Thursday, December 29, 2011

for the love of inglot

I am lucky enough to have an Inglot right down the road from me, and considering it would only take me 20 minutes to walk there, I've shown great restraint there. I have managed to pick up a few beauties this year, and the stand out product for me was the inglot freedom system, in particular the eyeshadows. When inglot decided to discontinue their flip open freedom palette designs and round pans, I knew the time had come to take the plunge. I personally prefer this type of palette, and with 30% it was really a no-brainer. Chris chose my first palette as an anniversary gift (post here and in depth review to come) and it is full of gorgeous brights. He isn't one of those guys who dislikes a girl in make up (unless it's caked on, obvs) and I love that I can rock a crazy bright eye on a Thurday night for coffee and he doesn't bat an eyelid. The second palette I helped him choose for me, and I leaned towards neutrals. Here it is!
full of very wearable shades, I use this palette all the time

neutral champagne AMC Shine 08
a really nice colour for inner corner, or all over
matte brown with glitter (it's possible!) D.S.461
have been using this as a crease colour with the above shade for a super natural look when I do a bright lip, but it's nice all over with a darker brown in the crease,too

peach with golden shimmer Pearl 407
really comes out of its shell when washed over the lid,such golden sheeny goodness

navy with subtle shimmer D.S 483
this looks much lighter in images than it does in real life. In reality it's a damn stunning navy, which is my go-to smoky colour as I'm terrified of black shadows
the bronze is an unknown shade as Chris chose in for my first palette but I switched it into this one because it seemed like a better fit in there. I actually chose a lime green for the 5th shade of this palette, but it's in my brights palette now. You will see that in my next Inglot post!

AMC Shine 08 & D.S. 461

D.S. 461, Pearl 407 & D.S 483

the poor unknown bronze boy. woops

in order as above

I write this post assuming that all of my readers have read up on Inglot, but just in case you haven't I'll quickly run over it for you.
 Inglot are a cosmetic company whose stand ou product is their customisable palettes. Whilst they have blush, concealer and lipstick palettes, the eye shadow is the one spoken of most (in my experience). The pigmentation of Inglot shadows are stellar, I only own 10 but have swatched many more than that and am yet to come across one that isn't a winner. They are pigmented and blendable, and you choose the palette you like and fill it with any shades you desire. It works out to be much more cost effective than purchasing single shadows from brands like MAC, so great for those on a budget who are looking for high quality products.

Something that frustrates me about Inglot (apart from some of their staff...) is their product naming system. I adore MAC and can speak of their shades in conversation- this just isn't possible with Inglot, who use codes and numbers to signify shades. Just a minor niggle, as I adore their range and price point, which are more important features anyway.

So that snaps shut my showcase of some of my favourite Inglot eyeshadows. I plan to purchase more palettes like this in the future, but am happy dipping into this one and creating new combinations every morning for now. I will be posting the bright palette version of this post soon, do keep your eye out for it!

do you own an Inglot palette?
are you in love with it as I am with mine?
which of these shades appeal to you most


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Travalo- Perfume on the Run

I first heard of Travalo on Primped, and was fascinated by the idea of a perfume atomiser that wouldn't leak, and was safe to take on planes. I had owned atomisers before but had problems with them leaking, and couldn't be bothered taking the effort to fill them up all the time. My problems were solved when I discovered Travalo, and it hasn't left my handbag since.
The Travalo comes in a range of colours including gold, black and pink and retail for $24.95AUD.  They're very easy to use, even for a lazy girl like myself. I often shake my head when I see the girls at work toting 100ml bottles of designer perfume in their handbags- I'd be scared I would scratch the bottle, or worse, smash it to smithereens! If you're like that too, this little baby might be for you.
step one is to choose a perfume, and take off the cap of it as well as the cap from the Travalo

pull off the inner cap of the perfume so that the nozzle is exposed
see the rubberised base of the Travalo? Line it up with the perfume nozzle like so
pump the perfume up and down and it will transfer into the Travalo.
the clear display along the side means you know when you need to top up.

I always carry this in my handbag alongside a fragrance sample as I like to have choice during the day. This is generally either filled with Bulgari's Rose Essentielle (as pictured), Guerlain's Champs Elysees or Lancome's Tresor In Love. I am contemplating buying a golden version to keep with it, so that I can use up some of the other full size fragrances I have piled up in my bedroom. I won't get the black version, though it's super sleek it'll get lost in a second in my mid city Foley and Corinna, which is huuuge and has all black lining.

