Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Exploring Kleins Perfumery // Beauty Places

Stepping into certain beauty stores is a bit like entering a completely different world - Priceline gets my heart pumping every week, Myer gives me access to the most popular luxe brands and then comes something out of the ordinary - Kleins Perfumery.

Once you set foot in the small boutique on Brunzwick Street in Melbourne's Fitzroy, you immediately notice the ambiance they have created in their tiny space, despite it being filled to the brim with beauty products. Taking a look online, Kleins themselves points out the 60 square metre floorspace and the fact that over 80 different brands reside there. It's not only the unique feeling of the store that is impressive - the random brands that are hard to find elsewhere are sitting upon the shelves lookin' pretty shiny.

(Just note that this isn't a sponsored post or anything like that - I just snapped some pretties in the store and wanted to share it with you all!)
Aesop, the popular skincare and body brand that is renowned for their clean and sleek packaging.
Lollia, first introduced to me via Getting Cheeky which sparked my interest primarily in the beautiful hand creams from the brand.
Bite Beauty - I need to get my hands on some of their lipsticks, pronto!
Some beautiful candles can also be found in Kleins, perfect for indulging or gifting to those who are hard to buy for. As well as the brands I've shot above, some of the standouts for me include:

-Badger Balm

-ELEVEN Australia
-Juliette Has A Gun
Pretty impressive, non?

Kleins Perfumery is located at 313 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne and if you reside in Australia you can also shop online! I think my next purchase from there will be something from Bite Beauty - I've not yet tried the brand but curious about it.

What is your favourite beauty place?

Emma x

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Honeymoon Wishlist (Part One)

I'm hesitant to splurge on beauty and skincare nowadays, but the impending honeymoon means my current favourite hobby is adding pretty things to my 'almost wish list', also known as the products I plan on checking out while on our honeymoon. We've been saving like mad for the usual wedding things and it's been a nice escape to think about swatching at Sephora!

We are pretty certain we will be visiting Las Vegas and Hawaii for our honeymoon, and it will be our first time in the U.S which is quite thrilling. I won't be picking up all of the products on these wish lists, but it is nice to dream isn't it? Some of these I can get a hold of in Australia but they will be cheaper overseas, and buying them in places like Sephora will feel oh so much nicer!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream perfume
I'm thinking of picking up a nice perfume for Mumma Bovary while overseas, and she is a hardcore MJ fan and the original Daisy is her jam. This one is so pretty!

YSL Kiss & Blush (12 Moca Garconne)
I've swatched the gorgeous Moca Garconne shade a million times, but won't think about biting the bullet until I'm high on holiday vibes.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
I love my Tarte blushes so will definitely be picking up some more shades while I have easy access to them all. Swatch fun will be had!

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup
I've seen this around and like the idea of being able to try the Neutrogena makeup range (since all we get in Australia is the skincare!)

Sonia Kashuk Concealer palette 
Have wanted this for the longest time, hope I can make it to a Target to see a Sonia Kashuk stand in person for the first time.

Neutrogena Pressed Powder 
Same reasons as above, but I am a sucker for a good pressed powder plus I know it's something I'll use up and enjoy.
Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder
I thought this would be the next powder out in Australia to replace the Dream Matte, but Matte Maker is currently the fresh one on the shelf. I will be buying this and giving it a red hot go with Dream Matte comparisons in my head.
Bath and Body Works Wallflowers
I adore home scents, and the cute wallflowers that they have at B&BW are too cute to pass up. They have cool clip on designs that I want to buy and I'll grab a few scents to use in the lounge and bedrooms.
Bath and Body Works Pocketbac
I like the idea of hauling little, easy to carry things so the scented hand sanitizers are an easy option.
Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee
I will need to swatch this before deciding if it's worthy of a purchase - I find cheek products like this a bit challenging but have seen so many rave reviews that I'm intrigued. 
Bath and Body Works Candles
Heavy, oh so heavy. Lucky I have Mister Bovary's suitcase to fill up too!
Dior Fluid Sticks
Another product I can grab here but will resist until holiday mode is activated. A nice wearable shade like Mirage might be on the cards...
Tarte Rainforest After Dark palette
Swooning over this, but whether or not it is still available when I head overseas remains to be seen.
Sephora Formula X polishes
There is absolutely no need for me to buy another polish ever, but I know I will buy one or two of these because I'm a sucker (and Estee from Essie Button likes them = immediately convinced) 
This is only just scratching the surface of what I want to suss out while on holiday! I'll be honest and say that all of the excitement at just looking at these products online it making me a bit too excited! I think I need to go and sit down...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Adore Beauty Cult French Beauty Sampler

