Saturday, June 28, 2014

Weekend Makeup Bag

This weekend I’m up in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula, celebrating my sixth anniversary with Mister Bovary. I’m pretty excited that this is the last ‘dating’ anniversary before we get married, and we’ve planned to try some new restaurants and head down to Portsea to walk through the Point Nepean National Park. I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain too much during the day so that we can take Charlie for a nice long walk through the hills too, but we’ll have to play that one by ear.

I tried to stay relatively minimal with my beauty considering we’re only away for two nights, but nice breakfast dates and heading out to dinners gave me excuse enough to bring along some of my beloved pink lip products. I bargained with myself, allowing one blush and one eyeshadow palette along in order to make up for the craziness that is my lip stash. I tried to cut down on heavy items too (even though we’re heading up in the car) so I brought some perfume samples and my new YSL mascara sample to play around with. Some of my skincare is mini sized too but I didn’t snap a picture of that bag. I think I'm just gearing up really early for a honeymoon full of mini-sized products - I'm getting so ahead of myself with lots of wedding things still to plan!

I forgot to include my Rimmel matte BB cream in the photos but I popped it in the skincare bag along with the new La Roche-Posay sunscreen I’m trialling (will be important for our walks!) I thought long and hard about which eyeshadow palette to bring with me and ended up with my Too Faced Natural Eye palette, I haven’t used this one very much at all so this will be a nice way to push myself into it (I definitely won’t be using that horrible glittery shade though! Really glad they reshuffled this palette and took out the dud shade, but sad that I already own the old version…)

Hop on over to Instagram if you want to see snaps of my weekend – I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to!

Emma x

Friday, June 27, 2014

What's On My Face This Week - Bright Lips and Easy Eyes

I’ve been all about the easy eyes and shocking pink lips lately, and this week I’ve put this look on repeat varying some of the products but keeping the overall look really similar each time. Now that it is beginning to feel like winter in Melbourne (how about that wind!) I’ve reverted back to my love of wearing black to work and nothing pops better against black for me than a bright pink lip!
Mister Bovary making an appearance!
In these shots I’m wearing my Maybelline Color Bloom in ‘Pink Bloom’ which is a clear balm that turns into a bright pink tint once it hits the lips – it was a gift from a friend who travelled to Bali, but I really hope they are launched worldwide because they are seriously amazing and stain the lips so well! I topped that balm with my Maybelline Colour Elixir in Fuschia Flourish and am still head over heels for that packaging. I've pretty much stuffed all of my bright pink lip products into my Muji to rotate and am still mourning the loss of my Nars Carthage (did I lose you? are you hiding? was it something I did?)

Eyes have been the same shadows all week – I’ve rediscovered my Maybelline Bad to the Bronze Colour Tattoo and am back on the bandwagon. I didn’t realise how many Maybelline products I’ve been using lately – promise this isn’t a sponsored post and I didn’t plan it out! I’ve still been using my Too Faced Shadow Insurance underneath, and then sweeping some Too Faced Soleil from the A La Mode palette through my crease. It’s definitely the most used colour in that palette so far! It’s an easy eye look that takes no time at all in the morning and lasts all day for me, so I can see the trend continuing for the time being.

Cheeks are neutral central right now, in this instalment I’m wearing my new and shiny Dolce and Gabbana The Blush in 25 Caramel which is just as lovely as Jessica said it was! If I’m not wearing this powder I have on the Naughty Nude Revlon blush from the newly released Cheek Boutique – love!

What has been your favourite look this week?
I'd love to see you pop your pink lip recommendations in the comments for me to suss out!
Emma x

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tropical Washin'

I was doing the groceries solo last week when I spotted this glowing beacon of tropical deliciousness in the beauty aisle - already being a huge fan of the Original Source brand meant this Tropical Pineapple scented collaboration with Surfing Australia made a dive right into my basket alongside the orzo and the crouton cup-a-soup I'm currently addicted to.

I have a love/hate relationship with pineapple, truth be told. I was a big pineapple lover until a flight in Asia where I became ill after eating pineapple (I think it was the actual flying and not the pineapple that made me sick!) and from that moment on I've proceeded with caution at the thought of that horrendous experience. I think that I need to toughen up and this is definitely the shower gel to get me back into camp pineapple!

All of the Original Source shower gels I've tried are dead set incredible - my favourite was definitely the limited edition Chocolate Mint one, but the Lime and Lemon scents are staples in our bathroom cupboards. The XXX Black Mint one is a bit too tingly for the nether region (TMI?) so the Bovary household tends to steer well clear of that one!