I adore my Travalo, and think it's a much better option than the other atomisers out there. well worth the cash, I think. It's only 8cm and carries around 50-60 sprays of your best juice- winner.

available at adore beauty, find out more about the product at the Travalo site here

have you tried the Travalo?
what fragrance are you rocking this holiday season?

Friday, December 23, 2011

"We'll always have Paris."

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Melbourne Beauty Bloggers Event, held by the amazing Val of Ponikuta. It was held at the gorgeous Miss Fox in Melbourne and part of the even involved a manicure from the staff at the salon. I was the very last to get my nails done (you can call me Miss Emma Chatty Pants) and I was spoilt for choice with a box full of Zoya polishes. I chose a deep red burgundy cream by the name of Paris- so very fitting, given my obsession with the place.

Don't mind the horrible cuticles and nubbins of nails,  how stunning is this colour!

The colour is deep and mysterious, and for me this is a terrific staple colour in my nail colour wardrobe.

Paris is a red creme that leans burgundy and has a jelly-like finish that I adore. I think a glittery accent nail would look amazing with this as well, just to give it a little pizazz. It is the first Zoya polish I have ever tried and I must say that though the professional application had something to do with it, I really liked the formula. I will be gunning to add 'Paris' to my collection, as I am a sucker for deep wine type shades.

What are you staple nail polish colour?
What have you tried from the Zoya range?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stocking Stuffers Under $20!

I've been a good little Christmas elf this year and have had my gifts on layby for quite a while now. Instead of joining the Christmas rush all I've had to do is head out for a coffee with Chris once a week and pop some money onto them, and chuckle at those running around like headless chickens. No matter how prepared I am, however, there are always those little extras needed to plump up a gift and add a little extra shine to Christmas day. These, my friends, are stocking stuffers, and I'm here to share with you the best of the bunch that won't break the bank.
These little beauties are the perfect thing to pop into a girlfriends gift or a Kriss Kringle, and being under $20 means you don't have to think twice about them.
Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
This big ol' tube of amazingness smells like My Cherie Dior perfume and is only $11.95 for this huge size. It's non greasy and sinks in quick, and is something I would be happy to receive as a gift any time of the year. I think of handcream as an exciting luxury while still being necessary, so this ticks all boxes for a wonderful stocking stuffer.
 It's available from Kit Cosmetics, check it out here.

MOR Perfume Rollers
I have this in the Lychee scent which I took away with me when I went to Thailand and Malaysia last year, and it will forever be my 'holiday scent'. Chris sighs every time I wear it and we drop into a daydream about pristine white beaches and snorkelling the days away...I digress. This scent is perfect for hot summer days and the roller ball is fine in the heat and when travelling. It comes in a range of scents so you can choose one to suit the giftee! At only $19.95 for 9ml it's a great fragrance to throw in a stocking this Christmas.
Available from Myer and anywhere you spot MOR!

Bloom Mini Soap Trio*
I received the 2010 version of Bloom soaps in my Kriss Kringle and was elated! Even though I am a shower gel kinda lady, I found these to be beautifully scented and very moisturising, not to mention totally cute! Last year they came in a Christmas cracker tube, and this years offering is just as gorgeous, and just as affordable at $9.95. A thick cardboard box housing Moroccan Mint, Lemon Verbena (my fave!) and Rose and White Flower and tied with a cute ribbon and tag, this gift couldn't be easier if it tried.
Available from Myer stores and anywhere you buy Bloom!

Australis Paparazzi Perfect Eyeshadow Palette
I have two of these little beauties, and the Frock and Roll palette is definitely my favourite! For only $15.95 you get 5 soft and pigmented shades that compliment one another perfectly, and for budding beauty lovers you can't get a better product than that! I use this all the time as I adore the top grey shade a lot, and the coral and orange shades are surprisingly wearable despite being a little 'out there'! Australis have revamped their style and it's done great things for their image, they are one of my favourite 'drugstore' brands now! The packaging for this palette will wow when popped in a stocking, so all you have to do is choose which variety out of the 4 they'd like best!
Available from Priceline, KMart and Target stores.