I have a confession to make – I am a slight Francophile. It all began on a family trip to Paris years ago, and was heightened when I fell in love with Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary (namesake of the blog and all!) I love travelling and can’t wait to experience France with Mister for the first time, but until then I’m to be kept happy with French travel novels, eating large amounts of soft cheeses and playing with beautiful French beauty products. Adore Beauty, thank you for making the last point a gorgeous travel sized reality (I adore you!)

French women have this thing about them, wouldn’t you agree? I may just be lucky, but all of the French women I know are divine and they all have great skin – perhaps thanks to some of the products in this Adore Beauty sampler*? I’ve trialling a few of these samplers over the years (here is a makeup sampler, and here is a serum one!) and this theme is probably my favourite! Stars of the sampler are either being saved up for our honeymoon or are already residing in my handbag for ease of use!
I'm a big lover of the cult Bioderma Crealine H2O, and having another of these teensy 20ml versions is a welcome addition to my travel skincare loot. I've popped the 30ml L'Occitane Shea Butter Body Lotion into my handbag to remind myself to keep my elbows soft, love how sturdy the packaging for this is.
You also receive a card with 5 French beauty secrets and a Cult French beauty booklet going into detail about each of the gorgeous products in the sampler. Icluded is a 15% off code for you to use when repurchasing any of the products you've trialled, plus two sample sachets and a Tim Tam (a staple with every Adore Beauty order, how awesome!)
I much prefer these samplers to ordinary subscription boxes as I appreciate the transparency from Adore Beauty - they tell you what products you are getting (and their sizes) from the get-go. I also love that they have chosen an even enough spread of body vs facial products, plus one sachet of the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil (which is also a body product) I guess it just comes down to whether or not you are a fan of paying for sample sized products - you either love it, or you hate it!
The Adore Beauty French Cult Beauty Sampler retails for $39 AUD and is available here.
What country is your obsession, your holiday favourite?
Emma x
*Provided for consideration. Honesty, always.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Starbucks Makeup Look

One of the benefits of running a beauty blog is having an excuse to have a good play around with different makeup looks (that and being able to use it as a hauling excuse, ahem) I love using Pinterest and other forms of social media like Instagram to grab some inspiration, but it’s also the day to day things in the world around me that spark ideas sometimes! A conversation about coffee with my mother in law sparked this particular look- on our holiday to Thailand and Malaysia a few years back our ritual was a daily Starbucks run, and since that conversation I’ve wanted to do a Starbucks makeup look!
I took my inspiration from the green of the famous Starbucks logo and tied in the brown tones to represent the drinks that are most popular. I find that these shades work beautifully together and create an easy outlet for those who are fearful of wearing green eyeshadow. 

I went with my tried and true Covergirl Outlast foundation, I'm really pushing out the final dregs of this and am hoping it goes on sale soon so I can repurchase. I laid down a base of the Napoleon Perdis Auto-Pilot primer* (as Mister Bovary says, not to prime is a crime!) and set it all with the new Matte Maker powder from Maybelline
I then ran over my cheek bones with TheBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer for a blinged out highlight (the best kind I have to say) and topped my cheeks with a dusting of the Dolce & Gabbana blush in 25 Caramel. I think a neutral cheek works best for this look, but I am so obsessed with neutral blushes right now that nothing else stood a chance anyway. 
Holy shadow choices, Batman! I went with the green shade from the Revlon 595 Harmonious Quad, then layered a bit of MAC High Spirits from the Twists of Tartan palette to add a bit of a brighter green into the mix. I used the mint shade from Covergirl's 715 Majestic Hazels quad to highlight my inner corner then worked on bringing the brown tones into the look. I brought out my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette to use alongside the brown shade in my Revlon Harmonious quad, choosing Strange for my browbone after using Factory on my outer lid to complete the look.
Urban Decay Strange + Factory, Covergirl mint, MAC High Spirits, Revlon quad (brown and green shade) 
 I wanted to create a natural lip look to go with the green as I think it ties into the Starbucks idea nicely (no bright red rings on your iced coffee straw!) and I think it kept the look quite casual. I layered some of Barry M's lip gloss in Toffee over my BOE Beauty #23 Better Bare Jumbo lip crayon (a Big W cheapie that I am mighty impressed with!)
That completes my Starbucks inspired makeup look- what do you think of it?
Where do you find your beauty inspiration? What drink is your go-to at Starbucks?
Emma x
*Primer sample was provided for consideration. Honesty, always.

