Monday, May 2, 2011

Mister Christopher's Guest Post!

My man is not the best with words, so I will admit I've fleshed out his opinions on this product so that readers may actually understand them. The product reviewed is the Nivea For Men Deep Cleaning Face Wash! When I met Chris, he was not a face-washer (and didn't shampoo regularly enough for my liking, either!) but over the years I've shown him the light, and he now knows how great his skin can be if he takes a little more care of it. This product is a pretty recent admission to his routine, his first tube came in a giftset at Christmas time, and he's just about finished his second one now.

The lowdown: blue-tinged foaming gel formula, 100ml for $7.99

Blob of the face wash on my hand The gel blob blended over my hand

Claims: "Won't leave skin tight or dry" (confirmed) "thoroughly cleans and refreshes" (agree) This is also soap-free, which is a massive win from me.

Packaging: Royal blue and silver, with green accent. Nice squeezy tube that Chris likes, simple and no-fuss, and manly enough for him to use.

Scent: He said that he liked it, but couldn't work out what it smelt like. It reminds me of the Lynx body sprays, which I think smell great. A very masculine scent, not too overbearing.

Application: Nivea says to use this facial wash twice daily, but my man uses it on average 4-5 nights a week, in shower. Laziness causes the other days, and mornings are out of the question as we are both so fond of sleep-ins. Chris uses a pea-sized amount on his forehead,cheeks,chin and nose before he scrubs away.

Effect: Mister Christopher says that it feels "fresh" on his skin, and also a little bit "minty" (I think tingly is what he was going for here) He likes that it lathers a little but not too much, and that it doesn't leave his skin feeling tight or dry. As a mechanic, he gets pretty filthy at work, and this gets rid of both dirt and oil making him feel comfortable before he settles down to watch Top gear/The Footy Show/Man vs.Food.

Emma says: I can see a visible difference in Chris' skin, his pores are unblocked and his complexion isn't as dull. His face feels soft after use, and looks soothed. It's also helped eliminate the occasional blemish he sometimes gets.As the primary cosmetic buyer for our household (!) I am super-pleased with the cheap price point, as it means I have more moolah to spend at the Myer counter.

Overall this product is a major win, kudos to Nivea for convincing Chris to wash his mug!

xx emmabovary

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