Monday, January 31, 2011

Pure Style

Though the blogs I read are generally beauty, I have been known to peruse fashiony type blogs for hours on end,too. Here are some images that I can't stop staring at, and why I envy these ladies.

Rachel from That's Chic has such unique style, and pulls off outfits I wouldn't dare to wear Ashley Olsen- such a stunner, love it when her make-up is fresh like this Rachel Zoe (with hubby Rodger) rocks a wine lip shade better than anyone Nicole Richie & her uber-cute family are casual cool at it's best, she makes sloppy tees look amazeballs!
Who are your style icons?

A Morning Routine

Sometimes I feel down on myself with this blog, as I've only been at it a short while and wish there were more reviews up. I want to use products from extended periods of time before reviewing them, and so find the waiting/trialling period hard. I will, from now, share my thoughts on a product when the time feels right, but if my opinion changes on any I will be sure to include a link to the correction. If anyone has any tips on how they go about trialling products (duration etc) please let me know.

Without further adieu, here is my usual morning routine. It may not be complete, or perfect, but it's what I do and I thought I'd share!

*First I slap on Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (just happens to be the one I'm trialling at the moment)

*Pop some Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in no.52 on, and blend in with my fingers.

*Swipe some Revlon Colorstay Under Eye Concealer in Light/Medium on, and blend.

*Powder my face with Maybelline Finish Matte Pressed Powder in Light Beige 02, which sets both my concealer and my foundation.

*I smooth on my Softlips balm (favourite is the coconut cream scent for those playing at home) to prepare my smackers for whatever colour I've chosen for the day.

*Brush on some of my favourite blush,Sportsgirl's Get Cheeky Cheek and Eye Shimmer. I'm about to hit pan on this, and since they've discontinued it I'm holding on for dear life... Brush I'm using atm is a fluffy Beautilicious one

*Brush and fill in my brows with my Elianto Brow Definer Pencil in03 Light Brown.

*While I often get creative with my eye make-up, my never-fail shadow is Clinique's Strawberry Fudge. I found it sets wonderfully with my Urban Decay Primer Potion, though you need to apply a heavier layer.

I change up lippies every day, so thought it best not to include a particular one. These are my favourite products- what are yours?!

emmabovary xx

Things I Love (& Want) Monday

Things I Love Monday

Cadbury Black Forest Chocolate

This is the first time I have tried anything of this flavour, and I am in love! It's got chunky cherry jelly peices mixed with choc biccie morish it's dangerous.

My diary (image a likeness only, mine is way sexier;)
I lost this baby last week for two whole days, and I was a mess! Had no idea what was going on, didn't commit to any outing as I was worried I would double-book, and wandered aimlessly at the shops without the all-important list. Luckily I found it, my man was ready to kill me by the end of the second day. I love my diary =D

This is probably the first year I've been really excited about the heat arriving. I have beach trips planned (one down, many more to go), and I hope to go snorkelling before summer's out. My cousins had a boys vs. girls water fight on Saturday at my nephew's 2nd birthday, and it was such fun to watch! Made me happy to spend time with my family without a DS/Ipad/Blackberry in sight!

7/11 Lemon Lime & Bitters Slurpies & Zooper Doopers
Tried the slurpie for the first time last night, delicious! And Zooper Doopers take me back to my Primary school days, though the flavours are more adventurous now. Jaffa? Banana? Ergh!

My subscription to Grazia magazine

Love having it land in my letterbox each week. Even though Shop Til You Drop is no.1, Grazia is pretty rad in my book, too.

Things I Want Monday

Face Of Australia stick foundation
Had a look at this today,but don't think I'd be comfortable using my fingers to blend it out. I am lemming the beauty pod sponge (or beauty blender) so when I get that I think I'll grab this stick foundation,too. Found this prod after reading Pink Diva's review- check it out!

Maybelline Baby Lips

I cannot for the life of me find these! I know it's new but I want it now=( My Chemist advertised it in their latest catalogue so hopefully I will find it there tomorrow. Will probably get all four flavours, as they're only $3.95. You can never have too many lip balms! Saw the new pearlescent lipstick range from Maybelline at my local Priceline, but there weren't any testers=(

Maybelline Gel Liner in Eggplant
Have never before used a gel liner, but am feeling adventurous. Tips,ladies?
Olympus fe-4030 Digital Camera
I do believe this is what St. Valentine is gifting me. The camera I'm using atm is terrible, and though the Olympus isn't top of the range it's good to chuck in my bag, and the photo quality is a lot better than what I have now.

