Friday, April 29, 2011

Lilac Lovin' FOTD

I've never been a purple girl, but lately it's all I've been wanting to wear. This FOTD was originally meant to be all about the gloss, but the pictures didn't do Funtabulous justice (a separate review of this bad boy is the plan) Here's what I used:

Bourjois HealthyMix Foundation #52

Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer

Elianto Brow Pencil in Light Brown

Face of Australia Fairy Floss lipstick

MAC Funtabulous

Face of Australia Concealer

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Benefit BadGal Lash Mascara

Nars Laguna bronzer

Benefit Carmella perfume

Napoleon Perdis brushes

Elianto shadow in Autumn Thistle(top left hand side)

Estee Lauder shadow (purple,in gold palette)There was brown shadow on the crease brush from the day before, so when I used the Estee Lauder shade in the crease they mixed. I actually really like the effect, so left it. I also realise that I look a bit like a strange pixie in the first picture, but it's better than the other pictures from that day, so up it goes. Hope you enjoyed my FOTD, if you have any new ideas for them I'd love to see them=) Or link in the comment section if you've done a FOTD lately yourself, I'd love to see.

emmabovary xx

Revlon ColorStay Concealer

Purchased this under-eye concealer when Target had a sale going on if you bought a certain number of prodz. I was in a rush and just grabbed it, and often it's that sort of shopping that uncovers my favourites. Here are my thoughts on Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer with Softflex:
*Pen-form, which comes with pros and cons. You have to twist heaps upon first use (annoying) and though it generally takes two clicks to perfection, some days a heap splurges out and is wasted=( Other days nothing comes out and I just stand there, click click clicking away.

*Great for travelling as it's lightweight and slim.

*Nice and creamy, it's really natural provided it's blended right out. I generally blend it all, then go over again just to be sure. First few uses saw me rock up to work with crepey eyes, before I started doing this.

*Though it lasted me a while, I feel as though the size of the pen in silly considering that you twist up most of the way before getting any product. As you see in the picture above, most of it is packaging and not product. I would prefer it to be in a mini-pen form.

*Lasts all day, no touch ups required. Revlon says it can be used on blemishes too, but I have only tried that when I've been desperate. It's a good temporary blemish cover. Non-drying, just as promised.

*Priced at $26.95, I feel like this could be a bit cheaper considering it's 'drugstore', but overall am happy to pay that price for a product that actually does what it promises to do.

Overall, I'm happy with this concealer and plan on buying it when others I am trialling are used up. Are you a fan of the Revlon ColorStay ramge?
emmabovary xx

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unopened Prodz

I saw this over at Ling's Best Beauty Blog, and knew it would something I would enjoy doing.(Side note, check out Ling's blog because it is amaaazing and she is gorgeous!) I only managed to grab a fraction of my unopened goods for this post, and not half the amount that Ling shares. A lot of my cosmetics and skincare are packed away in boxes as we are having a big spring clean (big party on Easter Saturday) so this is what was lying within reach.

*Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear spf30+. I received this when I subscribed to Grazia magazine, but as I prefer full coverage on a day to day basis I have not thought to reach for it.

*L'Oreal Collagen Filler (for lip and lip contour) This was won in the recent flood relief auction, and I think I may gift it to my Mum or MIL.

*Rimmel Blush. I cannot remember the shade of this blush, but I've been rocking my MAC blushes lately and haven't bee giving my drugstore ones much love.

*Bloom Soap (mini) I am a shower gel girl, but I received a 3 set of these for Christmas from my KK. Planning on trying them soon!

*Face of Australia Brush. It's hot pink! Why have I not opened it! I do not know why this remains in it's container, I fear I am a fool. Got this as a freebie when I purchased other FOA items at Big W.

*Face of Australia Mineral Therapy Foundation. I am fearful of powder foundations, my skin is so dry. My plan is to try this on a day where I don't plan on leaving the house, and see how I go. If the colour doesn't match, I'll gift it to my sister. This was provided by PR.

*Face of Australia Polish in Fuschia. I've been giving this polishes sister (Lady in Red) more love. Soon, my fuschia darling, soon.

*Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Plum Perfect. This remains unopened because it's quite dark and I'm a little bit scared of it. I liked it when I tried the testerm but am apprehensive now. We'll see how I go.

That's all I managed to grab! I would love to see other unopened prodz posts, link in the comment section if you've posted one!

emmabovary xx

Tis' the season to eat chocolate!

Whenever Candice and I are feeling down about anything or feel lik a catch-up, we head to Max Brenner to drown in delicious chocolate heaven. At the start of the menu, Max explains how he came to be a chocolate man. This quote makes me swoon every time:

"But the truth is that I wanted to be a writer. One who gets up at noon, sits in cafes, writes until the following morning and devotes a book to an impossible, eternal love." How can you say no to that?

Warning: If you do not like a wee tipple in the land of the choc and/or deliciousness, back away slowly now.

