Monday, May 30, 2011

Face of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover

Cutest poster! Taken from FOA site, not my own
I have a confession- I am in the middle of a love affair with the Face of Australia brand. Solid products, great communication between brand and customers, and the products are super-affordable! I had planned on holiding back this review since I reviewed the lip plumpers the other day, but I need to share my love with the world!

This is a two phase remover, which means that one layer of product sits on top of another, and to activate you have to shake the bottle. I then pour a little out onto a cotton circle, and remove away! FOA advises users to be careful not to get eye make-up into the eye when using this, but I'm never careful and it still works like a dream. I usually use one cotton circle for face (depending on how much make-up I have on for that day) and one for my eyes. 
This is my eye before using:

sorry that it's so out of focus and crap, I stuffed up my liquid liner and had to start again
And after ONE 'hold and swipe':

one go! amazing!
It is true that this product is gentle on the eye, and I find it to leave no oil on my lids after use, nor does it sting. The only thing I'd change about this is the opening- I find I have to sort of 'fling' the product out, and would prefer a squeeze top or something similar. Doesn't really bother me, and I was hard-pressed to pull out a negative about it at all.

All in all: am in love, and pushing bottles of this into the hands of everyone I know *pushes into your hands*
Will repurchase over and over, no doubt.

$8.95 AUD for 125 mL, and is available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart among other retailers.
Check out for more information on their amazing range!
Note: This product was sent for consideration, which in no way affects my opinion of it. Always honest!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nails & Novels

In this instalment of Nails&Novels, I am showcasing the magazines that are stuffed in my handbag at the minute. Novel they are not, but great reads nevertheless.
My all-time favourite magazine is Shop Til You Drop. I am a material girl and this never fails to delight me, I have found a best friend in it's pages. I reread every copy over and over, and they have their own shelve on my bookstand. Grazia, on the other hand, is one I can read within an hour. I love it (especially the beauty pages) but wish the happiness was longer lasting. It is a weekly publication, which is a win! I have a subscription to both of these titles. Cleo is a newcomer to my mag-fam, I won a 6 issue subscription in a Foxtel promotion when Park St. was on. Not something I usually buy as it always has too many sex-themed articles, I've still enjoyed the change. *Edit. The new Grazia is now in my handbag,too. Quick turnover,love it.

 The polish I am wearing is NYC's Snazzle. I'm choosing not to upload a picture of it on my nails close-up, as I am embarassed at the state my nails are in. (If anyone has any cuticle+nail solutions floating around, let me know-please!!) Snazzle applied nicely, and I couldn't stop staring at how beautiful and metallic it was. As I am pretty slack with my nails in general, I prefer these $2 polishes as I love the quality and have no regrets wearing them on my nasty nails.A win, of sorts. I picked this polish up from my local chemist, was in a bin with a stack of Ulta3 shades.
What are you wearing at the minute? Are you loving shimmery metallics as much as I am?
And what is YOUR favourite magazine?
emmabovary xx

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Plumpers

 Face of Australia is a solid brand that consistently comes up with stellar products, that remain kind on the purse. Though I am generally a lipstick loving girl, when the time comes to gloss it up I often crave a bit of minty tingle. Formulated with Ginger, Cinnamon and Menthol, these Divine Shine Lip Plumpers combine the minty tingle with a bit of warmth that I find perfect for winter (Ginger is the winner here) The two shades I own from this range are Lavish Instinct and Sterling Blossom.
Lavish Intinct* is a bronzed neutral, and not something  I have a dupe for in my collection. I tend to wear brighter shades, but am planning on trying this over a nude lippy and pairing it with a bronzed smoky eye. I saw Sterling Blossom at my local FOA stand, and knew she was to be my princess. I love the bright colour in the tube, and I also love the sheered out shade that develops on my lips when I wear this. I always get compliments when I wear this, which naturally deepens my love for it!

Divine Shine swatches

I adore the packaging of these glosses, they feel classic and sturdy despite the low price tag. I'm not sure about the plumping capabilities of these glosses, but it's not what I'd buy them for anyway.I would recommend these to just about anyone, the tingle and gingery scent take a while to get used to but I think most would learn to love it, just as I did.