So that is what is filling my love and lust lists this week! What's on yours?
Love emmabovary xx

(As an aside, has anyone done a direct comparison post between Revlon's Melonade and Maybelline's Coral Crush? I can't see any difference...)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

EARL Canteen

EARL Canteen is my new favourite eatery, and twice this fortnight my best girlfriend Candice and I have made the trip all the way up Bourke St to enjoy it. The first trip we just had coffee (and I macarons) but after seeing the amazing lunch menu we knew we had to eat there. Gorgeous raspberry and dark chocolate macaron (couldn't wait to take a bite,oops!)
My flat white with raspberry and dark choc macaron, and white peach macaron, which was my favourite. On our second visit we had lunch, Candice chose the Duck Confit.
Confit duck, caramelised wild figs,walnuts,raddichio,onion jam & watercress on a gluten-free wrap $16
I will admit that I nabbed a bit of the duck and stuffed in into my ciabatta, flavour was strong and delicious!
I chose the Cheesy Mushroom breakfast, and even though the brekky menu was over they made it for me anyway, as they weren't too busy=)
Roast field mushrooms, melted provolone, thyme, spinach, ciabatta. $9.5
Mushrooms were fresh, cheese was perfectly melted, ciabatta crunchy but not too much so. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough spinach for my liking.
EARL Canteen is a place I think I'll be visiting frequently this year, the coffee, ambience and service is impeccable and it's a good excuse to visit the Southern Cross DFO nearby ;)
A thumbs down for the seating, however...Candice and I are 'staturely challenged' and I damn near fall off the high stools every single time! Other than that, I'm in love.
EARL Canteen
500 Bourke Street (enter via Little Bourke)
Melbourne 3000
Breakfast & Lunch from 7.30am Mon-Fri

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

I adore the country that I live in, and love to dress up on Australia Day to show everyone! Sadly I worked all day today, and didn't think the boss would appreciate blow up hands or hot pink tshirts emblazoned with the flag. I decided instead, since my workplace is all for bright make-up, I would show my patriotism with a green & gold eye.Face: Bourjois Healthy Mix No.52

Maybelline Finish Matte Pressed Powder 02 Light Beige

NYX Blush in Peach

Eyes:Urban Decay Primer Potion

NYX single shadow in Algae

Yellow shade from Victoria Jackson's Beauty To Go palette

Revlon Fabulash mascara in Blackest Black

Elianto brow definer pencil in 03 Light Brown

Please excuse my skin in these pictures, my face is acting up like crazy right now and I'm having massive trouble with it=( If anyone can help with this, please do!

How did you spend Australia Day??

Monday, January 24, 2011

Crabtree & Evelyn-Comforting Body Lotion

My most recent obsession is body/hand lotions. My skin is so thirsty of late, so I have been enjoying trying various creams in my quest for the holy grail. This, so far, is the forerunner. I randomly picked it up before Christmas when perusing the Crabtree & Evelyn outlet store near my uni. I went in looking for the Gardener's Hand Recovery Kit for my Mumma, and found that on sale for less than $10 (think it was around $6/$7 but can't remember...) The pack is really cute and holds a hand recovery cream and a hand therapy cream.

Now, on to the real review!

Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals Comforting Body Lotion- Milk,Soy & Sugar 50ml
"Soothing milk and soy proteins blended with clarifying sugar help condition very dry hands."
I will admit I was a bit dubious of the milk soy and sugar part, but one whiff and I was hooked! It's hard to explain but it's sweet without being sweet. Smells like dessert rather than fairy floss' fake sweetness. Creamy and very moisturizing, it sinks right in with ease and isn't too greasy. As it's a small tube (the above picture is the closest I could find, the actual product is in a plastic tube and is 'comforting' rather than 'botanical') I use it on my arms and my hands. On hands I leave it for a second and it's sunk right in, and I can keep typing. Love!