My little lactose intolerant bestie has only been able to succumb to dairy quite recently, so this trip was a special one.
A 'White Shake' was ordered, which combines the flavours of coconut and lychee, two of her fave flavours. The gorgeous 'drink me' glass is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a little touch that I love. The flavour was really strong and refreshing, both Candice and I thought it to be super-tasty.

If this picture is not the best advertisement for Max's, I don't know what is!

The waffles...oh, the waffles. I hang my head in shame and admit that I'd never had good waffles before this plate appeared at my table. Drizzled with Max's melted milk chocolate, this waffles were warm, crispy and oh so soft on the inside. We shared a plate of two, and though I was wanting more at the end I think it's because I'm a greedy-guts and not that I was still in need of a nibble.

A staple in my order at Max Brenner is his White Chocolate Chai. For only $6 you get the biggest pot of this heavenly goodness, which equates to roughly 3 cups full. The chai tea is expertly blended with white hot chocolate and is very sweet, and comes in the cutest pot I've ever seen. To pour from it you must sit the pot on top of your mug and push down, as so:So very cute, and makes the experience just that little bit more special. Note the waffle plate to the left had already been demolished-whoops!All in all, Max Brenner is a chocolate heaven fit for a queen that comes highly recommended by moi.

White Shake:$7.60

2 Belgian Waffles:$10

White Choc Chai:$6

Tell me, have you visited Max before? emmabovary xx

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant

I have been using the Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant for the last few weeks, and found it to be, as the name states, great for everyday use. I didn't feel the immediate or 'wow' effects of this product after every use, but found that over time it did shift the dead skin I had kicking on my face. Alpha-H also claims that it is:


*great for sweeping out congested pores and blackheads(unsure)

*effective in reducing redness and pigmentation (possibly)

My favourite things about exfoliants like these are that they don't cause redness in the skin immediately after use, and they help my moisturiser sink right on in to the deeper layers of my skin. My skin acts out with most new introductions to it's regime, but this little baby slid right in without a fuss.

The exfoliant contains crushed fruit enzymes that are derived from green papaya and pineapple, and are activated when you mix the powder with a small amount of water in your palm. I will admit, at this point, that I found this at first to be a little bit of a pain. My main gripe was that the powder dries wherever it drips, which was often down my arm (a messy skincare user indeed) and I found my rings to be covered in residue from Alpha-H after each use of this product! My rings were pretty dirty to begin with, but it was still not an outcome I aimed for.

I found this to be most effective when following the instructions to the letter: mix powder in hand with small amount of water, rub over face in circular motions for one minute. It felt like a luxe little facial massage, and allowed me to fully enjoy the finely milled nature of the exfoliant.

Overall, I enjoyed and am still enjoying this product, and also find it's super-light weight great for travel (even if it's only to my man's place) Am unsure whether or not I will repurchase this when my bottle is up, but I do think it's one of the best daily exfoliants I have tried so it's a definite possibility.



More information can be found here

emmabovary xx

(this product for send for consideration,for review, but as always my opinions are honest and my own)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orange FOTD

Orange is pretty much my favourite colour, so here is a FOTD using some of my favourite citrusy prodzLook was partially inspired by Mister Christopher's t-shirt, which I wear to bed sometimes=)

Products used:

*Face of Australia Primer

*Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #52

*Stila Convertible Colour in Gladiola

*Face of Australia Translucent Powder

*Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Facial Mist

*MAC Slimshine in Missy

*Elianto eyeshadows in Light Salmon & Coco Orange

*Maybelline Falsies mascaraMAC Slimshine in MissyElianto Light Salmon as a wash and Coco Orange in corner&crease

Finished off with Maybelline Falsies

I love this look as I think it's nice to brighten up your face in this dreary weather, with someone a little bit different. Are you into orange at the moment?

emmabovary xx

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Using

Round-up of what I've been using lately!

Shampoo:Sunsilk anti-dandruff one
Conditioner:Matches above shampoo
Styling:Cedel Hairspray, I've been rocking slick pony's lately
Shower Gel:Crabtree and Evelyn rose
Body Moisturiser:Crabtree and Evelyn rose
Deodorant:Rexona Air Petals
Fake Tan:Non, am a proud fair bear
Cleanser:Clinique 3 step Anti Blemish
Toner:Clinique 3 step Anti Blemish
Moisturiser: Clinique 3 step Anti Blemish
Exfoliator:Alpha-H gentle daily exfoliator which I am trialling for beautydirectory
Peeling:Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads
Mask:Elianto Pumpkin face mask
Serum: Just rosehip oil
Primer: Face of Australia primer,love!
Foundation:Revlon/Bourjois (reviews to come)
Concealer:Undereye Revlon colorstay, but am in desperate need of a blemish concealer!help!
Powder:Face of Australia translucent powder
Blush:Stila CC in Gladiola
Bronzer:Nars Laguna
Highlight:MAC Chez Chez Lame
Eyeshadow base:Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadow:MAC Retrospeck/UD Naked Palette
Eyeliner:UD Zero liner
Curler:Non, too chicken to try
Mascara:Maybelline The Falsies
Lipsticl:Elianto baby nude
Lipgloss:MAC Florabundance
Nail Colour:Face of Australia in Lady in Red

