Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sally Hansen and a Lady in Red

I have fallen in love with Face of Australia cosmetics, and recently purchased their nail enamel in the shade 'Lady in Red'. It's a classic and creamy shade that applies well, but as you might see in the images I am a very messy nail painter! This is where to second product in my post revs into gear- Sally Hansen's Quick Care Clean Up for Manicures pen. It's a chiselled tip pen that you simply paint over the mistakes you've made (cuticles, whole fingers, etc) and voila! A pretty perfect manicure! Have you tried any other shades in the Face of Australia range? Had a crack at the Sally Hansen pen? emmabovary xx (Please note, the Sally Hansen manicure pen was not purchased by me, but received in a Primped goody bag some time ago. Review completely honest,as always.)


  1. Me too, I usually go for orange but this was a nice change

  2. Oh I need to get one of those pens.
    I'm terrible at painting my right hand.


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