Face of Australia's Divine Shine Lip Plumpers retail for $10.95 for 9.4g.
Stockists include Priceline, Big W,Kmart and selected pharmacies Australia wide.
For more information, visit the FOA website.

emmabovary xx

(*Note, the Lavish Instinct shade was sent to me for consideration, and impressed me so much I ventured out and bought Sterling Blossom with my own pennies.)
(*Note, the last two images prove I have been spending a fair chunk of time watching Yas over at Primped. Guilty as charged!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

StrawberryNet Haul!

My very first StrawberryNet haul arrived this week, and I was beyond excited to play with my new goodies! I took pictures as I was opening the lot, so enjoy this open-box haul.
The gorgeous purple-ribbon wrapped package that awaited me.

My freebie sitting at the top of the package.

All bubble-wrapped, safe and snug in the box.

My Haul!!!

Jack Black Lip Balm in Vanilla and Lavender

Estee Lauder Pure Pops EyeShadow in Orange Pop

TheBalm Hot Mama blush

Stila Eyeshadow in Makalu. (Free as this was my first Snet order)

I am extremely happy with StrawberryNet, and am glad I have a more viable way of purchasing the items filling my lust lists. Shipping was free and fast enough for me, and the added loyalty aspects (percentages off each order,etc) make future purchases a sure thing. I will be reviewing these items in time, let me know which you'd like first and I'll focus on those.
Thanks for reading, do let me know your experience with StrawberryNet!
emmabovary xx

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Boyfriend's House

One or twice I week I tend to fall asleep at Mister Christopher's, and I was constantly frustrated when I awoke the next morning to find I had no real cosmetic staples to slap on. Sure, I carried a store's worth of lippies and glosses, but I was without my foundy,my primer, my brushes gosh darn it! So I decided to rectify the situation and create a 'mini-makeup kit' to leave on his bathroom vanity.  I purchased a darling grey leopard print cosmetic case from Cotton On of all places, and proceeded to weed out products from my at-home stash to fill it with. Here, I share with you some of the make-up goodies that fill this case (I've left out the wipes/cotton squares/dry shampoos and the like) These have been stunningly swatched on Chris' arm, in case you wonder why the arm is so manly;)
*Bourjois HealthyMix #52- Now I have one at each house=)
*Rimmel Lipstick in Birthday Suit- A little too dark for me,but suffices
*Sportsgirl Pucker Up Lip Crayon- suuuper cute gift from Chris' Mum
*Bourjois Little Round Blush Pot in Rose D'Or- Not my fave blush...
*Revlon Fabulash mascara- do love this GWP baby
*Rimmel Autumn Catwalk Blush- freebie from a Primped event

Though I should probably fill this with more loved items, I think this is a good set of basics to begin with, and are a quick-fix if visitors happen to come over when I'm at his place.
Do you have a similar make-up set at another's house?

emmabovary xx

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kiehl's Improve on Price!

I was lucky enough to be invited by Jess from EGPR to attend the blogger event the Melbourne Kiehl's counter were holding last week. The event celebrated the terrific decision the brand have made to permanently drop their prices on a wide range of their most-loved products. Having always wanted to try their cult star Creme de Corps, I was ecstatic to find it was no longer $89, but now $68! Kiehl's decided to reduce their prices after working out that most of the Kiehl's-loving ladies (and gents) preferred to purchase their hauls overseas, where prices were much more affordable. To combat this, down their prices have gone, some by up to 50%!
The lovely Candice from tea and cake and I met so many gorgeous bloggers, and munched on sushi and yummy Nudie juice before getting a one-on-one consult with one of the Kiehl's reps. I whinged to the lovely guy who helped me about my frustrating skin, and asked lots of questions. He suggested quite a few products to me, and Kiehl's were kind enough to gift me a few of them.

Kiehl's #1 Lip Balm in Cranberry,Overnight Biological Peel, and the cult fave Creme de Corps!
I'm sure you will be seeing some of these being reviewed in the coming weeks, and I'm going to rope Candice into guest-reviewing some of her Kiehl's goodies,too.
Candice and her gorgeous Kiehls rep, Emma
I find it inspiring that more and more brands are realising the potential that lies in the Australian market, and lowering prices to stay competitive. I'd not had much contact with this brand previous to this event, and am now excited to try not only the items I was gifted, but others that caught my eye. The ultra-facial moisturising cream is supposed to be amazing, and I plan on purchasing when my current moisturisers are finito. I also plan on buying some goodies from the male Kiehl's range, especially after seeing their super-cute advertisements:

The Facial Fuel Squadron! Cleanse! Shave! Moisturise!