* Great scent
*Sinks in with ease
*Cheap, grabbed it at the outlet for around $5
*Service at store was great
*Very moisturizing, non-greasy

*Feel as though the tube wasn't full when I purchased it...
*That I don't own a huuuge bottle of this =(

So if you weigh that up, this is a surefire winner for me, and I will be repurchasing (hopefully in a larger size as well as another of the 50ml for my handbag.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lush Love- Lust Gorilla Stick

I first heard of Lush's Gorilla sticks in a 'Five things I'm loving' post from Yas Turker at She was raving about the Karma fragrance, which she said smelt like the 70s and was amazing. The scent that hooked me in was Lust, a beautiful jasmine/rose infused scent that sat wonderfully on my skin.
Here is the description Lush gives of this product:
It's a very heady perfume that's not for the shy and retiring. It starts off as strong, pure jasmine and warms on the skin to a seductive floral scent. It lasts for hours and hours. Unlike some other things we could mention.

-Beautiful strong scent, reminds me of my favourite flower (jonquil) and sits well on my skin
-Very portable perfume being in solid 'roll-on' form
-Classy packaging, nothing over the top just a great product in a black tube
-Lasts quite a long time on me, though I do reapply often as I find it fun
-Extremely affordable at $7.95

-Sometimes leaves chunks of itself on my skin, or a oil line. This, I suppose, comes with the territory of using a roll on solid perfume
-Works like a push pop in that you unscrew the cap and push it up from underneath to get the fragrance stick to appear. Problem is having to physically push it back down again to replace the cap, which means I have taken many chucks out of this and made a mess of it. Would prefer a twist down for it.

Would I repurchase? Yes! Fun idea and though not executed perfectly, the scent and lovely staff at Lush more than make up for it. $7.95

Note, the spray on version of this scent smells nothing like the gorilla stick...or is that just me?

emmabovary xx

Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis),Castor Oil (Ricinus communis),Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera),Perfume,Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum),Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena),Ylang Ylang Absolute (Cananga Odorata),Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia),Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill),*Benzyl Alcohol,*Benzyl Salicylate,*Cinnamal,*Cinnamal,*Coumarin,*Citral,*Eugenol,*Geraniol,*Isoeugenol,*Benzyl Benzoate,*Citronellol,*Farnesol,*Limonene,*Linalool,D&C Red No. 7. *Occurs naturally in essential oils

Just Some Things

Just Some Things

Things I have, things I want, things I like:

*Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in #957 Draped Burgundy

Ever since I found out that this gloss graces Rachel Zoe's lips, I have been lemming it. Asked the Dior girls at Myer and they looked at me like I was speaking a different language. Can be quite annoying to appreciate/know more about a product than those who are supposed to be selling it. Considering purchasing this from Strawberry net...

*Shop Til You Drop magazine

My holy grail, if I were to be stuck in a room with anything it would be a stack of these. They read like they're written by your bestie, you can afford most of the stuff they show you, and you can reread every issue a million times over (and I do)

*Foley & Corinna mid-city tote in black

There was a time where I switched bags every day, but that was before I fell in love. Mister Christopher bought me this for Christmas, and I told him that as long as it was under the tree come December 25th, all would be well in the world. I was scared that the bag would not live up to it's expectations, but it surpassed them. I love the smell of the leather, the size, the feel of it. It gets it's own seat at restaurants, and is cuddled frequently throughout the day. Haven't looked at another bag since (except for the mini version of it!)


Without a flat white in hand, I am a very unpleasant lady indeed.

*Lush Gorilla stick in Lust

I heard about these from Yas at, and as soon as I smelt the mix of jasmine and rose I was hooked. In my opinion, it smells like jonquils-my favourite! Reviewing soon.

*Estee Lauder pressed powder gold alligator compact.

I think this is so beautiful, and the fact that I am in need of a pressed powder is a great enabler! I'm scared about the weight of it in my handbag though, and the fact that it's sold out everywhere I've tried makes me sad.

*Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Won't go into too much detail as I'm reviewing soon, but this is my most recent obsession/love.

*Clinique strawberry fudge shadow

Though I've posted a picture of the new Clinique collection, it is the strawberry fudge eyeshadow that is a star. I am almost hitting pan, and am stocking up in case it is ever discontinued.

