Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nails+novels:Frankenstein + Sportsgirl

Have decided to begin a new feature on emmabovarybeauty, in which I will share with you the nails I am rocking and the novels I am reading. Right now all of the novels will be uni based, but still awesome. Introducing Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Sportsgirl's Duchess!

Am yet to finish Frankenstein, but am utterly fascinated by the world that Shelley created. To think that by the time she was my age this book was complete amazes me (and makes me feel a bit shit,too) A touching and sad story, it made me feel empathy for Frankenstein's monster and disdain for Frankenstein himself. Am now on a roll with the theme, I watched The Bride of Frankenstein the other night and am planning to rent a few more Frankenstein films. Have you read/seen this? How did you feel about it?

I decided to go with Sportsgirl's Duchess polish because I thought it went nicely with the commercialised view of Frankenstein (being a big green guy with bolts in his neck etc) Application was half decent but now amazing. Wasn't completely rapt in the colour or the brush. Have loved other Sportsgirl polishes before, though, so this review doesn't stand for the whole collection. Retails for $7.95 but I purchased it on sale for $2.95. May be discontinued, but I've seen similar shades by Ulta3 if you're keen to give it a go.

emmabovary xx


  1. Cute idea, I remember feeling like an under-achiever when I read Frankenstein as well!

  2. Thanks for making me feel better about it! Can't believe how young she was, damn those talented people out there! One day, one day

  3. Thanks Angela! I figured since I was showing the nails anyway, I might as well share what reading I've been up to =)

  4. Love that book. Super scary - read it ages ago but still remember! and your nails are matching - funny girl:)
    Marusya V
    p.s. Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Keep in touch;)


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