Kiehl's are holding a competition amongst us bloggers, in which we can win a stack of Kiehl's goodies as well as some to pop away for giveaways for our readers! If you'd like to help me win, follow these instructions=)

Facebook: "Like" the Kiehl's Australia facebook page and post on their wall "I found out about the Kiehls price drop from Emma at emmabovarybeauty and my favourite Kiehl's product is..."
Don't worry if you haven't tried anything from Kiehl's before, just mention what you'd love to try!

Twitter: Tweet "I found out about the Kiehl's price drop from emmabovarybeauty @egpr_beauties @emmabrooks91"

I am later than most in posting this and doubt I have a chance of winning, but thought I would throw my hat in the ring anyway=)  I applaud Kiehl's for their brave decision, and look forward to falling in love with their products as I work my way through them. Thanks to Kiehl's and EGPR for the invite, I had a marvelous time hanging with some of my blogging idols.

emmabovary xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


(A different shade of shadow pictured here)
A newcomer to the wonder of cream eyeshadows, I have fallen head over heels for Clinique's Quick Eyes Cream Shadow. When first purchased I didn't see the fuss about it, and bought after hearing Zoe Foster rave about it. There was also a GWP going on which I wanted, so didn't have much to lose. The shade Zoe loves is Muffin, a warm chocolatey shade.

 There are 9 colours in the range that are quite similar in my opinion, I would love to see Clinique bring out some brights or more vivid colours in this range, then it would be on like Donkey Kong!

Though the doe-foot applicator is comfortable on the eye, I find it distributes too much cream shadow for one eye, so I swipe some onto my finger before blending onto my eye. It has great staying power, and I find it even better when layered over a MAC paintpot (Chilled On Ice is my pick)

The best thing about this product is that it looks as though you've spent ages creating a gorgeous smoky bronzed eye, when in fact you've done little to no work at all.


Muffin, unblended.
Close-up of Muffin over Chilled On Ice (taken in car,early morning light)

Full face with Muffin, background reflection is uni.Again, early morning light (waiting for library to open;p) Please excuse messy hair)
Clinique's Quick Eyes Cream Shadows retail for $37 AUD for 5mls, which is pretty steep in my opinion as I can see myself using this whole tube up quickly. Can be purchased from Myer and DJ's etc.I will be repurchasing in the future, love this product.
emmabovary xx

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

POTICHE-Trophy Wife

I was lucky enough to win tickets to see the new French film 'Potiche' at the Kino on Collins,after entering a competition over at Mia Freedman's MamaMia. I took my best girlfriend Candice along with me, and we both thought it to be a great film! (Be warned, some slight plot spoilers follow)
Set in 1977 and directed by Francois Ozon, the film follows a 'trophy wife'(the stunning Catherine Deneuve) as she takes over her husbands factory when he falls ill (after being attacked by his workers) A despisable character, her husband (Fabrice Luchini) is angered by her success and happiness in her new role, and her ex-lover also makes an appearance to spice up the plot. Played by the ever-present Gerard Depardieu, his character is one of the most riveting in the film, as is the husband's mistress (Karin Viard) This film made me reflect on the gender roles that play in relationships, as well as how beautiful I find the French language.

I highly recommend this film, it is something I would watch over again and enjoy even more the second time around. Thanks to MamaMia for the free night out, was much appreciated!
emmabovary xx

Monday, May 9, 2011

April Empties

Each month I'm emptying more and more, it's such a great feeling. It's forcing me to think about whether or not an item is worth repurchasing, and making more room in my bathroom for the things I really love. Here is what I used up in the month of April:

Sunsilk Purifying Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner-This wasn't the worst anti-dandruff product I've used. It was much more nourishing and didn't dry out my hair like others, but it also didn't completely rid me of the flakes. Light dandruff sufferers would probably be best suited to this.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Preparation Scrub- Loved this, smelt great and was a good rough scrub. Won it ages ago and it came alongside fake tanners, but I used it as a regular scrub as well as a preparatory one. Will repurchase.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Moisturiser- Doesn't last long enough, but it great for my super-dry skin. Feels light but gives me enough moisturisation. I have a feeling I will succumb to this bad boy again soon.

