Thursday, January 27, 2011

EARL Canteen

EARL Canteen is my new favourite eatery, and twice this fortnight my best girlfriend Candice and I have made the trip all the way up Bourke St to enjoy it. The first trip we just had coffee (and I macarons) but after seeing the amazing lunch menu we knew we had to eat there. Gorgeous raspberry and dark chocolate macaron (couldn't wait to take a bite,oops!)
My flat white with raspberry and dark choc macaron, and white peach macaron, which was my favourite. On our second visit we had lunch, Candice chose the Duck Confit.
Confit duck, caramelised wild figs,walnuts,raddichio,onion jam & watercress on a gluten-free wrap $16
I will admit that I nabbed a bit of the duck and stuffed in into my ciabatta, flavour was strong and delicious!
I chose the Cheesy Mushroom breakfast, and even though the brekky menu was over they made it for me anyway, as they weren't too busy=)
Roast field mushrooms, melted provolone, thyme, spinach, ciabatta. $9.5
Mushrooms were fresh, cheese was perfectly melted, ciabatta crunchy but not too much so. My only complaint is that there wasn't enough spinach for my liking.
EARL Canteen is a place I think I'll be visiting frequently this year, the coffee, ambience and service is impeccable and it's a good excuse to visit the Southern Cross DFO nearby ;)
A thumbs down for the seating, however...Candice and I are 'staturely challenged' and I damn near fall off the high stools every single time! Other than that, I'm in love.
EARL Canteen
500 Bourke Street (enter via Little Bourke)
Melbourne 3000
Breakfast & Lunch from 7.30am Mon-Fri


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  2. We should totally sit outside next time.
    Under that lovely creeper covered statue.
    I am hungry looking at this post.
    The duck was delicious!

  3. I vote outside too, those tables are far too high! I was hungry writing the post,too.


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