Friday, May 20, 2011

StrawberryNet Haul!

My very first StrawberryNet haul arrived this week, and I was beyond excited to play with my new goodies! I took pictures as I was opening the lot, so enjoy this open-box haul.
The gorgeous purple-ribbon wrapped package that awaited me.

My freebie sitting at the top of the package.

All bubble-wrapped, safe and snug in the box.

My Haul!!!

Jack Black Lip Balm in Vanilla and Lavender

Estee Lauder Pure Pops EyeShadow in Orange Pop

TheBalm Hot Mama blush

Stila Eyeshadow in Makalu. (Free as this was my first Snet order)

I am extremely happy with StrawberryNet, and am glad I have a more viable way of purchasing the items filling my lust lists. Shipping was free and fast enough for me, and the added loyalty aspects (percentages off each order,etc) make future purchases a sure thing. I will be reviewing these items in time, let me know which you'd like first and I'll focus on those.
Thanks for reading, do let me know your experience with StrawberryNet!
emmabovary xx


  1. That purple ribbon fills my heart with joy every time!

  2. Sweet haul! I'm dying to try the jack black lip balms

  3. Great order! Strawberrynet are so good, always fast and so cheap.

  4. I love SN! been using them for a few years now. Keep a look out for their discount emails I did and saved loads! just did a new blog post on it actually on some Chanel and YSL stuff I bought hope you like it!

  5. What a great haul!! I'd completely addicted to SN <3

  6. I'm so glad I took the plunge and ordered from them, am in love now! The Jack Black balm is amaaaaazing!

  7. eeep nice haulage, that reminds me I must get the JB lip balms!

  8. Love your amazing haul!! Hot Mama blush looks gorgeous. I think it'll suit you perfectly!

  9. Hi Rose! I'm so excited by everything I got, and am looking forward to trying out Hot Mama:)

  10. Thanks for the comment! Good luck to you and your Shiro Cosmetics lemming :D
    I have been wanting to try the Jack Black lip balms! I have hears so much about them~

  11. eeep what a great haul! I love Jack Black balm.

  12. Yami- I adore and highly recommend the JB balms, they are amazing! And I'm loving Shiro atm, so cute.

    Jen- Which variety of Jack Black do you have? I have the lavender vanilla, but I heard today that there are some new limited edition ones out. Do want!


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