Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orange FOTD

Orange is pretty much my favourite colour, so here is a FOTD using some of my favourite citrusy prodzLook was partially inspired by Mister Christopher's t-shirt, which I wear to bed sometimes=)

Products used:

*Face of Australia Primer

*Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #52

*Stila Convertible Colour in Gladiola

*Face of Australia Translucent Powder

*Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Facial Mist

*MAC Slimshine in Missy

*Elianto eyeshadows in Light Salmon & Coco Orange

*Maybelline Falsies mascaraMAC Slimshine in MissyElianto Light Salmon as a wash and Coco Orange in corner&crease

Finished off with Maybelline Falsies

I love this look as I think it's nice to brighten up your face in this dreary weather, with someone a little bit different. Are you into orange at the moment?

emmabovary xx


  1. This look definitely suits you. Looks great!

  2. Such a fresh and pretty look! Gorgeous Em x

  3. The eye look is beautiful Em, I love your lips too, very cute and fresh!

  4. Thank you so much for all of your compliments, I get nervous posting these but feel good about it now =)

  5. Makes me wish I had of bought some slim shines before they got discontinued!


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