Botanical Creations Scrub, Rose and Sandalwood- LOVE!So cheap, a great scrub, stunning scent, feels expensive but is cheaper than coffee! On sale at Priceline for $2 (more scents available) so RUN! (I purchased 4, am going back to get more to stash away/give as gifts)

Jurlique Rosewater Mist- Review to come shortly, all I will say is that I love this product, it makes me smile.

Revlon Colorstay UnderEye Concealer-Review here. Am going to test run a few other concealers before I purchase this again.

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater bath&shower gel- A realistic rose scented bath/shower gel, a review to come shortly.

Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion sample- Adored this, reviewed here.

Rexona Girl Tropical Energy (mini)- I'll go out on a limb and say this is my fave deodorant. Smells grand, and the mini cans last for ages and fit snugly in my bag.

be Yourself eyeshadow palette- Throwing this, I have so many beautiful shadows in my collection that this shares a drawer with, it disrespects them. Don't trust them on my eyes, either.

Colour Co Hot Pink blush- My darling mother posing as Santa bought this for me last year, and for the same reasons as above I am throwing it. Cannot make the bright pink suit me, it's patchy, and I fear I will breakout if I used it. Plus, it broke!> >
So there is what I used up in April, feel free to link to your 'Empties' in the comments so I can have a sneak peek (I love reading these sorts of posts:))

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought I would share some gift ideas. These are things I myself would love to get if I were a mother, and I've also shared what I think my fussy Mumma would like,too.

Hand Over Heart gift pack
A adorable soapette and hand cream packaged in a stunning embossed tin, this screams 'I LOVE YOU MUM' like nothing else. With snow gardenia, ylang ylang, vanilla and sandalwood, I think this is the perfect scent for my subtle-perfume wearing Mumma.Available at DJ's and other selected retailers.

Dolce Gift Pack in Pomegranate Passion

This is my favourite scent from the brand new Dolce line from MOR, which is available at Target stores. It contains a soap, hand cream and candle, with scents of violet, jasmine, pomegranate, raspberry, black currant and sweet musk. These are gorgeous goodies that any Mum would love to receive on Sunday, and are so affordable it would be a crime not to pick something up for yourself, too!

Bush Heritage Australia
A not-for-profit organisation that help preserve Australia's natural wildlife, Bush Heritage have a range of gift ideas that are perfect for Mother's Day. Purchase these 'Seeds of Hope' (seeds imbedded in clay which is rolled into balls) that assist in the revegetation of areas in need. I think this idea is the cutest of all, and the gift of warm fuzzies is one of the best things you could give your Mum this Sunday.
$25 via Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia
If the adorable 'Seeds of Hope' aren't cute enough, check out this little guy! For just $10 you can provide endangered animals just like him with nesting boxes that keep them safe from predators. If your Mum is an animal lover, this is the perfect gift for her!
$10 via Bush Heritage Australia

Glam Beauty Bar.
I am a firm believer that Mother's do not get pampered enough- as my Mum pointed out last week, she's been taking care of her kids for the past 36 years! To recify this, I think a pamper sesh at my favourite beauty bar is called for. I introduced Glam Beauty Bar here and think it's the perfect place for my Mum to relaaaax. Personally, I love the look of one of the Autumn specials they have going right now 'Facial and Feet', but I know my Mum would much prefer the Facial Fantasy Packaged (1 hr. Dr. Spiller Facial, Enzymatic Peel, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Collagen Facial Mask) All for $140 (usually $180) this is a package fit for a queen, and a good excuse to spend time together.
If all that fails, a nice lippy and eyeshadow palette will be the way to go! I've gone in with my siblings to get my Mum something she's had her eye on for a long long time...won't spoil the surprise just yet, in case she's reading;) We're planning a family roast on Sunday (roasted vegies for me!) and I'm looking forward to catching up with the fam and making my Mumma smile.
Love you Mum xxx

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the lust list

the things I'd love to own:

lust list

*MJ Lola *MJ Daisy Eau So Fresh* *YSL blush pots *neon orange lips *a bright orange wardrobe *MAC Quite Cute blushes *Illamasqua Creme Blushes *Jurlique Rosewater Mist *Rouge Coco Shine *Leopard blouses *Clinique Citrus Rose *Estee Lauder Orange Crush Eyeshadow

Have any of these? Want any of these? Feel like gifting me any of these;)?

And yes, I realise I have a slight obsession with blushes and the colour orange. I'm suffering badly!