*Burlesque with Cher & Christina Aguilera

As per my previous post, loved the film. So much so, I am tagging along with Mister Christopher's sister to see it again in Gold Class=D

*Urban Decay Naked Palette

Such beautiful, wearable shade, and so very soft. Rocking my first ever proper smokey eye thanks to this palette!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was lucky enough to win a Kit Cosmetics/Smashbox competition this week, that saw me watching Burlesque before the masses in the beautiful director's suite in Melbourne Central. The venue was a great choice, central and great for public transport. Having never been to the directors suite up there I was pleasantly surprised to see myself in what looked like a bar and Kit Cosmetics combined!

Sipping at my complimentary white wine and ogling the AMAAAZING shoes the Kit girls were rocking, I was pulled up to have my make-up touched up. I took along Christopher's brothers gf, and she was beyond excited to get her mini makeover! Here's what was popped on me (permanent collection was used):
* Pink blush of unknown name, with Fan Brush No.22 which was oh so soft!($26.95)
* Champagne shadow
* Khaki shadow in my crease
* Jet Set Waterproof Eyeline (gel,$32.95) with Arched Eye Liner Brush No.21 ($29.95)
*Lip Enhancing Gloss Sheer Colour in Tease, which is a sheer raspberry that I have fallen in love with and NEED to have ($26.95)

The Kit girls were kind enough to hand out goodie bags, which contained:
*Burlesque Fisnets (Legs by Jonathan Aston, fishnet backseam hold up in black&gold)
*Sample size O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss
*Sample size photo finish primer
*Sample size Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
As well as an invitation to visit the girls in Kit for a Burlesque inspired makeover.Image nabbed from Musings of a Muse
After all the lovely ladies had their new faces on, we walked up the spiral staircase to the cinema itself. I could get used to pushing a button and having my seat recline, let me tell you that right now. A complimentary choc-top/popcorn was offered (popcorn, natch!) and the lights dimmed.

I won't ruin Burlesque for you, but trust me, it's a film you have to see! I found everyone and everything in it so beautiful and mesmerising, my concentration never wavered and it's something I would love to own on DVD. I agree with others I heard who said that it was better than Moulin Rouge. Let me know if you agree?

Big thanks to Kit, Smashbox and Burlesque for hosting an entertaining night=)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MAC Haul

As I am sure most of you beauty geeks out there would know, MAC's Cham Pale collection hit Australian counters on Monday morning. I was literally the first customer at the Melbourne City store, and was happy to have 3 MUA's all to myself while I chose what I wanted to purchase from the collection. I went in and dived into the Rose Ole highlighter and Vintage Selection paint pot, but found them to be awfully similar to prodz I already have. I instead fell in love with the Chez Chez Lame highlighter, and surprisingly the Dangerous Cuvee paint pot! Swatches do not do this shade justice at all, it is STUNNING! The MUA swatched the Chilled on Ice paint pot for me, and it was love. It has gorgeous gold flecks running through it which I just love! I was also planning on purchasing the Quiet Please lipstick shade, but even the MUA agreed that it looked ridiculous on me. I am far too pale for frost shades, hence I despise them. Didn't even glance at the lip gelee's as I have bought far too many glosses lately, I'm good for at least 10 years.

In related MAC news, the Stylishly Yours collection also came out on Monday, and it is BRIGHT! I tried on the lipstick Something New (the pink shade) and it was quite nice, but I'm not sure I would get a lot of wear out of it.I then reached for Cockney (the red shade) and fell in love. I'm not sure if I was just overwhelmed or didn't want to be greedy, but I convinced myself that I didn't need it because I have my Viva Glam Cyndi. This is untrue. I believe I do need this bad boy, and hope he will wait for me till I have a chance to get to MAC again.

So all up I purchased three items from the Cham Pale collection, and I'm sure FOTD and reviews of these will be up soon. When I head back to MAC I hope to grab Cockney and have a closer look at the I Get No Kick eye pencil from Cham Pale.

Have you bought anything from MAC lately?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Books I Love

I will admit that I spend far more time reading beauty blogs than books nowadays, but if I get hooked by a book I'm lost till it's done. I recently hauled some that will hopefully make it to this list in the future, but for now I will share some books I enjoyed.

The Book Thief- Markus Zuzak
This book moved me beyond belief, and I have urged everyone I've come into contact with to dive into it. The holocaust is such a strong topic, but this is about the beauty of human relationships, and the holocaust is just the setting which I love.

