Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Travalo- Perfume on the Run

I first heard of Travalo on Primped, and was fascinated by the idea of a perfume atomiser that wouldn't leak, and was safe to take on planes. I had owned atomisers before but had problems with them leaking, and couldn't be bothered taking the effort to fill them up all the time. My problems were solved when I discovered Travalo, and it hasn't left my handbag since.
The Travalo comes in a range of colours including gold, black and pink and retail for $24.95AUD.  They're very easy to use, even for a lazy girl like myself. I often shake my head when I see the girls at work toting 100ml bottles of designer perfume in their handbags- I'd be scared I would scratch the bottle, or worse, smash it to smithereens! If you're like that too, this little baby might be for you.
step one is to choose a perfume, and take off the cap of it as well as the cap from the Travalo

pull off the inner cap of the perfume so that the nozzle is exposed
see the rubberised base of the Travalo? Line it up with the perfume nozzle like so
pump the perfume up and down and it will transfer into the Travalo.
the clear display along the side means you know when you need to top up.

I always carry this in my handbag alongside a fragrance sample as I like to have choice during the day. This is generally either filled with Bulgari's Rose Essentielle (as pictured), Guerlain's Champs Elysees or Lancome's Tresor In Love. I am contemplating buying a golden version to keep with it, so that I can use up some of the other full size fragrances I have piled up in my bedroom. I won't get the black version, though it's super sleek it'll get lost in a second in my mid city Foley and Corinna, which is huuuge and has all black lining.

I adore my Travalo, and think it's a much better option than the other atomisers out there. well worth the cash, I think. It's only 8cm and carries around 50-60 sprays of your best juice- winner.

available at adore beauty, find out more about the product at the Travalo site here

have you tried the Travalo?
what fragrance are you rocking this holiday season?


  1. I want one of these! Actually, I think I need three, since I'm a bit of a perfume whore. I love that there's no fuss or messiness when filling them. Kind of pricey, though.

  2. @olgiepolgie it's such a great thing to have! and super lightweight. I use mine every day, so the price seems worth it to me:)

  3. Such a fantastic idea. I've seen this on a few blogs lately and with all the perfume I've accumulated lately I reckon I need one of these. :)

  4. @Vita It's an ace idea isn't it? I was gifted a new perfume so I'm excited at the prospect of popping it into one of these bad boys.

  5. I need this in my life, I am one of those people that totes glass perfume bottles around - while I've never had one break I'd feel much safer having my perfume in one of these. It's much more portable as well.

  6. @Megan touch wood one never breaks on you! I love being able to take my favourite perfume with me on holiday as well as any samples or minis I have. I want to save all the luggage weight I can for shopping (and avoid the frantic weighing the two of us did in Sydney!) x

  7. Wtf people carry around entire bottles of perfume in their handbags? That never occurred to me, because I would also be terrified of breaking one! I've seen these in a couple of YT videos but hadn't really grasped how the perfume was cool! :D

  8. @Jerry they do! I think it's crazy, but thats just me. It's great when you see how easy the Travalo is to use:)


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