Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was lucky enough to win a Kit Cosmetics/Smashbox competition this week, that saw me watching Burlesque before the masses in the beautiful director's suite in Melbourne Central. The venue was a great choice, central and great for public transport. Having never been to the directors suite up there I was pleasantly surprised to see myself in what looked like a bar and Kit Cosmetics combined!

Sipping at my complimentary white wine and ogling the AMAAAZING shoes the Kit girls were rocking, I was pulled up to have my make-up touched up. I took along Christopher's brothers gf, and she was beyond excited to get her mini makeover! Here's what was popped on me (permanent collection was used):
* Pink blush of unknown name, with Fan Brush No.22 which was oh so soft!($26.95)
* Champagne shadow
* Khaki shadow in my crease
* Jet Set Waterproof Eyeline (gel,$32.95) with Arched Eye Liner Brush No.21 ($29.95)
*Lip Enhancing Gloss Sheer Colour in Tease, which is a sheer raspberry that I have fallen in love with and NEED to have ($26.95)

The Kit girls were kind enough to hand out goodie bags, which contained:
*Burlesque Fisnets (Legs by Jonathan Aston, fishnet backseam hold up in black&gold)
*Sample size O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss
*Sample size photo finish primer
*Sample size Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
As well as an invitation to visit the girls in Kit for a Burlesque inspired makeover.Image nabbed from Musings of a Muse
After all the lovely ladies had their new faces on, we walked up the spiral staircase to the cinema itself. I could get used to pushing a button and having my seat recline, let me tell you that right now. A complimentary choc-top/popcorn was offered (popcorn, natch!) and the lights dimmed.

I won't ruin Burlesque for you, but trust me, it's a film you have to see! I found everyone and everything in it so beautiful and mesmerising, my concentration never wavered and it's something I would love to own on DVD. I agree with others I heard who said that it was better than Moulin Rouge. Let me know if you agree?

Big thanks to Kit, Smashbox and Burlesque for hosting an entertaining night=)


  1. Whaaaaat wait a second... YOU WERE THERE?! I WAS THERE TOO!!! lol

    Burlesque was amazing! In total awe of Christina's voice, and how gorgeous everyone looked. Love <3

  2. Better then Moulin Rouge? I do have to see this. I love that movie and have been wanting to see this since the ads came out. Congrats on the prize, did you get photos?? :P

  3. Such a happy girl that I won, and yes Tilly I enjoyed it MUCH more than I enjoyed Moulin Rouge!

    Jess, I was the one who had her makeup done right before you, in the black maxi dress. You took a pic of me and Melissa in the theatre too=P


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