Madame Bovary-Gustave Flaubert
This novel, this author in fact, showed me the beauty that exists in life. I doubt I will ever find anything that I connect with so well as his writing, and he has influenced every facet of my life upon first reading (blog name, for example!) Such a beautiful book, and even if you aren't into 'classics' it has all the features of a trashy chick lit romance (cheating wife, whispering neighbours) but is written well.

Mini Shopaholic-Sophie Kinsella
The most recent addition to Kinsella's stellar Shopaholic series, this centres around Becky Bloomwood's new life as a shopping-obsessed Mumma.

Almost French- Sarah Turnbull
Riveting read about a woman who moved to France and shares with us the struggles that she faces, as well as the beauty of the city. My heart yearns to be back in Paris when I read this (I reread it often)

If anyone has read these, let me know what you thought of them. Or if you have any recommendations for me, throw them in the comment section!

All images taken from The Book Depository, where I purchase most of my reading material.

Monday, January 10, 2011

MOR Little Luxuries Roll-On

When I was packing my bags for Thailand last September, I needed to find a perfume that would be 'my holiday scent'. I was determined that my first holiday with my man would be forever encompassed in liquid form, and it needed to be perfect. All of my perfumes are in big glass bottles (beautiful but not so travel friendly) and an Impulse spray was just not going to cut it. Along came MOR...
MOR Little Luxuries Roll-On in Lychee
* Attractive packaging, both bottle itself + firm cardboard tube that encased it.
* Strong scent, very tropical and tart
*Lasted well on my skin, despite being in ocean/pool/Thai humidity
*Matching body items available, eg lotions, to layer up with
*Perfect for travel or to pop in handbag for everyday
*Being an oil, it sometimes leaves residue behind when you roll it on
*It's my holiday scent, so I now only sniff it to reminisce as I don't want to taint the memory!
Obviously, the pro's outweigh the cons, and earns this prod a big tick from me. Am keen to try out some of the other varieties in this range, let me know if you have any recommendations!
(*This product was not purchased by me, I received it in the Primped event goodie bag)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

My very first blogger award, from Tara @ Keeping Up With Me! The rules for this award are pretty simple:
Thank the person who awarded: Thank you Tara!
Share 7 things about you:
1. My weakness in the beauty world is for gritty body scrubs and eye palettes- they will be the death of me!
2. I'm at University studying English Literature and Cinema Studies.
3. I started a diet yesterday, and am already craving chocolate (which I don't normally like!)
4. If I could live anywhere it would be in Paris, if not there in my local Priceline=)
5. Favourite make-up brand is Illamasqua- service is incredible, products are divine!
6....favourite colours are orange and you can tell from my blog's background...
7....running out of things...Oh! I'm currently reading Emma, by Jane Austen.
And the final rule is a nice one! Present 7 bloggers with the award!
1. Jess @ All I Want is Everything for having the cutest videos!
2. Anita @ love vulcanella for being awesome, and being so real
3. Stef @ The Lip Print for writing my favourite blog so well=)
4. Jessica @ The Belle Lumiere for being a stunner!
5. Jade @ Jade Musing for being so down to earth & an honest reviewer
6. Amy @ Sheek for having a great mix of beauty & lifestyle
7. Jen @ My Funny Valentine for being such a solid blogger and rocking a red lip
So there you go, my first award done and passed on to some of my favourite ladies!

Oh Lola

I am the tortoise in this race, as I have only just fallen in love with the wonder that is Marc Jacobs' Lola. At my birthday party I popped the Lola solid perfume ring on, as it is for 'special occasions' and the celebration of my birth is indeed special, and an occasion. Almost everyone at the party commented on it, and I found myself raising my hand up to catch a whiff of the delicious scent more than I raised the hand holding the wine glass! It's a heavy little sucker, but it's beauty astounds me and I am so so so glad I bought it (ages ago, mind you) I recently saw this in a few perfume places, so it's still available (RRP$65, Perfume Connection has it for $59.95)

On a related note, the velvet topped edition of the original Lola bottle is stunning! I love the artwork that goes into Marc Jacobs perfumes, they truly are collectables. Do any of you wear Lola?