Bloom Boost Lip Balm Trio*
I was kindly sent two of these lip balms when they were launched a while back, and despite not being a lip balm lover, I fell head over heels for them.They are so moisturising and the scents are quite natural, if you like the Boost juices you will adore these fruity goodies. Bloom and Boost have created a trio pack just in time for Christmas which would make amazing stocking stuffers for ladies of all ages! (Chris is partial to the Berry balm, as an aside) For $14.95 you get 3 gorgeous balms in a cute little box with a 'share the love' swingtag.
Available from Myer stores.

Essence Nail Polishes
I am terrible at taking care of my nails, and so shudder at the thought of spending large amounts of money on a polish only for the effect to be ruined by my jagged cuticles and uneven nails. These two shades are from the new Vampire Love range and are stunning! They are around the $3 mark, while the smaller permanent range of nail varnishes are $2.55 AUD. They make some really great glitters that would be excellent for little sisters or nieces (or even older sisters and Mums!)
Available from Target stores Australia wide.


I would love to receive any of these in my stocking come the 25th of December, and I hope they've been helpful for those on the lookout for little extras this Christmas.
This week I'm hoping to roll with a Christmas theme so I hope you enjoy this first instalment!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Tutti Frutti FOTD!

Coral is my fallback color for every season, but I wear it most when the temperature rises and I get lazy. Two Revlon Lip Butters I ordered came in the mail the other morning, one being the gorgeous shade 'Tutti Frutti'! Mum and I were heading out to the shops to get my nephews Christmas gift and I took too long sipping my coffee and reading Shop Til You Drop, so I had only a few minutes to throw a face on to head out. The look I came up with was a warm coral cheek, bright coral lips and neutral eyes.
I threw on my Dove Tinted Moisturiser and set it with some Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, before dusting on some NYX Peach blush. I used my finger to apply some Maybelline eyeshadow in Tranquil Sand to my lids and topped it off with my Clinique High Impact Mascara (which is almost all gone, cry!) The infamous lip butter in Tutti Frutti applied like a dream and I stood back to survey the results. I wasn't happy, so took out my Hello Kitty blush in Venise and put some on over the top of my blush, and added some Nars Laguna bronzer,too. I was much happier with the look then, and headed out with Mum to get some Christmas goodies.
Mum has gone crazy with the Christmas decorations, I love it! In these pictures I'm wearing the colourfully printed maxi dress that she bought me to wear on Christmas day 2010.
The products I chose:
Dove Tinted Moisturiser in Beige
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
Hello Kitty blush in Venise
NYX blush in Peach
Loujene Eyebrow powders
Nars Laguna Bronzer
Sportsgirl All Nighter Fighter undereye illuminator
Clinique High Impact Mascara
Maybelline Shadow in Tranquil Sands (all over)
Urban Decay shadows in Virgin (highlight) and Toasted (crease)
Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

and my scent of the day was the MOR perfume oil in Lychee- which is my summer holiday scent, wahoo!
Tranquil Sands, Peach, Tutti Frutti, Venise
What is your fallback face?
Have you tried the new Revlon Lip Butters?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

November Favourites!

November started out pretty crappy, but I slowly got back into the swing of things and began to put more effort into my makeup again. Here are the things I loved the most during November! Quite a delayed post but everything is still a winner so I didn't see why I shouldn't post it anyway:)

Dove Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 in BeigeI
I usually despise tinted moisturisers, as many others with bad skin probably do,too. This, however, evens out the redness in my skin and once set with powder, is my favourite everyday face. It's slightly scented in a sort of creamy way, and doesn't ever cling to dry patches. Without powder it's pretty dewy, but once the powder hits it looks great. I find I'm less fussed about my appearance than I have been  in the past- I want to look my best, but I'm not going to get crazily fanatical about it. I love who I am, and I feel like this product just makes me look like a less tired version of me :-) I 'borrowed' this from Chris' Mum, doubt she'll get it back.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Light 4-5
This powder has been the star player of late, I am head over heels for it. I had heard people rave and didn't bother to check it out, but when Priceline had a Maybelline deal on Candice grabbed a few things and got this for me (how good is she, seriously!) It works perfectly with my Dove Tinted Moisturiser or Bourjois Healthymix foundations and I generally reapply after lunch with a fluffy brush to neaten myself up. It doesn't appear cakey even when I'm lazy and neglect to blot, so it's perfect for 'on the go'. The perfect finisher for my face!

