick, but as it dried he was fascinated with the colour change and cracking effect when he moved his face. I like it's thick texture, and the smell is gorgeous. I find my skin to be super-hydrated immediately after use, and even more so the next morning. A sure-fire winner for me, I will purchase this when my current tube runs out. The mask retails for $49.95 and stockists can be found here.

Expected pic of me looking 'Snooki-esque' complete with freshly dyed hair wrapped in towel. Sexaay!
Do you have a favourite face mask you think I should try?
emmabovary xx
(*Please note this item was sent for consideration, which in no way affects my opinions on it. Always honest!)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Top Three: Lipsticks

Maybelline Coral Crush, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi, Elianto Baby Nude
After an unfortunate incident involving my brother and two smooshed lipsticks (BYS and MAC Lollipop Lovin' for those playing at home...and my brother is a 30 y.o imbecile, obvs) I got to thinking about what lippies I'd miss most if they were to leave my collection. Though I change up my lippy almost every day,the 3 shades above are the ones I always return to with a smile.
 I would say Coral Crush would take out the top spot between these, and I wear it more than any other lipstick shade. It glides on effortlessly, I adore the packaging, and it brightens up my whole face with just one swipe. Lipstick perfection! The only negative I can find for this baby is that it never shows up in photos as beautiful as in reality. <3

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi was purchased on a whim when I found out that Gaga's first shade looked terrible on me. It's the perfect beginners red, as it's easy to apply and not shockingly bright/dramatic. I pretty much always choose this as my red, and if the need for a bright comes along I simply build it up over a red stain. Cyndi Lauper, you gun you!

Elianto's Baby Nude has one of the cutest lipstick names ever, and smells delicious. I fell in love with Elianto last year when I visited Malaysia, and this lippy is my 'lazy day' shade. Moisturising and soft, this pale nude shade doesn't wash me out, and acts as a great base if I wear a pigmented gloss. Only downfall is it's flimsy packaging, as gorgeous as it may be it must be noted that the lid isn't fond of staying put in a make-up bag.

Top Three lipstick swatches

Have you tried any of these shades? What are your top 3 lipstick shades?
emmabovary xx

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May Empties

I'm not finished up as many make-up items as I'd like to, and I think it is because the only things close to being finished are things I don't want to be without=( I despise limited edt/discontinued favourites, always breaking my heart. Anyway, on goes the empties!

*Treacle Moon 'That Vanilla Moment' body scrub 225ml- Am reviewing this shortly, love it!
*Priceline Round Cotton Pads- a make-up bag necessity, have repurchased.
*Dove Silk Dry Deodorant with moisture cream '24hr'- didn't find this to work all that well, won't repurchase
*Scarlett, Cacharel EDT sample,1.5ml-Nice, but nothing amazing for me
*Romance by Ralph Lauren- liked this, but Mum wears it so I'll leave it to her to rock
*Maybelline Falsies mascara- Dried up quite a bit and got 'crunchy', byebye. Loved it,though. Review here
*Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash sample,29ml- fragrance free and a little too bleh for me

Have my fingers crossed I get thru more in June. Have you tried any of this months empties?
emmabovary  x
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