emmabovary xx

Post Birthday Mini Haul

Had my birthday on Sunday, and took the Monday off to go to Chadstone(L) with Mister Christopher to shop with the cashola I was given. Side note, never do this with a shopping hater=( Didn't look at much as he got over it pretty quickly!
I did pick up a few things, so here we go:
Priceline is my crib, so grabbed the essentials since we were there. Hair ties, which seem to grow legs and run after one use in my house. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, as mine is almost done and it was %50 off($15.50) Sunsilk Purifying Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner, as I was not happy with my previous ones and these were only $2.99.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist-I have been leaning towards this since the MUA at Mecca Maxima used the lavender version on me, as my skin is so thirsty of late and it's driving me bonkers. My current rose obsession pushed me into this one, and my face feels and smells pretty darn nice right now. More detailed review to come...$23ish
Perfect Pink Travalo! I have blogged about this before, and as I didn't receive it for Xmas/Bday I decided to nick in Perfume Connection myself. I didn't like the pink at first, but Christopher was right when he said it would stand out in my bag. The black and silver are sheek but I'd never find them!$24.95

It was so weird, I went into Mecca Cosmetica to purchase the brush cleaner($22) and as I was making my way to the counter to pay the sales assistant stopped to chat with me and ended up talking me out of the purchase. What the! I'm still in shock, and confused...

I also hauled some Lush lovelies (%50 off wooo) but will pop them in a separate post. All in all I had such a lovely day, but would have much rather gone shopping with a female who can match my shopaholic tendencies=D If anyone can, let me know!

emmabovary xx

Saturday, January 1, 2011

my perfume collection

I find scent a really difficult topic to write about, but as I received some for Christmas I thought I'd share with you my perfume collection! I am not even going to try to describe the scents as it would be doing them an injustice, I will instead tell you how I feel about them.

After seeing Yas rave about Natio 'Woman' on her 5 things I'm loving video, I popped into DJ's and found it on sale, paired alongside a Natio hand cream for $17! Win. Such a nice, light, summery fragrance, the price point means everyone should give this a go.

I have been lusting after Tresor in Love since it launched, and the triple digit price meant I didn't purchase... Cue Xmas 2010=D Mister Christopher got it for me, in a gift pack with a shower gel and a body lotion. Review to come on this amaaaazing scent!

Miss Dior Cherie is one of those scents I would stop ladies in the street for, just to ask what they were wearing. I will admit it doesn't smell as good on me as on them, but I received a 100ml bottle for my 18th so it's something I wear regularly, two years on. Very sweet and very noticeable.

My staple, can't live without and constantly repurchase is actually a male fragrance! I bought Mister Christopher Juicy Couture's 'Dirty English' for Christmas a couple years back, and used more of it than he did! So when the next Christmas came around he bought it for me, and I have to be honest it smells a lot better on me than it does on him! It's a really spicy, warm scent, and perfect for winter.

FCUK is one of those scents that I see on sale so regularly that my mind thinks it is cheap...I wear this as a 'whatever' scent, if I don't feel like wearing one of my fancier scents. It is clean and nice, but nothing that would make me run out and repurchase. (As a side note, the FCUK Connect for Woman is regularly cheap as chips at Priceline, and smells divine!)

Avon's Rouge by Christian Lacroix is sexy. The box describes it as "A burst of citrus and spices unveils a floral heart wrapped in the most sensual cashmere woods." Sounds sexy,right? Dad bought me this for Christmas after I nagged and nagged. Love it!

These are the scents I am stoked to have at the moment, but having my birthday on the 2nd means I have more scents to share, that I will post sometime next week. Hope everyone's Christmas and New Years was grand, and that 2011 is already kicking arse!

love emmabovary xx

MAC Cham Pale

Am very excited about this launch, which I believe is coming to Australia this Monday or the Monday after. I am pretty much lemming the whole collection, but thought I would share some of the things I think I'll like from Cham Pale. My birthday is tomorrow, and as I was spoiled at Christmas with everything I wished for, I'm getting cashola to spend at the MAC counter rather than gifts=D weee!
(Grabbed the Cham-Pale images from Temptalia)

Caviar Dreams Quad- I think these eyeshadows are gorgeous, but I have similar palettes so doubt I will purchase this.
Paint Pot in Vintage Selection- Though I am not a fan of creme eyeshadows in general, I think now that I have the Primer Potion from Urban Decay I would like to give the paint pots a go.
Lipsticks in Flustered, Gel, Quiet Please, Tanarama- Will have to try these on, but I'm leaning towards Quiet Please=) Pretty shade, cute name!

What are you lemming from MAC Cham Pale?

xx emmabovary
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