Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tis' the season to eat chocolate!

Whenever Candice and I are feeling down about anything or feel lik a catch-up, we head to Max Brenner to drown in delicious chocolate heaven. At the start of the menu, Max explains how he came to be a chocolate man. This quote makes me swoon every time:

"But the truth is that I wanted to be a writer. One who gets up at noon, sits in cafes, writes until the following morning and devotes a book to an impossible, eternal love." How can you say no to that?

Warning: If you do not like a wee tipple in the land of the choc and/or deliciousness, back away slowly now.

My little lactose intolerant bestie has only been able to succumb to dairy quite recently, so this trip was a special one.
A 'White Shake' was ordered, which combines the flavours of coconut and lychee, two of her fave flavours. The gorgeous 'drink me' glass is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a little touch that I love. The flavour was really strong and refreshing, both Candice and I thought it to be super-tasty.

If this picture is not the best advertisement for Max's, I don't know what is!

The waffles...oh, the waffles. I hang my head in shame and admit that I'd never had good waffles before this plate appeared at my table. Drizzled with Max's melted milk chocolate, this waffles were warm, crispy and oh so soft on the inside. We shared a plate of two, and though I was wanting more at the end I think it's because I'm a greedy-guts and not that I was still in need of a nibble.

A staple in my order at Max Brenner is his White Chocolate Chai. For only $6 you get the biggest pot of this heavenly goodness, which equates to roughly 3 cups full. The chai tea is expertly blended with white hot chocolate and is very sweet, and comes in the cutest pot I've ever seen. To pour from it you must sit the pot on top of your mug and push down, as so:So very cute, and makes the experience just that little bit more special. Note the waffle plate to the left had already been demolished-whoops!All in all, Max Brenner is a chocolate heaven fit for a queen that comes highly recommended by moi.

White Shake:$7.60

2 Belgian Waffles:$10

White Choc Chai:$6

Tell me, have you visited Max before? emmabovary xx


  1. Oh yum, I love Max Brenner!
    It's decided - I'm having chocolate for breakfast.

  2. I am in love with the MB waffles! They are friggin AWESOME!

  3. MMmmm waffles and that Lychee coconut milkshake. I often go for tea or coffee when I'm out but couldn't turn down the flavour combination and I didn't regret it. mmmm mmm we must go again Miss Em.
    Wonder if they'll do a wintery version of this? Would be delicious I think :)

  4. I love MB so much, wish I was there right now


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