Loujene Eyebrow Kit
I had been using a mixture of shades from Urban Decay's Naked palette for my brows but it began to feel like a waste, plus the colours were never a perfect match. A Japanese $2.80 store similar to Daiso opened up near my work a few months back and I picked up this eyebrow duo on a whim. It has a cool yet slightly annoying slide out design and comes with a brush (yet to use) and I find that the dark shade with a tiny touch of the paler brown is my perfect eyebrow shade. The powders last forever on my brows, too, and I set it all with my Ardell clear brow gel.
Botani Spirulina Salt Scrub*
I am a self-confessed scrub enthusiast, and when I was offered the chance to try out this bad boy I hopped right into it. The smell, ohh the smell. I have a full review and special surprise coming up for this, so I'll leave it at that. *goes off to slather on the scrub*

MAC Lipstick in Plumful
I only have a handful of MAC lipsticks and this one is definitely one of the best I've chosen. I purchased this heavily discounted from the Estee Lauder staff store and am so glad I did- it's a little bit wintery with its plum tones but the shot of raspberry in it makes it great for hot weather,too. It applies like a dream and looks excellent on, if I do say so myself.

Inglot Eyeshadow Palettes
The review of these will be coming up next week. I love the pigmentation of Inglot shadows and am content with the shades I own (Chris chose the bright palette and most of the neutral!) It has a little bit of everything and the fact that it's all in a colour family contantly gives me new ideas as to what shades to pair with another, which is something I often need help with. Adore these, would love it if Santa decided to bring me more Inglot!

Milani Berry Amore Blush 
 This Milani Baked Blush shade was thrown in my Cherry Culture basket due to my lack of restraint and disdain for a single item in an online basket. It turned out to be my very favourite from the three I chose, so I am very happy for this affliction! It's a gorgeous berry shade as the name would suggest, and the gold veins that run through it bring light to my face without a whole ton of sparkle. Adore this, have worn it almost every day this month.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Overexposed*
As I said in my review of this gloss, it's a perfect everyday lip shade and it goes with so many looks. The smell is to die for, and as with all Smashbox glosses I've tried, the formula is top notch. Highly recommended!


So that rounds up my most loved products for November, I am a little (or a lot) in love with all of these and would love to know if you have tried any of them, too?
(*The items marked with an asterix were provided for consideration for review, which in no way influenced their placing in my November Favourites. Honesty, always.)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vanilla For Everyone- A Guest Post

I follow a huge number of blogs and like them all for different reasons, but there are only a few I follow that focus on perfumes. I find perfumes incredibly hard to write about as my understanding of them is incredibly basic- I know what I like, and what I don't. When I read Su's ravings about scents on My Perfume Diaries, I fall into a daze of admiration and appreciation for the scents she describes. I find her way of writing about scent approachable and less daunting than other blogs I have come across, and that keeps me coming back with each new post. I was a cheeky wee blogger and figured since I didn't want to taint any fragrance with a sloppy review of my own, I would ask one of my favourite bloggers to whip up one for me! I present Su, and her amazing review on all things vanilla!

When someone says 'You're so vanilla', they mean boring and ordinary. Vanilla is totally the opposite in perfumes. I think Vanilla is the most exciting note used in perfumery. To many people, vanilla perfumes translate to tooth-achingly sweet and cloyingly unwearable fragrances. Let me tell you, Vanilla is so very versatile and multi faceted. If you want to smell chic or like a walking cup cake or like the sexiest vixen/fox or just want to feel relaxed, there is a vanilla for you. So, let's see the vanilla note through a kaleidoscope!

The Body Shop: Vanilla Perfume Oil
The beauty of this perfume lies in its simplicity. Warm, cozy and feels like a hug. It always puts a smile on my face. Perfect perfume to wear on a cold winter's night that will be spent curling up on the couch watching TV.

Jessica Simpson: Fancy
This one is so yummy, like burnt sugar-caramel-toffee-cotton candy-sweet vanilla, that is made into a wearable perfume with hints of vague florals and fresh fruits. It is gourmand but not cloyingly sweet. It dries down into a sweet laced, chic, floral musk. It is my most complimented perfume, by mostly women!

TokyoMilk: Dead Sexy
Whoever said that all vanillas are not suitable for hot weather?! Dead Sexy is a woody vanilla that is so amazingly light and fresh. The sandalwood and ebony add the depth making the combination is really unique. It has that cute but feisty feel to it! This casual perfume is ideal to wear on a shopping day out or for a picnic.