Monday, July 21, 2014

What I Bought in June

Finally getting around to sharing the beauty products I brought home in June. Each month seems to see the items dropping in number which can only mean the wedding is coming even closer and my savings are getting strict...
Kicking off the monthly haul round-up with a buy for Mister Bovary - he insisted we try the newly repackaged (and I believe reformulated) Palmer's Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion which he uses to rid himself of chicken skin on his arms. It smells a lot more tame than the previous blue tube, which makes me think the goods inside are different now, too. I then threw a Vaseline Spray Moisturiser into my grocery basket along with my beloved Invisible Zinc 30+ Tinted Daywear - both of which were crazily (and I mean crazily!) discounted. The Byphasse Micellar makeup remover was a mere $5 and I couldn't stop myself from wanting to try it out, despite having backup bottles of both Bioderma and Garnier for cleansing water. I don't feel as bad hoarding things I know I will use up, so there is my justification for that.
The Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara was another crazy-cheap grocery run buy, and after posting a snap of the newly released Nivea Fruity Shine Peach lip balm on Instagram I had to return to buy a tube to try for myself. One of the most exciting things I nabbed in June were two new gel shades to use with my Sensationail - Sally Hansen had a sale so I picked up Back to the Fuchsia and Kook-A-Mango (my favourite SH shade in the complete Salon Manicure line, shown here!)
You just know I had to mention these little stunners- my new favourite long-lasting lip product! I'm sure you've all seen (and tried?) the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets, but if you haven't I can vouch for their beautiful colours, stellar staying power and adorable packaging (despite the issue of the plastic wrapper fusing to the tube...)
Blush fiend had a nice delivery via eBay - a gift from Mister Bovary in the form of Dolce & Gabbana's Caramel blush. Yes, another neutral blush, but one wasn't enough it seems as I also picked up Revlon Naughty Nude at the start of June and have been absolutely smashing it.
The much-lauded Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White fragrance rollerballs were also via eBay and I still can't decide which scent I prefer, they are both so lovely. I suppose you can say the same thing happened with the Chapstick All Things Sweet tin...I couldn't choose just one of the gorgeous designs, to two identical balm trios came home with me. Cake Batter lip balm people, cake batter!

I think I did quite well this month - the eBay purchases were technically from May but arrived in June so all up I didn't splurge too much compared to my usual reckless self. Have you bought anything nice lately?

Emma x

Monday, July 14, 2014

Current Favourites // July 2014

For a while now my life has been a tumble of wedding planning, house cleaning and honeymoon dreaming, and through it all I spent a lot of time in my beauty room enjoying my almost-organised stash. It was actually with ease that I chose my current favourites, which is a nice change from scrabbling to make up my mind.

When I originally came across the Revlon Cheek Boutique I took home the one that swatched the nicest – Mauvelous! It wasn’t until Chemist Warehouse took down their Revlon products to half price that I grabbed Naughty Nude as an afterthought, and wouldn’t you know it I’ve barely had it off my cheeks since that day! I’m obsessed with neutral cheek shades at the moment and this one is nice to dig into – something worth nothing about the Revlon shades is that they swatch terribly, but look amazing on the cheek when applied with a blush so don’t let the swatch put you off!

It’s all about my obsessions at the moment – my bright pink obsession is still going strong! I wanted to pick up some new shades to add to my gel nail stash (in love with my Sensationail machine!) and one of them ended up being Sally Hansen’s Back to the Fuchsia which is a seriously gorgeous hot pink that I needed in my life. I was a bit put off when I saw the blue shimmery base when I opened the bottle but it just looks like a shiny crème finish on my nails so happy days! It matches my constant pink lips perfectly – I’ve been rocking my Maybelline Color Bloom lip balm in Pink Bloom underneath my Elixir in Fuchsia Flourish for low-key makeup days, and Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition in Pink Pong for work days and weekend wear alike. All bright, all right!

