Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Boyfriend's House

One or twice I week I tend to fall asleep at Mister Christopher's, and I was constantly frustrated when I awoke the next morning to find I had no real cosmetic staples to slap on. Sure, I carried a store's worth of lippies and glosses, but I was without my foundy,my primer, my brushes gosh darn it! So I decided to rectify the situation and create a 'mini-makeup kit' to leave on his bathroom vanity.  I purchased a darling grey leopard print cosmetic case from Cotton On of all places, and proceeded to weed out products from my at-home stash to fill it with. Here, I share with you some of the make-up goodies that fill this case (I've left out the wipes/cotton squares/dry shampoos and the like) These have been stunningly swatched on Chris' arm, in case you wonder why the arm is so manly;)
*Bourjois HealthyMix #52- Now I have one at each house=)
*Rimmel Lipstick in Birthday Suit- A little too dark for me,but suffices
*Sportsgirl Pucker Up Lip Crayon- suuuper cute gift from Chris' Mum
*Bourjois Little Round Blush Pot in Rose D'Or- Not my fave blush...
*Revlon Fabulash mascara- do love this GWP baby
*Rimmel Autumn Catwalk Blush- freebie from a Primped event

Though I should probably fill this with more loved items, I think this is a good set of basics to begin with, and are a quick-fix if visitors happen to come over when I'm at his place.
Do you have a similar make-up set at another's house?

emmabovary xx


  1. hahaha good idea! i have started to "leave things accidentily" at my bf's house, but so far it is only moisturizer and face wipes!

  2. That Sportsgirl lip crayon looks so damn pretty! I want!

  3. I've been eyeing those Sportsgirl lip crayons for a while, but wasn't sure if they would be any good...review?

  4. Haha what a great idea! I never thought of doing that! Love it!

  5. I have all my goodies in a fairly giant make-up bag (which you have seen me cart to your place) so I just tend to take that wherever I am going and then at home, it all stays in the bag because if I take it out I am sure to forget it.
    I find it pretty handy, except on the odd day when I leave it at my mister's house which leaves me with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
    Luckily my sister has a mountain of stuff and I am often back at my mister's within the next day or get him to bring it around. But I am totally thinking of doing a mini-bag to leave at his place now....super smart my lovely.
    Oh and I have that Rimmel blush. Love it :)

  6. oh wait, that rimmel blush looks as if it has three shades....mine is only one, think it's pretty similar to the middle shade :)

  7. Tegan:Good starts haha, I have those too along with all of the above, plus more. I am there a lot though, and my shoulders were starting to ache with the weight of it all in a handbag!
    Angela: It's super cute! I have two!
    Angie: I'll give it a good go and review it soon=)
    Melissa:It's sooo much easier now that I have the basics=)
    Candi: That bag of yours is pretty massive, I'll admit it! Yeah the Rimmel has 3 strips, I'll bring it to show you and you can try it. Your one is similar though, because I have a one-pan one,too.

  8. I love Cotton On. Where I live they have a clearance centre as well as a billion stores, so I can get basic from $2.

    I have a giveaway on my blog. Please check it out. Link to giveaway here!


  9. I love the color of the spotgirl lip pensil :D

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: you can still join our Chanel giveaway!

  10. I have the same sportsgirl lip crayon as yours! Love the color a bit drying though..
    Haha..ur bf is so cute, he let you swatch your makeups on..:P

  11. Rei: he is the best swatch buddy! I never fail to run out of room when we're out so his arms are always covered. He wanders around swatching himself sometimes, if only the guys at his work knew;)x

    Jaci/Mad Twins: great giveaways, but please don't linkbomb. Thanks sweets x


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