Ava Luxe: Love's True Bluish Light
Wow, don't you just love the name?! It is a delightful perfume. Imagine the smell of clean skin. Now imagine the clean skin dusted with light vanilla. That's exactly how it smells! Based on just two components, Vanilla and Musk it is simple, uncomplicated and close to the skin. It is one of those 'your skin but better' scents!

Guerlain: Shalimar
Shalimar is such an iconic perfume. Even though it is based on the concept of love, it has the reputation of being a 'bad girl' perfume. It is heavy, powdery, animalic, deep, dark vanilla. Personally, it is my all time favourite scent.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Snake Oil
This perfume oil is the sexiest and most magnetic vanilla based fragrance that I have even smelt! It is rich, woody, incense-y with a hint of spices, just right! It makes anyone smell smokin' hot! Not to mention, compliments galore when you wear it!

For The Man
L'Occitane: Eau de Baux
This is a little gem from L'occitane that can easily pass off for a very expensive fragrance. It is constructed on creamy vanilla and incense with some mild spices and base of a smoky leather. It is for both his soft side and the masculine side. Don't hesitate to sneak spray a few drops on yourselves ladies, it makes you smell yumm!

Tom Ford: Tobacco Vanille
Wow, this is a mind blowing vanilla with the highest quality tobacco, green and fresh. It is sexiness in a bottle. If you want your man to smell like the most irresistible thing in the world, buy it for him and share it! It smells awesome, sultry but oh so classy, gender doesn't matter!

Guerlain: Double Spiritueuse Vanilla
The most exquisite and expensive vanilla! It is creamy, smooth and rich with lots of booziness (the most expensive cognac or is it bourbon?) It had the right amount of headiness and comfort with a sophisticated feel! 

I can go on and name many more vanillas because vanilla is never boring! So, which vanilla will you be wearing today?

A huge thank you to Su for her amazing post, I am so happy to have a slice of perfume heaven on my slice of the interwebz, and on a scent I love like vanilla no less! Please head over to Su's blog and follow her if you haven't already- I'm sure her reviews will have you adding to your perfume wishlist in no time!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

one of my other loves

When I began emmabovarybeauty, my intent was to fill the online pages with all of the things I loved in life- food, beauty and adventure included. As most of you would know, it is now primarily beauty based, with some snippets of my life thrown in whenever the mood hits. I find beauty in cosmetics and it is definitely a major passion of mine, but I also find joy in things some might find mundane... 

One of the big things that brings beauty into my everyday life is always tucked into my handbag next to my powders and glosses-stunning stationary! My love for 'back to school' season cemented my nerd status among my family, but nothing filled me with more joy than perusing the stationary isle to choose my new school notebooks and pens. This love hasn't waned as I've grown, and has actually intensified since this newcomer hit the block...
Pure heaven for stationary lovers, Typo is a cheeky concept from the Cotton On group that is a favourite of mine. They constantly refresh stock so each visit will bring new items to add to your wishlist, and the best part is their reasonable price tags. They stock such items as laptop bag (which are great, Candice has one) desk clocks, folders and dividers, notebooks and diaries, stamps and canvas prints among a range of other things. They always have French themed goodies which set my heart aflutter the most.

A Parisian Dreamer indeed
The notebooks are very sturdy yet still flexible and fit really well in even my smaller handbags. They have an elasticated closure to keep any notes you place inside safe, and as you can see the designs are gorgeous! One of my most recent aquisitions is the notebook above, in which I write list after list after list as well as any blog related information. I always have it on me, I'm one of those people ;)
 Just a small selection of some of my spinout notebooks. I use them for uni and for writing exercises, I adore them. The small spinout notebooks retail for $4.95 each but you can pick up 3 for $10 which make them even cheaper.
On my last trip to Typo I saw these little self inking 'tramp stamps' at the registers and couldn't say no to the little one that said 'bonjour'. It was only $2.95AUD and they also had a cute moustache stamp among heaps of others.
Typo is one of the first spots Candice and I hit when we go out shopping together, and I love that they are an affordable way for me to nourish my stationary love.
Are you a fellow stationary lover?
Have you picked up any favourites from Typo?
(These items were all purchased by me and I am in no way being compensated for my review (though it would be a dream come true if I was!) ) 
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