Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bourjois Rouge Hi-tech Liptint

I am not the biggest fan of liptints, I am primarily a lipstick-lovin' gal, but this bad boy is the exception. He looks great on his own with a slick of gloss, or under a bright pink lippy to ensure even wear. This can also be used on cheeks, but I am yet to try that out.The shade I own is 86 Cyber Cassis, and states that two shades are available-praline and rose. Not sure if Cyber Cassis is now discontinued, I really hope not because it's a stellar shade, which I would describe as a deep hot pink.

Here is a swatch,unblended. Here is the swatch after blending.A light swatch on lips, colour can be intensified with repeat/heavier application.

I found this product perfect for me under a pink lippy as it can be a little drying (nature of lip tints) I am dubious about it's effects on the cheek, as you can see from the blended swatch above it stains super-quickly! This was literally on, snapped pic, blended and BAM! Stain was there through 4-5 scrubbings. Retails for an affordable $19, and it available at Priceline, Target among other Bourjois stockists.

emmabovary xx


  1. Ooh it is VERY pink. I'm not convinced of lip tints and stains. I'm always terrified of making a mistake and being unable to scrub it off! Lol.

  2. I love Bourjois, and I had no idea they made a lipstain! I'm off to the drugstore to see if I can find this, the shade is gorgeous. Thanks for the tip- I wouldn't have known about this if it weren't for your review :)

  3. It's a real fuschia, I love it! Melinda I was the exact same with stains, but practice makes perfect (and it's always good to practice before bed so it has time to wear off;))

    Cee, I love them too they are adorable. Did you see it in France at all?

  4. I've got this somewhere as well, but it's a little bright for me - very pretty on your lips though!

  5. I love bright lips=) thanks for the comment xx


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