Monday, May 2, 2011


A few weeks back we celebrated Chris' Mumma's 50th birthday! The whole family went out to a Greek Restaurant in Collingwood (review to come) and we decided to surprise Vicki with a ride to restaurant in style! I was already following the lovely Jason Lock, the director of Hummers 4 Hire, on Twitter, so DMed him to suss out what we could do for my future MIL. A few short tweets later the Hummer was booked, and we had the surprise ready! Jason was super-easy to deal with and just needed a time and date, I found the whole process so simple and would recommend this service to anyone!
On the night, our area in Melbourne experienced some terrifying winds, about half and hour before Jason and the Hummer were due to arrive. The doors inside were almost ripped off their hinges, a mess was made outsite, and a whole part of the roof flew off and hit next doors house. We are still in the process of fixing the roof and the damage caused, we were lucky nobody (not even Marie the cat) were hurt.

Jason arrived soon after this, when Chris' Dad was on the phone to the insurance company. He quickly wiped over the car so it was sparkling, and we all led Vicki outside. She was so excited when she saw the Hummer, and said she felt like a superstar as we took paparazzi pictures of her and Jason organised a glass of champers! (She doesn't drink at all, so her having a glass was a 'whoa!' moment, very cute)Chris' Mum and Dad, so excited!the hummer pulling out of the driveway ! our view from the other car, papparazzi style! pulling up to the restaurant

It was fun to watch the other cars around us pointing at the hummer while our family was in it, and while were heading into the restaurant Jason offered Chris and his older brother a ride around the block in the hummer. Needless to say the boys were ecstatic, and hopped right in!

The genuine and friendly service makes Jason and Hummers4Hire a stand-out company for me, and the little touches made our gift mean even more to Vicki. If you have a special occasion coming up such as an anniversary or wedding, consider hiring a hummer for it! It's a tough car that stands out, and makes an exciting night even more so.

Contact Jason:

emmabovary xx

(In order to be honest, here I will mention that I hired the hummer at a discounted price in exchange for this review. This is no way affects my opinion on the service, this review remains completely truthful.)

Mister Christopher's Guest Post!

My man is not the best with words, so I will admit I've fleshed out his opinions on this product so that readers may actually understand them. The product reviewed is the Nivea For Men Deep Cleaning Face Wash! When I met Chris, he was not a face-washer (and didn't shampoo regularly enough for my liking, either!) but over the years I've shown him the light, and he now knows how great his skin can be if he takes a little more care of it. This product is a pretty recent admission to his routine, his first tube came in a giftset at Christmas time, and he's just about finished his second one now.

The lowdown: blue-tinged foaming gel formula, 100ml for $7.99

Blob of the face wash on my hand The gel blob blended over my hand

Claims: "Won't leave skin tight or dry" (confirmed) "thoroughly cleans and refreshes" (agree) This is also soap-free, which is a massive win from me.

Packaging: Royal blue and silver, with green accent. Nice squeezy tube that Chris likes, simple and no-fuss, and manly enough for him to use.

Scent: He said that he liked it, but couldn't work out what it smelt like. It reminds me of the Lynx body sprays, which I think smell great. A very masculine scent, not too overbearing.

Application: Nivea says to use this facial wash twice daily, but my man uses it on average 4-5 nights a week, in shower. Laziness causes the other days, and mornings are out of the question as we are both so fond of sleep-ins. Chris uses a pea-sized amount on his forehead,cheeks,chin and nose before he scrubs away.

Effect: Mister Christopher says that it feels "fresh" on his skin, and also a little bit "minty" (I think tingly is what he was going for here) He likes that it lathers a little but not too much, and that it doesn't leave his skin feeling tight or dry. As a mechanic, he gets pretty filthy at work, and this gets rid of both dirt and oil making him feel comfortable before he settles down to watch Top gear/The Footy Show/Man vs.Food.

Emma says: I can see a visible difference in Chris' skin, his pores are unblocked and his complexion isn't as dull. His face feels soft after use, and looks soothed. It's also helped eliminate the occasional blemish he sometimes gets.As the primary cosmetic buyer for our household (!) I am super-pleased with the cheap price point, as it means I have more moolah to spend at the Myer counter.

Overall this product is a major win, kudos to Nivea for convincing Chris to wash his mug!

xx emmabovary
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