Saturday, January 1, 2011

my perfume collection

I find scent a really difficult topic to write about, but as I received some for Christmas I thought I'd share with you my perfume collection! I am not even going to try to describe the scents as it would be doing them an injustice, I will instead tell you how I feel about them.

After seeing Yas rave about Natio 'Woman' on her 5 things I'm loving video, I popped into DJ's and found it on sale, paired alongside a Natio hand cream for $17! Win. Such a nice, light, summery fragrance, the price point means everyone should give this a go.

I have been lusting after Tresor in Love since it launched, and the triple digit price meant I didn't purchase... Cue Xmas 2010=D Mister Christopher got it for me, in a gift pack with a shower gel and a body lotion. Review to come on this amaaaazing scent!

Miss Dior Cherie is one of those scents I would stop ladies in the street for, just to ask what they were wearing. I will admit it doesn't smell as good on me as on them, but I received a 100ml bottle for my 18th so it's something I wear regularly, two years on. Very sweet and very noticeable.

My staple, can't live without and constantly repurchase is actually a male fragrance! I bought Mister Christopher Juicy Couture's 'Dirty English' for Christmas a couple years back, and used more of it than he did! So when the next Christmas came around he bought it for me, and I have to be honest it smells a lot better on me than it does on him! It's a really spicy, warm scent, and perfect for winter.

FCUK is one of those scents that I see on sale so regularly that my mind thinks it is cheap...I wear this as a 'whatever' scent, if I don't feel like wearing one of my fancier scents. It is clean and nice, but nothing that would make me run out and repurchase. (As a side note, the FCUK Connect for Woman is regularly cheap as chips at Priceline, and smells divine!)

Avon's Rouge by Christian Lacroix is sexy. The box describes it as "A burst of citrus and spices unveils a floral heart wrapped in the most sensual cashmere woods." Sounds sexy,right? Dad bought me this for Christmas after I nagged and nagged. Love it!

These are the scents I am stoked to have at the moment, but having my birthday on the 2nd means I have more scents to share, that I will post sometime next week. Hope everyone's Christmas and New Years was grand, and that 2011 is already kicking arse!

love emmabovary xx

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