Monday, January 24, 2011

Crabtree & Evelyn-Comforting Body Lotion

My most recent obsession is body/hand lotions. My skin is so thirsty of late, so I have been enjoying trying various creams in my quest for the holy grail. This, so far, is the forerunner. I randomly picked it up before Christmas when perusing the Crabtree & Evelyn outlet store near my uni. I went in looking for the Gardener's Hand Recovery Kit for my Mumma, and found that on sale for less than $10 (think it was around $6/$7 but can't remember...) The pack is really cute and holds a hand recovery cream and a hand therapy cream.

Now, on to the real review!

Crabtree & Evelyn Naturals Comforting Body Lotion- Milk,Soy & Sugar 50ml
"Soothing milk and soy proteins blended with clarifying sugar help condition very dry hands."
I will admit I was a bit dubious of the milk soy and sugar part, but one whiff and I was hooked! It's hard to explain but it's sweet without being sweet. Smells like dessert rather than fairy floss' fake sweetness. Creamy and very moisturizing, it sinks right in with ease and isn't too greasy. As it's a small tube (the above picture is the closest I could find, the actual product is in a plastic tube and is 'comforting' rather than 'botanical') I use it on my arms and my hands. On hands I leave it for a second and it's sunk right in, and I can keep typing. Love!

* Great scent
*Sinks in with ease
*Cheap, grabbed it at the outlet for around $5
*Service at store was great
*Very moisturizing, non-greasy

*Feel as though the tube wasn't full when I purchased it...
*That I don't own a huuuge bottle of this =(

So if you weigh that up, this is a surefire winner for me, and I will be repurchasing (hopefully in a larger size as well as another of the 50ml for my handbag.)


  1. Sounds so nice, I love a good body lotion.

  2. It's so good, I'm normally one to choose nice smelling ones that end up overpowering my perfume but this one doesn't=)


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