Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MAC Haul

As I am sure most of you beauty geeks out there would know, MAC's Cham Pale collection hit Australian counters on Monday morning. I was literally the first customer at the Melbourne City store, and was happy to have 3 MUA's all to myself while I chose what I wanted to purchase from the collection. I went in and dived into the Rose Ole highlighter and Vintage Selection paint pot, but found them to be awfully similar to prodz I already have. I instead fell in love with the Chez Chez Lame highlighter, and surprisingly the Dangerous Cuvee paint pot! Swatches do not do this shade justice at all, it is STUNNING! The MUA swatched the Chilled on Ice paint pot for me, and it was love. It has gorgeous gold flecks running through it which I just love! I was also planning on purchasing the Quiet Please lipstick shade, but even the MUA agreed that it looked ridiculous on me. I am far too pale for frost shades, hence I despise them. Didn't even glance at the lip gelee's as I have bought far too many glosses lately, I'm good for at least 10 years.

In related MAC news, the Stylishly Yours collection also came out on Monday, and it is BRIGHT! I tried on the lipstick Something New (the pink shade) and it was quite nice, but I'm not sure I would get a lot of wear out of it.I then reached for Cockney (the red shade) and fell in love. I'm not sure if I was just overwhelmed or didn't want to be greedy, but I convinced myself that I didn't need it because I have my Viva Glam Cyndi. This is untrue. I believe I do need this bad boy, and hope he will wait for me till I have a chance to get to MAC again.

So all up I purchased three items from the Cham Pale collection, and I'm sure FOTD and reviews of these will be up soon. When I head back to MAC I hope to grab Cockney and have a closer look at the I Get No Kick eye pencil from Cham Pale.

Have you bought anything from MAC lately?


  1. What an awesome haul! I haven't had time to check out the Cham Pale collection yet! Looking forward to your reviews~~

  2. Nice haul hehe I know where I'll be going on pay day ;)

  3. I checked out the Cham Pale collection today too.... and walked away with the lip gelee in Straight to the Head. I love it! Will review it soon.

  4. JEALOUS. I'm on project 10 pan :(

  5. Oh I'd love to see reviews if anyone grabs something from either collection!
    Jade, what are you planning on getting?

    And Jessica. Sad face=( But good show of strength haha

  6. Great haul! I'm going to be waiting for my stuff I ordered from the US from Champale for agggggeeeesss :(

  7. At least you saved cashola, I forked out ridic Aus dollars >< What did you haul?!

    Also, when did you send out my blog sale package? Just so I know when to expect it =D

  8. Awesome haul! Chem Pale didn't work on me :( but I did check out Cockney yesterday and tried it on for the whole evening just to see if that bright red would warm up to me. And it did. Thinking of picking it up later.

  9. I did the exact same thing, I decided I will pick it up next time. Hope they don't sell out though...


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