Monday, May 2, 2011


A few weeks back we celebrated Chris' Mumma's 50th birthday! The whole family went out to a Greek Restaurant in Collingwood (review to come) and we decided to surprise Vicki with a ride to restaurant in style! I was already following the lovely Jason Lock, the director of Hummers 4 Hire, on Twitter, so DMed him to suss out what we could do for my future MIL. A few short tweets later the Hummer was booked, and we had the surprise ready! Jason was super-easy to deal with and just needed a time and date, I found the whole process so simple and would recommend this service to anyone!
On the night, our area in Melbourne experienced some terrifying winds, about half and hour before Jason and the Hummer were due to arrive. The doors inside were almost ripped off their hinges, a mess was made outsite, and a whole part of the roof flew off and hit next doors house. We are still in the process of fixing the roof and the damage caused, we were lucky nobody (not even Marie the cat) were hurt.

Jason arrived soon after this, when Chris' Dad was on the phone to the insurance company. He quickly wiped over the car so it was sparkling, and we all led Vicki outside. She was so excited when she saw the Hummer, and said she felt like a superstar as we took paparazzi pictures of her and Jason organised a glass of champers! (She doesn't drink at all, so her having a glass was a 'whoa!' moment, very cute)Chris' Mum and Dad, so excited!the hummer pulling out of the driveway ! our view from the other car, papparazzi style! pulling up to the restaurant

It was fun to watch the other cars around us pointing at the hummer while our family was in it, and while were heading into the restaurant Jason offered Chris and his older brother a ride around the block in the hummer. Needless to say the boys were ecstatic, and hopped right in!

The genuine and friendly service makes Jason and Hummers4Hire a stand-out company for me, and the little touches made our gift mean even more to Vicki. If you have a special occasion coming up such as an anniversary or wedding, consider hiring a hummer for it! It's a tough car that stands out, and makes an exciting night even more so.

Contact Jason:

emmabovary xx

(In order to be honest, here I will mention that I hired the hummer at a discounted price in exchange for this review. This is no way affects my opinion on the service, this review remains completely truthful.)

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