Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Goals for June

Recapping my May goals:
-walk 50km.
I ended up on 51.41km for May, which is a good achievement considering I had to go slow because I was off work with a sore back. Having my mother in laws treadmill has been a blessing for me, rainy days are no excuse for jumping on and it felt good to hit that round number.
-fill and hang new photo frames

We ended up not hanging these but placing them on their stands as it looked a lot better - still not sure these are the pictures that will stay in the frames, but for now they will do and I'm glad I get to look at my new frames all the time now! We also hung up our new coat rack, happy days!
-make up bags of product for Mumma Bovary and my sisters

3 bags are sitting in my beauty room ready to dole out to the girls - I still have more to give them but will make up a new bag soon for those things. They aren't all that knowledgeable about beauty so a few products at a time will be better for them to try out I think. I gave Mumma Bovary some self tanning stuff that she loves, my sister some foundations that are too dark for me to trial and the other sister picked up some eyeshadow and even more foundation. Be gone, huge stash!
-book wedding videographer

I've made steps to achieving this, ultimately I'm just waiting for the company to finalise our arrangements and pay a deposit for this.
-read 4+ novels

Being off work had something to do with this being ticked off - I finished Kylie Ladd's Last Summer in May so I counted it, and I also read Mindy Kaling's book and two V.C. Andrews from the Dollanganger series. (My name on GoodReads is emmabovary if you'd like to link up!)
-keep up my water intake to stay hydrated

Lazy fail on that one!

Goals for June!
-Walk 52km (improvement is the goal, not perfection!)
-Limit takeaway coffee (health + budget orientated)
-Read 3 novels
-Cut back on small beauty purchases and put that cash towards wishlist items
-Finalise hens + kitchen tea guest list
-try making Mum's lentil soup on my own
-create + hang artwork in the bedroom

What goals are you aiming towards this month?


  1. I really love the idea of this post! Congrats on the amount of KMs you walked - I need to take a leaf out of your book >.<

    1. I love the feeling of marking off those goals! I was so happy to reach the 50km, with the wedding coming up and family coming over for it I need to move my butt into gear!

  2. Good going on hitting your goals Emma! I really think you should join in the beaut diet to achieve the goal to cut back on small beauty purchases. Finish 2 items and get to buy 1 luxe beauty product. Not bad I say! And hey, you're already halfway there because you're giving away your beauty stuff to your sisters and Mama already ;)

    1. Thank you Norlin! I don't want to cut down as much as you guys are, I'm still happy spending here and there lol. I have so much stuff to give them it's not even funny!

  3. Arghhhh ! I love this post !
    Totally hoping to get my list together soon :) Good on you emma, hope the videographer works out too i think that is an awesome thing to book :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! Would love to read your goal list, too! I can't wait til all the booking is done and I can sit back and relax lol

  4. Oh well done, you ticked of most of it! Good luck with June! xx

    1. Thanks Jasmine, I was happy to tick off most of the list!

  5. Good work on those goals Emma - I'm sure you'll blitz it this month too!

    1. Thank you - June goals are off to a good start !

  6. Wow! You have almost done half of your goals for this month. My main and only goal for this month is to lose some weight which I am trying really hard. Hope I can make it.


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