Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Freeman Salt Body Scrub-Guava

I stand (and type) before you, a self-confessed scrub addict.
It's one of my favourite times of the day, that moment when I step into the shower and choose a scrub from the collection at hand. A recent acquisition that I burned through quite fast was the Freeman Salt Body Scrub in Guava, which is essentially large salt pieces suspended in a heavily scented gel. This is a formula unlike most of my other scrubs, which is perhaps why I found myself reaching for it constantly (and why it then featured in my last 'empties' post) I tend to favour scrubs that resemble sand in texture and are in tub form, but this squeezy tube was a nice change and worked well in the shower. A plus was the 'easily crumpable' packaging which meant I could get to every last bit of this stuff- I'm not a scrub waster, no no.

Clear scrub filled with salt pieces

A seemingly crappy image that better shows the scrubbiness of the prod

The scent wasn't terrible by any means, but I do think I would choose a different one the next time I buy this, as it wasn't 'wow' for me. The scrub was quite effective and left my skin pretty smooth, but I was annoyed by the ever-so-slight residue it left behind. I kept in mind, however, that it only cost me five buckaroos, and so was not deterred by this minor fault. I found that the salt was quite sparse in the gel, and I needed quite a bit for it to really exfoliate. You really have to work for your scrub and some may find that too much of a hassle. Here I will admit a dorky favourite feature:
The first part of myself that I scrub are my arms (no idea why) and the salt felt amahhzing when it hit my hand on the way down, when I was rinsing it off. Weird, yes, but ultra relaxing for unknown reasons.

*Affordable and works well for it's price
*A range of nice scents to choose from
*The 'salt running over hand' factor
*Easy to use packaging that works in the shower

*Packaging looks a little cheap
*Need to work for good exfoliation
*Salt pieces a little sparse
*Need to use quite a bit, therefore you burn through it fast

Freeman Salt Body Scrub in Guava retails for $5 AUD and is available at Priceline.
In the U.S I do believe it retails for $3 USD, and is available at some pharmacies/drugstores.

Overall I enjoyed using this, and though it's not my favourite scrub (I am loyal to my sand-scrubs!) I will be repurchasing. For it's price I think it's a winner, and would love to know what your opinions of it are- so do share!
emmabovary xx


  1. I have this and I love the scent and how well the oil moisturises. I agree though that it's a hard work scrub - you really need to push those salt particles in!

  2. It feels so nice to have someone elses opinion on this! I agree, the oil is pretty moisturising. And I'm glad you agree, you need to work this right in for it to be effective =) Thanks Natalie!

  3. I love scrubs too!
    I'll have to keep an eye out for this it sounds great. I usually get my Freeman stuff at Wal Mart.

  4. I wish more scrubs came in tube packaging. It gets annoying scooping scrubs out and having shower water go in all the time LOL.

    Like the look of this, although I do agree it does need more salt particles!

  5. @Bailey- I had never heard of Freeman before using this, and was interested to hear that others knew of the brand =)

    @Jen- It's a good idea, and I think since the opening is big enough it's perfect packaging in terms of functionality. Yes, more salt is needed ;P

  6. I'm a scrub addict! I like salt scrubs because the salt dissolves away after a bit.

  7. I keep seeing the brand in Coles. And it to your list and I may be able tonget it from cvs or ultra xxxxx

  8. @Dovey- It's the first time I've used a salt scrub (that I know of) and I really liked the effect!

    @Melissa- It's easy to get a hold of here, I'm putting more makeup on the list as it'll be lighter and easier for you;)

  9. I loved reading your review - I also start with my arms when I'm scrubbing so I know exactly what you mean. I don't think we can get Freeman's here in the UK so I'll get some from Wal-mart next month! :D

  10. @Skin Scrubs- thank you so much! I feel better knowing someone else begins there too;) Yes pick some up and let me know how you go with scents xx


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