Each and every day has been an ode to my beloved – the essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Hot Chocolate. The perfect pencil for defined eyes that aren’t harsh, I’ve been swiping this on my top lash line every single day for so long now that I’ve just about used up the whole pencil. I have already procured a back-up (and added some other colours into my stash, too) and the next round of empties will see my current one finito. It’s as soft as a crayon but in thin pencil form and is a wind up, negating the need for a messy and annoying sharpener.
I couldn’t ignore my current skincare loves in this post, so in steps the exxy Lancome Dreamtone* which I wish I didn’t love (three digits, painful) but I totally completely do. It is the first product that has actually reduced the acne scarring on my cheeks (and all over my face) and for that it is worth each and every penny – though the day I have to repurchase this will be a painful one, and I’m stretching this PR sample out as far as it will take me. It softens my skin, soothes it, lightly moisturises it and actually does give my skin a ‘dreamy’ tone I’ve never had before.

The final favourite is a reoccurring one on the blog, my La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo which banishes crappy skin, works at blemish build-ups underneath the surface and stops pimples from appearing. I’ve seen a lot of people mention that this isn’t very effective on skin with pre-formed pimples, but I use this every night/every second night and apart from perhaps a monthly spot I don’t have any blemishes come to the surface at all...prevention people, not cure! I’ve found that using preventative methods works best for my skin, and this in conjunction with my Mario Badescu loves means happy skin territory for me.

What are your current favourites? Pink lip recommendations anyone?

Emma x

*Provided for consideration! Honest favourites though ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Soft & Dreamy Makeup Look with Baby Pink Lips

In an effort to switch up my makeup look earlier in the week I rustled through my beauty storage to pull out some unloved products. I wanted to create a creamy and dreamy sort of makeup look with pale pink shades being the focus of the look.
I've been using the Rimmel BB Cream Matte in Light* for quite a while now and really appreciate how pretty the packaging is. I wouldn't say this gives a totally matte finish as it appears more satin on my skin, but it lasts a full day on my face and is akin to a light foundation when it you really think about it. I always set my liquid face products with a powder and rather than my MAC or essence compacts I used my unloved Guerlain Meteorites which I've owned for yonks but hardly ever use. The smell is pretty darn strong I must say, but the finish on the skin is quite light and pretty but not impressive enough to make me want to purchase another pot of this stuff in all honesty.
Nothing exciting on the eyes for this look, as I wanted to the focus to stay on the pink products I selected - I even left out mascara to see how it would affect the look! For the cheeks I chose the 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Powdery Lip + Cheek in #Neon Full which I applied with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I've only used this twice and can't decide how I feel about it - I tend to have this problem quite often when it comes to crème products for my cheeks, I inherently prefer powder and it always plays on my mind. #beautybloggerproblems
Now I feel as though I must mention the perils of pale pink lipstick to you - for an uber pale lady like myself, it certainly ain't the easiest shade to wear, least of all in a matte formula from the beautiful and affordable brand Shanghai Suzy. This particular shade is Miss Amy Baby Pink*, and I'm not entirely sold on it being the colour for me. I received two other bright shades from the lipstick line but thought it important to try something different for once (how many bright pink makeup looks can I share with you before you slap me?) The only other times I really go for a pale pink look on the lips is when I use my Nars lipgloss in Turkish Delight, but that is quite sheer and much easier to wear than a full on pale pink like Miss Amy. I really don't like how you can see my natural lip on the inner rim, and try as I might this is the best I could get this to look on me (though the lipstick itself was quite a nice formula!)
What are your thoughts on this hard-to-pull-off shade?
Do you think this makeup look would have worked better if I had've worn a beloved bright pink instead?
Emma x
*Provided for consideration. Honesty, always.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara

The rock star aesthetic of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves release didn't really grab me, but I'm not adverse to a bit of snakeskin so I was still pleased with how this chunky mascara tube looked. It's quite a lightweight plastic they've used which I think is great for travel, but takes away any luxe feeling that this product could have delivered as well. It's a super wet formula that I've been using for a few months now, and it hasn't seemed to dry up at all so that is something worth nothing if you are a fan of wet mascaras.
This definitely gives dramatic lashes, but my natural lashes are quite long and curled anyway so results may vary. I haven't had any problems with this smudging or smearing throughout the day, but I'll be damned if I don't splodge some on my eyelid at least once a week while applying it. A friend of mine began using this mascara at the same time as me and has mentioned that because it's so wet you have to watch out for splodges while applying it if you're prone to pulling faces in the mirror (guilty!) It's a nice deep black too which is a positive for me because I like dramatic lashes every day - no brown mascara au naturale over in the Bovary household!
Overall this is definitely a decent mascara but can get a little clumpy if you don't wipe the excess off on the rim with each use. I like the wavy 'broken heart' shaped wand (really, Rimmel?!) and the way it tucks in nicely to the root of my lashes. I've actually just repurchased this as I found it on an amazing discount, but it is still a few steps below my beloved Covergirl Clump Crusher in the ultimate mascara stakes.
I need some new mascara recommendations, it has been too long since I bought a new formula! What are you using right now and how do you like your lashes?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara retails for $16.95 AUD (currently on promotion at Priceline for $8.47 until July 16th)

Emma x

*This product was provided for consideration, and has since been repurchased. Honesty, always.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hauling New Releases

There have been quite a few exciting new products released onto the Australian market in recent weeks, and the other day I popped a few of them into my basket in an attempt to update my makeup stash! Brands like essence and Face of Australia regularly have new collections to sift through, but this time Maybelline joined the folds with some very cool new products.
When Maybelline discontinued my beloved Dream Matte powder, I think I felt my heart break just that little bit. I still have some backups stashed away, but am saving them for desperate times so decided to grab a pan of the new Maybelline Matte Maker mattifying powder to see if it is of the same quality as the original. The packaging is similar to the Rimmel Stay Matte but with a screw top plastic lid, but I’m already missing the addition of the sturdy plastic and large mirror that Dream Matte had. Will keep you posted on this one…

I posted a snap of the essence Dark Romance collection on my Instagram here, and showed restraint in only buying 3 pieces from the new launch. I couldn’t walk away from the Velvet Mousse Blushes despite there not being a tester, and I was pleasantly surprised with how they felt and swatched once I got them home. There are two shades available- 01 Painted Love and 02 Red Romance. I am yet to try them on my cheeks but they are already better than some of the other limited edition essence products I’ve bought in the past! I also bought the eyeshadow quad in 01 Mystery Glam, which I was drawn to primarily because of the wine shade in the top left hand corner. I’ve used this quad once so far (sweeping the taupe shade across the lid and the blue through the crease) and I absolutely loved the quality of the shadows!

Another dark and mysterious collection has popped up in Priceline from the budget beauty brand Face of AustraliaThe Dark Side nail polishes! I had seen posts on this nail collection and love the idea of it all being based on popular villains, and I have to admit that I was tempted to buy almost every bottle on the shelf…but I managed to select two shades that I just couldn’t resist. Jafar is an oxblood red that is so on trend this winter, and Wicked Witch of the West is a dark green crème that I think is so pretty! It was the swatches on the FOA blog here that really suckered me into this collection – Michelle from CosmeticCupcake is one of my favourite nail bloggers and she showed off this wintery nail selection so very well.
I had heard about the Maybelline Pure Pigments briefly a few months ago, but hadn’t seen them around many blogs and so they slipped from my mind until I spotted a new section on the Maybelline shelf at Priceline. I chose the shade Downtown Brown which swatches so beautifully! There were some nice brights as well as easy to wear neutrals, but considering I hardly ever reach for my loose pigments I didn’t want to buy too many in case they went to waste. The last things I grabbed in my haul were lip products – the new Nivea Fruity Shine Peach lip balm (peach!) and my first Revlon Matte Balm in Showy (not shown because it was in my handbag!) I’ve been sorting through my makeup recently and the amount of crayons and lip balms I have in my stash is unbelievable, but I just can’t seem to stop myself!

 Have you hauled any new releases lately? International blogging friends, what do I have to look forward to?

Emma x

*All of these products were purchased by me! Honesty, always.

