Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I thought I would share some gift ideas. These are things I myself would love to get if I were a mother, and I've also shared what I think my fussy Mumma would like,too.

Hand Over Heart gift pack
A adorable soapette and hand cream packaged in a stunning embossed tin, this screams 'I LOVE YOU MUM' like nothing else. With snow gardenia, ylang ylang, vanilla and sandalwood, I think this is the perfect scent for my subtle-perfume wearing Mumma.Available at DJ's and other selected retailers.

Dolce Gift Pack in Pomegranate Passion

This is my favourite scent from the brand new Dolce line from MOR, which is available at Target stores. It contains a soap, hand cream and candle, with scents of violet, jasmine, pomegranate, raspberry, black currant and sweet musk. These are gorgeous goodies that any Mum would love to receive on Sunday, and are so affordable it would be a crime not to pick something up for yourself, too!

Bush Heritage Australia
A not-for-profit organisation that help preserve Australia's natural wildlife, Bush Heritage have a range of gift ideas that are perfect for Mother's Day. Purchase these 'Seeds of Hope' (seeds imbedded in clay which is rolled into balls) that assist in the revegetation of areas in need. I think this idea is the cutest of all, and the gift of warm fuzzies is one of the best things you could give your Mum this Sunday.
$25 via Bush Heritage Australia

Bush Heritage Australia
If the adorable 'Seeds of Hope' aren't cute enough, check out this little guy! For just $10 you can provide endangered animals just like him with nesting boxes that keep them safe from predators. If your Mum is an animal lover, this is the perfect gift for her!
$10 via Bush Heritage Australia

Glam Beauty Bar.
I am a firm believer that Mother's do not get pampered enough- as my Mum pointed out last week, she's been taking care of her kids for the past 36 years! To recify this, I think a pamper sesh at my favourite beauty bar is called for. I introduced Glam Beauty Bar here and think it's the perfect place for my Mum to relaaaax. Personally, I love the look of one of the Autumn specials they have going right now 'Facial and Feet', but I know my Mum would much prefer the Facial Fantasy Packaged (1 hr. Dr. Spiller Facial, Enzymatic Peel, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Collagen Facial Mask) All for $140 (usually $180) this is a package fit for a queen, and a good excuse to spend time together.
If all that fails, a nice lippy and eyeshadow palette will be the way to go! I've gone in with my siblings to get my Mum something she's had her eye on for a long long time...won't spoil the surprise just yet, in case she's reading;) We're planning a family roast on Sunday (roasted vegies for me!) and I'm looking forward to catching up with the fam and making my Mumma smile.
Love you Mum xxx


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