This Tropical Pineapple scent is definitely up there with the best and the fact that it is vegan, has a natural fragrance and is made in the UK means it is a hit with me! The only downside is that it really makes me crave those pineapple lollies from the milk bar (and I don't even normally eat those!)

You can check out the Original Source range here and buy a bottle for yourself from Coles - it's limited edition though, so be quick!

What scents do you gravitate towards for shower gel? Are you a fruity-scent lover or prefer a creamy shea butter base?

Emma x

*This bottle was purchased by me while doing the groceries - it's a well known fact that the beauty aisle in a supermarket counts as groceries and not a beauty buy ;)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Essie Snakeskin Collection Swatches- a slithering success?

Essie have tapped into the winter months in Australia so well with their new Snakeskin collection*. I love the strong theme running through the launch and the fact that the shades are gorgeous as plain metallic is definitely a strong selling point for those who may not be fans of the ever popular magnetic patterned nail trend. I actually really like the snakeskin print that this particular magnet adds to the nail, and think that it would look incredible on longer nail lengths. Unfortunately some tough weeks at work mean my nails are too short to really do this collection justice, and I have only worn four of the shades so the navy blue Snake it Up and the bronze Repstyle are overlooked for now.

The easiest path to success for this reptilian look is to apply a thin coat of the polish, wait for it to dry and then add a second coat before holding the lid with magnet as close to the nail as you can. Working one nail at a time is pretty much the only way this will work out, so keep in mind that it generally takes longer than a plain manicure.

Crocadilly, Snake Rattle and Roll, alternating
(I did not use the magnet for the first two nails to show how the shades look by themselves)

beginning with Crocadilly on the thumb and alternating, last two nails are left plain to show colour

Crocadilly is a metallic hunter green shade, and Snake, Rattle and Roll has a beautiful taupe tone that Essie describes as a pewter. I would definitely wear both of these with or without the snakeskin effect, as the metallic shades applied easily and not as streaky as others metallic I've tried. Crocadilly isn't so green that it is hard to wear, it just adds a nice tone to the metallic finish. Snake, Rattle and Roll is seriously stunning and I can see this getting whipped out a helluva lot in the Bovary housegold.
last two nails have been magnetised, first are plain two coaters

sssssexy is a beautiful deep shimmering sanguine shade that reminds me of the festive season, but the name definitely isn't something I'm feeling 'sexy' about. lil' boa peep is a pale beige shade, sort of like an icy taupe titanium. Of the four swatched, these are my least favourite purely due to my bias towards deeper shades for nails. I would recommend Crocadilly and Snake, Rattle and Roll if you are interested in a nice serpent manicure, and if you grab your bottle from Priceline ($16.95 AUD) you can get a snakeskin bracelet for a limited time only.

Are you a fan of magnetised nail art, or are you traditional at heart?
I think part of my affection for these is because I've mentally linked them to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...
Which of these four shades do you like best?

Emma x

*Press sample. Honesty, always.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

What's In My Muji // Updated Daily Tray

Upon hearing that a Muji store had opened in the new Emporium in the Melbourne CBD, I made it my mission to suss out the place and see what all the fuss was about. I’d heard about Muji most from Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) and loved the clear and classic makeup storage ideas the store presented. After heading to the luxury bridal expo a few weeks ago (amazing by the way, highly recommend!) I dragged Mumma Bovary over to explore, and ended up picking a simple little storage bit for my everyday makeup garb to replace my ‘daily’ tray which was overflowing.
Some of the compartments aren’t as big as I’d ideally like them to be, but the storage section of the store didn’t look full so perhaps there are better options usually available. The little inserts in the back part slide out if you want to create more room, but I like the way they look when in and find that it creates enough compartments for the daily things I need. Starting from the back I have my Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser and my Napoleon Perdis Primer sample*, which is in there to remind me to trial the new Wayne Goss foundation method. 

The compartment next to that holds the two face bases I’ve been using lately which are the Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius* and Covergirl Outlast foundation. Next up is my lip compartment, which houses some of the lip products I’m using at the moment but definitely doesn’t fit the whole current round up. The final small compartment holds my eye products like my mascara, liners and eyeshadow base (Too Faced Shadow Insurance is the one I’m using right now)

I have the bulk of my makeup stash in some cheaper metal style storage units next to my desk. They are similar in idea to an Ikea Alex though not as lovely, but for now they are doing me just fine and I’m enjoying having most of my stash filed away neatly, with my Muji atop my desk with a mirror and some everyday perfume beside it. The Muji only cost around $14 which I was happy to pay to give this store a go - I think next time I will pick up some of the containers around $25 which are larger and would fit more of my everyday stuff. If you want to know more about any of the products you see peeking out from the Muji, hit me up in the comments!
How do you store your daily makeup?