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sally Hansen and a Lady in Red

I have fallen in love with Face of Australia cosmetics, and recently purchased their nail enamel in the shade 'Lady in Red'. It's a classic and creamy shade that applies well, but as you might see in the images I am a very messy nail painter! This is where to second product in my post revs into gear- Sally Hansen's Quick Care Clean Up for Manicures pen. It's a chiselled tip pen that you simply paint over the mistakes you've made (cuticles, whole fingers, etc) and voila! A pretty perfect manicure! Have you tried any other shades in the Face of Australia range? Had a crack at the Sally Hansen pen? emmabovary xx (Please note, the Sally Hansen manicure pen was not purchased by me, but received in a Primped goody bag some time ago. Review completely honest,as always.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bourjois Rouge Hi-tech Liptint

I am not the biggest fan of liptints, I am primarily a lipstick-lovin' gal, but this bad boy is the exception. He looks great on his own with a slick of gloss, or under a bright pink lippy to ensure even wear. This can also be used on cheeks, but I am yet to try that out.The shade I own is 86 Cyber Cassis, and states that two shades are available-praline and rose. Not sure if Cyber Cassis is now discontinued, I really hope not because it's a stellar shade, which I would describe as a deep hot pink.

Here is a swatch,unblended. Here is the swatch after blending.A light swatch on lips, colour can be intensified with repeat/heavier application.

I found this product perfect for me under a pink lippy as it can be a little drying (nature of lip tints) I am dubious about it's effects on the cheek, as you can see from the blended swatch above it stains super-quickly! This was literally on, snapped pic, blended and BAM! Stain was there through 4-5 scrubbings. Retails for an affordable $19, and it available at Priceline, Target among other Bourjois stockists.

emmabovary xx

March Empties

My second month of empties posts now, and I didn't do as well as I'd hoped to. April will be better *crosses fingers* but here is what I managed to use up in March:*Schwarzkopf Taft Styling Hairspray- not even sure whose this originally was, but I used it all up and it's gone! *Original Source Lemon and TeaTree Shower Gel 250ml-really enjoyed this, and was so super cheap! Bottle states that '10 real lemons help make one zesty bottle of this' which is too cute for words! No animal testing as well, big win from me. *Rexona Girl Air Petals- weird name, super cute bottle with sparkly lid. Got the job done and smelt quite nice. *Baylis & Harding Spa O2Eco Exfoliating White Tea, Gogi Berry & Fig with natural geranium, ylang ylang, cedarwood,lemon and patchouli oils Body Scrub 200ml-for all of the ingredients in the title alone, this smelt like nothing. So faint, blah. And was not a scrub by any means>< *Spa Fabric Aloe Vera Tonic facial mask (sheet mask)-anti-stress is a nice feature, but this didn't do anything noticeable. Forgettable. *Clinique Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion-15ml sample, step 2 in the 3step program. Soothes the skin after cleansing, have already purchased a full-sized bottle of this. *Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Moisturiser-7ml sample size which I used up in the blink of an eye. Keeps my skin well-moisturised, but I've already used up a full sized bottle of this and the 50ml bottle doesn't last long enough to justify the buy for me. *Dr. Dennis Gross peel pads-the lovely gals at Mecca Cosmetica shared two days worth of this with me, and I love love love them! They put them in the little sample screw jars for me, as well as giving me some sheets in foil which I am yet to use. *Eco Aroma Body Lotion and Facial Mist-I did not use these, but am dubious about their ingredients and am not willing to use them on face of body, so in the bin they go! That's my March Empties, I'm hoping to wow you all with April's efforts so I'm off to use some slap=) How did you go with your empties?

nails+novels:Frankenstein + Sportsgirl

Have decided to begin a new feature on emmabovarybeauty, in which I will share with you the nails I am rocking and the novels I am reading. Right now all of the novels will be uni based, but still awesome. Introducing Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Sportsgirl's Duchess!

Am yet to finish Frankenstein, but am utterly fascinated by the world that Shelley created. To think that by the time she was my age this book was complete amazes me (and makes me feel a bit shit,too) A touching and sad story, it made me feel empathy for Frankenstein's monster and disdain for Frankenstein himself. Am now on a roll with the theme, I watched The Bride of Frankenstein the other night and am planning to rent a few more Frankenstein films. Have you read/seen this? How did you feel about it?

I decided to go with Sportsgirl's Duchess polish because I thought it went nicely with the commercialised view of Frankenstein (being a big green guy with bolts in his neck etc) Application was half decent but now amazing. Wasn't completely rapt in the colour or the brush. Have loved other Sportsgirl polishes before, though, so this review doesn't stand for the whole collection. Retails for $7.95 but I purchased it on sale for $2.95. May be discontinued, but I've seen similar shades by Ulta3 if you're keen to give it a go.

emmabovary xx

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