Friday, July 4, 2014

July Goals / June Update

Recapping my June goals:
-Walk 52km (improvement is the goal, not perfection!)
Huge fail on this one, I only managed around 30km and it definitely affected the way I feel about my health and fitness right now. Can't let this happen in July!
-Limit takeaway coffee (health + budget orientated)
I still indulged in a few takeaway coffees but I consciously thought about whether or not I wanted one before ordered, whereas I used to just buy them as a habit even when I didn't want one. I've been having an instant coffee each morning and really enjoying it!
-Read 3 novels
I really enjoyed my reaching choices this month, which were all borrowed from my local library. My favourite was The List by Joanna Bolouri which was the best sexy read I've ever come across. I also read J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy which took me ages to get hooked into but in the end I didn't mind it, and my final read was Paris Was the Place by Susan Conley which made me yearn for a trip abroad (and made me think about asylum and the idea of family...)
-Cut back on small beauty purchases and put that cash towards wishlist items
As you will see in my upcoming monthly round up haul I still bought some little beauty purchases, but I definitely also put a whole stack back on the shelf instead of buying and didn't buy any large beauty items either (I'm waiting for something awesome to splurge on!)
-Finalise hens + kitchen tea guest list
I was slack with finalising these and really wish companies were prompt at getting back to customers! Would love some tips on what you enjoy in a hens or kitchen tea?
-try making Mum's lentil soup on my own
Obviously wasn't as good as Mumma Bovary's but it was still delicious and perfect for cold Melbourne nights!
-create + hang artwork in the bedroom
So pleased with this one, Mister Bovary and I created a quirky canvas print for the wall and even he said it has helped pull the room together and give it some personality!

5/7 ain't bad!
takeaway coffee and a book I read in June // My version of Mum's lentil soup // my most recent library stack

July Goals!
-Walk 52km
-20+ days of stars*
-Read 3+ books
-Finalise wedding bouquet details
-Order our wedding bands
-Try cooking with a new recipe x3
-Start filling some pot plants

*stars are for days when I workout and eat healthily all day- no cheating!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

OPI Brazil Collection | Copacababies!

I’m currently sitting on my couch with the heater blaring and Charlie by my side, watching the Croatia v Greece World Cup match on a cold Melbourne morning. I’m yet to see a full soccer match in the tournament and suffice to say I’m not a soccer fanatic, but the Brazil vibes that the contest is sending out is definitely enjoyable for me. My Facebook feed is currently full of holiday snaps of almost everyone I know, but for me the only holiday I have right now is on my fingernails. OPI Brazil collection, the Copacababies*!
Mini packs from OPI are always a great thing, and give a delicious taste of the stars of a polish collection which can often spur on a full size bottle purchase somewhere down the line. I popped all 4 of these Brazilian inspired shades on my digits to share with you.
Next Stop…The Bikini Zone
“This amethyst-toned pewter suits me just fine.”
This is probably the shade in this pack that I’m least likely to wear, but I can definitely see it looking amazing over a deeper purple base. It’s quite sheer and this coverage took 3 thin coats but it still wasn’t opaque when you looked at it on certain angles. I think any solid crème base under this would really bring out the gorgeous shimmery lilac tones, that is definitely how I’ll be wearing it next time.
Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?
“He went to fetch her this delicious mango smoothie.”
This is probably as pale as I can go with an orange nail polish, and this was another winner in Mister Bovary’s book too. I love wearing orange on my nails but have been in such a metallic state of mind lately that I’ve neglected my babies! This would also be a great colour for nail art!


Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
“Plant this warm luscious pink on me!”
I actually don’t have too many Barbie pinks like this in my collection and I can see this sort of shade being a big drawcard for this mini-pack! It applied quite thickly but was easy enough to apply overall.

“I’m making the switch to this deep jungle green.”
Now this is what I’m talking about – beware of the deep green though, you are definitely going to need a base coat with this shade! This was Mister Bovary’s favourite on me, and I think that with a third coat this will be a ‘next-level’ sort of colour for me. (Did I forget the second coat on my pointer finger? It’s highly likely, haha)

I am really impressed that OPI went for bright and cheerful shades in this collection, and the inclusion of 3 crème shades is a welcome one in my opinion. Now all I need is a trip overseas to complete this tropical vibe…

Emma x

*This pack was provided for consideration. Honesty, always.
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