Emma x

Monday, June 16, 2014

5 New Naturally Nude Lip Products to Try This Season

A good natural lip shade should be a staple in any woman’s arsenal – sometimes referred to as the MLBB (my lips but better) shade; every person’s idea of the perfect natural shade is different as lip tones vary greatly across the board. I quite like a rosy tone in my natural lip shades as I think that flatters a pale face, but I don’t mind a shot of peach to warm things up either. Here are the 5 newly released naturally nude lip products I’ve recently brought into my collection!

My lip product loyalty doesn't always lie with the luxury brands, I fall in love just as frequently with drugstore product and this natural nude lip line-up is no different. From essence to Chanel, a nice nude lip product is a good thing to keep in your handbag for easy touch ups throughout the day and I often have at least one of these in mine these days. Revlon Lacquer Balm in Ingenue remains the only balm I've bought from the recently released Lacquer Balm + Matte Balm line, and I love that it's a nice shiny finish with the same minty feel that the original balms have.

The Maybelline Colour Elixir in Caramel Infused is something I posted about here, and I've been loving the glossy finish and how well the pink toned nude goes if I am wearing a bronze eye look. I find the essence Metal Glam gloss in 03 Glam-Me is a touch too frosty if you over apply, but it's gorgeous to dab on the centre of your lip to liven up a nude lip or to create some dimension.

Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Cheri had to be included in this list - it's my first shade in the classic formula and the peachy nude shade is seriously beautiful. I definitely didn't begrudge the high price tag as soon as this hit my lips, being pale makes it hard to find flattering nudes but this one is just stunning. I've also seen it look amazing on darker skin tones than mine (Tiffany, holla!)

Last but not least is Maybelline's Tantalizing Taupe from the newly released Colorsensational Nudes collection - the white lace edged design of the display suckered me right in! This is the lip shade I've used the least but for it's definitely the most wearable of all of the nudes they've released - some of them are coffee toned which is great if you are going for Kylie Jenner lips!
Revlon Ingenue, Maybelline Caramel Infused, essence Glam-Me, Chanel Cheri + Maybelline Tantalizing Taupe

What natural lip shades do you rely on?
Which of these would suit you most?

Emma @ emmabovarybeauty

*All of these products were personally purchased. Honesty, always.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bought in May

The first half of May saw some great restraint on my behalf, but the latter half saw a little more indulging on beauty products and I just couldn't help myself. I've tried almost everything I bought and am loving it all, so I'd say it was a good month overall for me and I found that jotting down my purchases helped nip some silly choices in the bud.
The NYX Love in Paris palette in je ne sais quoi has been a nice workhorse palette for me after I became obsessed with hunting down another NYX palette to sit alongside the one I received for Christmas. I grabbed 78 Vanilla Ice Cream from essence for an inner corner highlight, though I feel I am hoarding a stash of essence highlight shades for a rainy day that I am not sure will ever appear...
I've already raved about the gorgeous Maybelline Color Elixir's here, suffice to say I am pleased with these and content to keep Caramel Infused and Fuschia Flourish in my current lip stash to mess about with. I've been tempted to buy more because they're half price at Chemist Warehouse but have so far not made it into a store.

Sally Hansen Glam Fest should totally be renamed to something more circus-y, because that is all I can think about when I look at the silver mixed with the colourful glitter. Moth to flame, no chance of leaving the store without this one.

An awesome purchase in May was these essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils which you wind up and never have to sharpen. I've almost used up one of these in the Hot Chocolate shade and wanted to repurchase a back-up, and Hot Scorch and Berry Merry fell into the basket and have made me very content with my eyeliner options at the moment.
I succumbed to the lure of 3CE and selected one of their Lip & Cheek Creams while shopping with some fellow bloggers in the new Japanese store on Swanston Street. Swatches seem promising and I'm digging the packaging, it's all very kitsch Dior for me. I also picked up some Daiso blushes and a eyeshadow crayon while shopping with the girls, though as soon as I got home Mister Bovary was berating me for wasting money on cheap blushes when we know I prefer luxe brands. It's probably my only regretful purchase for May (but I haven't used them yet and they may turn out to be wonderful, I will keep you updated!)

The beautiful Ling brought back some YSL goodies I'd asked for while she was overseas. The famed YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 52 is something I'm scared to swatch, and the pure Gloss Volupte in 202 Rose Jersey is so pretty in the tube! Another winner was spotting the new Revlon Cheek Boutique and picking up 003 Mauvelous, easily the best shade from the launch. I also bought the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick In Love with Ginger for half price after seeing it on a few blogs.
A little Mecca Cosmetica online splurge never hurt anyone ;)
I also bought a new little Muji storage and some house bits like photo frames and a bronze pear (it was a necessity okay?) and some Orly Cutique cuticle remover which I'm looking forward to trying! A few new pieces of clothing came home with me too but I'm yet to choose my yearly winter coat purchase - I'm thinking a nice navy one would be a good addition!
How much did you buy in May?
Do you find that keeping track of your spending helps curb your hauls?
Emma @ emmabovary

Friday, June 6, 2014

Empties 2014 // Part One

I haven’t done one of these so far this year, which tells you a lot about how long this post will be. I was originally planning on writing them up quarterly but laziness overcame and here we are in June just getting started. I threw out some things in frustration before they made it to this post, too, but this is pretty much what I’ve finished up this year!

I really enjoyed using this cleanser, my full review is linked above if you want to know more about it.
Avado Sensitives Organic Face Moisturiser
I really disliked this, the scent irked me and the way it never really sunk into my skin drove me crazy. I think I bought this after seeing it in a magazine or on Primped, but it just didn’t work for my skin type.
Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover
This was really nice stuff, the packaging was luxe and lightweight and I didn’t need much at all to remove my eye makeup at night. It’s pricier than my usual eye make-up remover, but definitely lovely.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
My HG acne treatment, I don’t think I could ever be without this again (I’ve tried and it wasn’t pretty!) It clears up general crappy skin and also targets acne to stop it in its tracks.

L’Oreal Youth Code Moisturiser
I used to swear by the Youth Code range before I began trialling new products all the time, I didn’t actually manage to finish this up but it’s too old now. I found most of the Youth Code line really plumped my skin and felt lovely on. I have some of the new formulation/newly repackaged Youth Code in stocks so hopefully it is still just as nice.

Priceline Vitamin E makeup remover
Found this in a beauty box while doing a clean out and don’t want it anywhere near my eyes!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
I always have a box of these in the house, I love the gross satisfaction of using them and Mister Bovary swears by these too.

The Face Shop Rice Mask + Elianto Pumpkin Mask
Both were lovely and soothing (as I find most sheet masks) but the Elianto one was my favourite purely for the pumpkin factor!

The Jojoba Company Lemon + Coconut Hand Cream
I still can’t believe I finished this, even though it was a small size I struggled through this tube because I didn’t like the scent. On paper it sounds perfect and everyone else I asked loved it, but my nose just couldn’t hack it.

Shower + Body
Soap and Glory Flake Away body scrub
This was a great body scrub with that signature Soap and Glory scent, even though it made my shower a bit slippery at times I would still repurchase.

Evo The Great Hydrator Moisture Mask
This was so good! Pleasantly surprised with this, though I wish the packaging was easier to squeeze. This makes me want to investigate Evo further…any recommendations?

PureTan Pure Moisture Coconut Body Crème
I know this is a big call, but I think this may be my all-time favourite moisturiser…I don’t have super dry skin so the light moisture worked for me, and the scent and feel of it was just beyond divine.

Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
My staple, the only shampoo my scalp will tolerate.

Original Source Chocolate + Mint Shower Gel
Why would they go and make a scent like this limited edition? Craziness I tell you, this stuff was good enough to eat!

Norsca Clear Anti-White Deodorant
Nope, still left white marks and wasn’t freshly scented enough for me. Back to Rexona I go!

Rexona for Men deodorant
Mister Bovary’s HG deodorant that I always use when he isn’t looking…
Lynx Dry Apollo
I think Mister Bovary received this in a gift pack at Christmas, either way he liked the scent and he often asks for Lynx sprays (just like a teen boy I know, but I don’t mind the smell of them either!)

Glitter Shower Gel
This came in a gift set from someone long ago and I was holding onto the set for sentimental reasons, as absurd as that may sound. Needless glitter and no lather, these sorts of gift sets are nice thoughts but rarely quality product.

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Lotion
My sister gifted this to me but it is way too old to use. I love so many of The Body Shop scents, and vanilla is always at the top.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Body Cream
So far I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve used from Nuxe, and this is no exception.

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel
When a shower gel is pricier than the average supermarket garb, it takes a lot to impress me. This scent was seriously worth the price tag, and the quality was right up there. I think this scent is limited edition, but I’ll definitely buy it when it’s rereleased.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I’m actually using a full size of this right now and find it works wonderfully, but this sachet dried out before I could actually use it all so the idea of this was a fail.

Elianto Brow Pencil
I remember loving this while we were in KL a few years back – I wouldn’t buy it again, but boy I’m craving an overseas trip right now.

Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara
My favourite mascara thus far, this is something I will continue buying and loving. I love what it does for my lashes and how you can layer it beyond belief without it clumping – thanks Covergirl!

MAC Painterly Paint Pot
This is probably my favourite eyeshadow base because it covers any veins on my eyelids, and this pot lasted me an age without ever changing consistency. Well worth the cash in my opinion!

Avon Bond Girl perfume
My dad bought me this and I loved the scent, not enough to repurchase it but I have a few samplers of it lying around if I feel like wearing it again.

Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel foundation
Long-time readers would be aware of how much I love this discontinued foundation – I’ve squirreled away a few pots and plan on stretching them out before crying about how sad Rimmel have made me.

Quick question – favourite mascara and favourite foundation? Pop it in the comments below!
Emma x

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Lip Product Addict Tag

I’ve watched so many of these videos on YouTube and decided I needed to join in the fun! It originally started with this video and just kept on rolling through my favourite YouTubers (check Jessica’s here, my favourite!) I couldn’t stick to just single product answers though, so settle in for some lip product musing!

Favourite balm/treatment?
I didn’t think I had this many favourites, you’d think having this many I’d have softer lips than I do! Before bed I like to use my Korres Jasmine Lip Butter which smells amazing and is thick and nourishing. During the day at home I’ll often use one of my Jack Black lip balms, right now my scent of choice is Black Tea + Blackberry but the Lavender is #1 in my books. I keep my Maybelline Baby Lips Energizing Orange in my handbag (cute packaging is a win!) and the one I couldn’t leave out was Carmex Moisture Plus – pictured is Sheer Pink Tint* but any of the varieties are loves of mine, even the original clear one.

Best eye-catching red?
Natural Compatibles ‘Berry’* really knocks it out of the park for me, it’s deep and bold and makes me feel like I can do anything when I wear it.
Best luxury& best drugstore?
Lately I’ve dipped my toe into some luxury lip products that I hadn’t tried before, but the luxury line I know best is from YSL and their Rouge Pur Couture in Rose Bergamasque is an incredible lipstick. For drugstore, the first line that came to mind was the Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balms – they are pigmented, give a great satin sheen and are comfortable on the lips. Haute Pink Twist* is probably my favourite shade from the line so far!

Best MAC lipstick?
MAC Girl About Town is my favourite show stopping pink and I love to whip it out in the dead of winter with a cute beanie – I have a photo on my fridge of Mister and I and I have Girl About Town on, makes me smile every time. Viva Glam Cyndi is another amazing lipstick from MAC that is one of my favourite lipsticks – what can I say, the brand is good when it comes to lippies!

The most disappointing?
Illamasqua Maiden* is so opaque, it felt like I was applying acrylic paint to my lips. The colour in the tube looks really nice but the intense formula is just not for me with Illamasqua, sheer glosses and opaque lipsticks are definitely the way to go with this brand. The Rimmel Vinyl glosses are my sisters favourite but are disappointing to me because they go off so quickly! It isn’t a problem for her though because she always loses them before they turn…

Liner - yes or no?
Far too lazy to use lipliner – I think I only own a red and nude toned one, but I don’t remember ever using them.

Best gloss?
Dior makes the prettiest glosses, though I often wish they had more crème options as a lot of the shades I love have quite a bit of shimmer in them, which makes them a bit harder to wear. I also adore the Nars gloss formulation, though I’ve only tried the old version and not the revamped one so I can’t speak much about that. I bought a mini gloss pack from Mecca Maxima a few years ago and have loved it hard!

Something extra!
The lip products I’ve used lately! These are the tubes that have been kicking around in my Muji or in my handbag for the past little while – a beautiful Sisley Phyto Lip-Twist crayon in a gorgeous pink shade, a sheer red essence gloss and two of the new Maybelline Colour Elixir’s!
I hope you enjoyed my lip product addict tag, I would love to see your answers so feel free to copy + paste and link me up to your posts if you don't feel like writing it into the comments.
Emma x
Favourite balm/treatment?
Best eye-catching red?
Best luxury and best drugstore?
Best MAC lipstick?
The most disappointing?
Liner- yes or no?
Best gloss?
Something extra!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goals for June

Recapping my May goals:
-walk 50km.
I ended up on 51.41km for May, which is a good achievement considering I had to go slow because I was off work with a sore back. Having my mother in laws treadmill has been a blessing for me, rainy days are no excuse for jumping on and it felt good to hit that round number.
-fill and hang new photo frames

We ended up not hanging these but placing them on their stands as it looked a lot better - still not sure these are the pictures that will stay in the frames, but for now they will do and I'm glad I get to look at my new frames all the time now! We also hung up our new coat rack, happy days!
-make up bags of product for Mumma Bovary and my sisters

3 bags are sitting in my beauty room ready to dole out to the girls - I still have more to give them but will make up a new bag soon for those things. They aren't all that knowledgeable about beauty so a few products at a time will be better for them to try out I think. I gave Mumma Bovary some self tanning stuff that she loves, my sister some foundations that are too dark for me to trial and the other sister picked up some eyeshadow and even more foundation. Be gone, huge stash!
-book wedding videographer

I've made steps to achieving this, ultimately I'm just waiting for the company to finalise our arrangements and pay a deposit for this.
-read 4+ novels

Being off work had something to do with this being ticked off - I finished Kylie Ladd's Last Summer in May so I counted it, and I also read Mindy Kaling's book and two V.C. Andrews from the Dollanganger series. (My name on GoodReads is emmabovary if you'd like to link up!)
-keep up my water intake to stay hydrated

Lazy fail on that one!

Goals for June!
-Walk 52km (improvement is the goal, not perfection!)
-Limit takeaway coffee (health + budget orientated)
-Read 3 novels
-Cut back on small beauty purchases and put that cash towards wishlist items
-Finalise hens + kitchen tea guest list
-try making Mum's lentil soup on my own
-create + hang artwork in the bedroom

What goals are you aiming towards this month?

Monday, June 2, 2014

4 of the Best New Blushes To Try

If you are a long time reader of this blog, you should be well aware of the fact that I am a blush fiend. Nothing gets my heart racing faster than a new blush pan and my blush collection spans more than one drawer, which I am not ashamed of in the slightest. Lately some new blushes have been released that have been really interesting, and in the interest of blush swooning I thought it pertinent to round them up and show you!
essence really hit it out of the park with their new Blush Up Powder Blush in the shade 10 Heatwave. It came along with a range of new products and is definitely the best of the bunch, and also the only new cheek shade from the German brand. The coral and deep pink ombre finish is luxe and the packaging is slim and sleek, and being able to customize your coral-to-pink cheek shade is a fun little addition. I tend to dust my NP Set blush brush in the centre of the compact to create a stunning pop of coral on the cheek, and the lasting power is on par with my Chanel powders.
Hourglass created a huge storm with their Ambient Lighting Powders, but the Ambient Blushes are what really had me grinning from ear to ear! I purchased the brightest shade Radiant Magenta and I adore the marbled look that is captured in the sleek gold compact, but the best thing about these blushes is how they look on the cheek! Lit from within doesn’t even do this blush justice, because this makes my cheeks look healthier than any other blush can. Considering I own quite a few, that is no mean feat!
Clinique have also knocked glowy blushes on the head with their adorable ambossed Cheek Pops, in which I own the shade Peach Pop*. I was initially expecting all of the wow to be from the look of the petals, but the colour and formula itself is truly very lovely. I find this great for those who like a subtle flush, but I can build this up easily to a dash of peach loveliness on my cheeks with no problems. I’m tempted to grab the other 3 shades but I’m enjoying Peach Pop so much that it has satiated my appetite (for now)
You can really blame my Chanel obsession on Pink Sith (I adore her way of thinking and her amazing love for ChanelJ oues Contraste blushes!) Pictured is the most recent Joues Contraste release, the magenta Vivacite which I posted a review of here. These powders have a rose scent that I adore and the lasting power is really impressive, and I suspect that the interlocked C’s also have something to do with my passion for this range. I am happy to be labelled a Chanel JC collector, and despite only being a beginner I use this range more than any of my other blushes.
What blush formula do you swear by, or are you in the market for a new pan?
Are you a blushfiend like me, or do lip products get your heart racing?
Emma x

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